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[ JDrama 2011] Ikemen Desu Ne


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[ONGOING] Friday 10 pm JST You're Beautiful Japanese Remake

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Character Chart


Title: 美男ですね*

Title (romaji): Ikemen desu ne*

Genre: drama, comedy, romance

Episodes: TBA*

Broadcast network: TBS

Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-15 start

Air time: Friday 22:00 

Theme Song: Everybody Go by Kis-My-Ft2

Official Site: TBS

Related Show: You're Beautiful


The original Korean version aired in 2009 and starred Park Shin Hye, Jang Keun Suk, Lee Hong Ki, and Jung Yong Hwa. The story revolved around a fictional boy band named A.N.JELL. Park Shin Hye played a nun-in-training who has to pose as her twin brother and take his place in the group, leading to a complicated relationship between the group’s members. --D-addicts

Cast Members


Takimoto Miori as  Sukuraba Mio (male) / Go Mi-Nam 

                                   Sakuraba Miko (female) / Go Mi-Nyeo


She has a pure heart that does not doubt people. Because she is a bungling person, she has encountered many failures. She is also obtuse. After the death of her songwriter father, she was raised at a children’s orphanage. Aiming to be a nun, she has been training at a convent, but there is also a part of her that is worldly wise. At the request of Mabuchi Hajime, she joins A.N.JELL as its key boardist and vocalist to stand in for her injured twin brother, Mio. She causes trouble for the members at every turn and incurs the wrath of Katsuragi Ren who demands perfection. But when she becomes aware of who he really is, she finds herself caring for him before she realises it.

Tamamori Yuta [Kis-My-Ft2] as Katsuragi Ren / Hwang Tae-Kyung 


The leader of the enormously popular band, A.N.JELL. He is its vocalist and guitarist. An egoistic, highly strung person. His father is a famous conductor and his music talent has bloomed since childhood. A gifted musician, he composes his own tunes and insists on creating the best music because he is a perfectionist. He appears to be stern and sullen, but his charisma leads the band. He is extremely fussy about cleanliness, and is picky with people, work and food. He is opposed to Sakuraba Mio joining A.N.JELL, but..

  Fujigaya Taisuke [Kis-My-Ft2] as Fujishiro Shuu / Kang Shin-Woo


The cool, smart guitarist of A.N.JELL. Although he is a member, he always steps aside and watches over the band. He has a sophisticated appearance, gentle manners, cool gaze, and a quiet smile … … His personality is in contrast to Katsuragi Ren’s, but they are equally popular. However, he hides a passionate side inside. He likes growing his own herbs, making tea and having a relaxed time. He has sharp instincts and is the first person to realise that Sakuraba Mio is a girl. While he tenderly watches over her, he continues his heart-breaking one-sided love for her.

Yaotome Hikaru [HEY SAY JUMP] as  Hongo Yuuk /Jeremy


The drummer of A.N.JELL and the band’s youngest member. He has an affable, mischievous personality and is the type who will say what he thinks. He acts like a happy groupie when he is able to meet Nana. The livewire of the band, he is always bright and cheerful. Although he appears to be an ordinary youth, his masculinity when playing the drums captivates fans. He has absolute faith in Katsuragi Ren and Fujishiro Shu who are his seniors, and thinks that Sakuraba Mio is annoying because she always vexes Ren.

  Kojima Haruna [AKB48] as NANA / Yoo He Yi


An idol who has cultivated a pure and innocent image and is called “Everyone’s fairy”. She keeps up an angelic, cutesy exterior as she goes all out to get close to Sakuragi Ren but she is actually a proud, malicious little fiend. She is irritated that he is not swayed by her … … 

A.J Entertainment

  • Takashima Masanobu as Ando Hiroshi
  • Yanagisawa Shingo as Mabuchi Hajime
  • Katase Nana as RINA
  • Nose Anna as Sawagi Yumiko
  • Tanoshingo (楽しんご) as Toru
  • Imori Miyuki as Sakuraba Shigeko
  • Manda Hisako as Mizusawa Reiko


  • Rokkaku Seiji as Deguchi
  • Yamazaki Shigenori as Hashimoto
  • Shimizu Yutaka (清水優) as Baba
A.N.JELL's fans
  • Takahashi Maiko (高橋真依子) as Misaki
  • Aoi as Nanami
  • Aizumi Moeri (愛純もえり) as Ayumi

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Takahashi Maki (高橋麻紀)

Producer: Takahashi Masanao

Directors: Tsuboi Toshio, Hirano Shunichi, Ozawa Yuki (大澤祐樹)

Music: Ichikawa Jun (市川淳), michitomo

Source: D-addicts + jdrama@wordpress + tokyohive



Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


10.9% – 11.0% –  08.3% – 07.7% 09.9% – 08.9% – 09.9%


Soft Sub: Dark Smurf Sub

Hardsub/Softsub: JUMP-in

Raw Torrent: D-addicts

Livestream: Keyhole TV

Recap: Asian Addicts Anonymous

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Guest katja

OMG really? i love the korean version ...hope the japanese was good

looking forward

thanks for iformation

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Does anyone know when this is supposed to air?

I enjoyed the Korean version so I really want to see how the remake is going to look like.

If you watch the teaser, it says July 15TH.

