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[OFFICIAL] David Oh ♥ Kwon RiSae Couple Thread

Guest PHSsoultree

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Guest PHSsoultree

We Got Married Season3 KwonOh 권오 Couple 데세커플 Welcome!

Profile Information


Kwon Ri Sae / 권리세

Birthday: 1991-08