Hm, I don't know how I feel about it. I just found out when I was reading an article about the Hong Sisters so hopefully this will be a big hit like the Korean one.

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More Videos:


Koda Kumi

Promise Japanese Version 

credits to aramatheydidn't

Cast members of “Ikemen desu ne” performs live at their premium event


On July 6th, actress Takimoto Miori (19) made an appearance at Shibuya’s live studio, SHIBUYA AX, for a premium drama announcement event for her upcoming drama, “Ikemen Desu ne” (“You’re Beautiful”).

At this event, the band A. N. JELL consisting of the main drama cast members of Takimoto, Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yaotome HikaruKis-My-Ft2’s Tamamori Yuta, and Fujigaya Taisuke made their first live performance. With their arrival, the audiences in the venue were taken away by their performance.

At this live studio, approximately 800 fans gathered and when the cast members made their first entrance, the fans screamed their names and the studio was in an uproar. Before their live performance, Takimoto told to the fans, “Actually, we haven’t been able to perform collectively as of yet. We just rehearsed some time ago. [i am so nervous that] my heart is going to jump out but everyone, let’s become one for this performance!” After their performance, she smiled and said, “I am glad that my heart didn’t jump out…Everyone, thank you for joining us!

Fujigaya, who as in charge of the guitar, commented, “I am quite confident that this work will be the turning point of my life. I also believe that people who watch this drama will also change people’s life so everybody, let’s change our lives together!” Yaotome, who is in charge of the drums, added, “This drama brightened up my heart while watching it so I hope the same applies for those who watch this drama as well.” The leader and guitarist for this band, Tamamori announced, “I am truly happy to be able to act a part of this wonderful work. With the love for this Japanese version of ‘You’re Beautiful’, I hope to make this summer a season of ‘ikemen’. Everyone, please treat me well!

“Ikemen Desu ne” is the Japanese adaptation of the hit Korean drama, “You’re Beautiful”. Takimoto will play Sakuraba Miko, a nun who has to change to a boy to substitute for her older twin brother who asks her to sign a contract to be part of popular boy band, “A.N. JELL”. However, even after signing the document, the band leader, Ren (Tamamori), demands her to sing and the story will continue from there.

Some other cast members include Kojima Haruna (AKB48), Rokkaku Seiji, Yamazaki Shigenori, Tano Shingo, Katase Nana, Imori Miyuki, Yanagisawa Shingo, Takashima Masanobu, andManda Hisako. Takimoto describes the drama as “a shining drama full of dreams, love, and aspirations”. She continued to add, “I want the audiences to see the drama soon. I will continue to act as an ‘ikemen’ [for this drama].

The drama will officially start on the 15th with its first episode starting on 9 p.m. for a two-hour special. The rest of the episodes will span from 10 p.m. for about an hour every Friday of the week.

Click for more photos.

Source: Tokyohive

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not really liking the choice of male actors...

I get what you mean..

the guys are not handsome at all..and most are newbies

therefore, they had to rely on the storyline + script and not the popularity of the actors 

or else this drama will fail.

but since this is a japanese drama, the storyline will be more fastpaced than your usual kdrama..

I have more hope on this than those korean remakes.

c'mon! most japanese dramas are better in comedy than koreans :D

kdramas always make their remakes more dramatic than the original.

Japanese knows their comedy genre really well. wink.gif

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I get what you mean..

the guys are not handsome at all..and most are newbies

therefore, they had to rely on the storyline + script and not the popularity of the actors 

or else this drama will fail.

but since this is a japanese drama, the storyline will be more fastpaced than your usual kdrama..

I have more hope on this than those korean remakes.

c'mon! most japanese dramas are better in comedy than koreans :D

kdramas always make their remakes more dramatic than the original.

Japanese knows their comedy genre really well. *quoted image*

No, KiS-MY-FT2 and HEY!SAY!JUMP are not newbies at all, they've been around for a long time. They have quite a

following too so it's not true that they're not popular.

So exited to see Hikaru, still remember watching him from 2006 and he was still a baby.

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Guest eru.pop

I hope the light-hearted, comedic feel of most Japanese dramas is integrated into this remake.

The Korean version had a lot of angsty unnecessary conflict. Excited for Kojihara!

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Guest miki_chan

I'm really excited for this. I enjoyed the Korean one, and I can't wait till I get myself a subbed version of the j-version.

Miori really suits short hair rather than her previous longer hair!

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I'm watching the first episode in tudou. so far so good. just glad that the lead girl isn't from AKB48, not a huge fan of that group, their ero-kawaii image isn't really my thing.

but Miori is super cute, her acting is just perfect, no traces of any annoying habits.

does nayone know the rating?

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I'm a huge fan of the original so when I saw this I thought it was pretty good! And I saw it without any subs... so that is saying something!!!

Imma just put this here because this scene is my favorite scene from Shinwoo/Shu.



Also... is 10% a good rating? It sounds ok... I just hope it goes higher after episode 2!!

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Guest miki_chan

10.9%. Good start, since dramas usually bomb in ratings. I mean it's good enough to have a 10% average these seasons.

Really hope they pick up on ratings. And yes, I heard Hana Kimi bombed! Nearly lost half its viewers :S

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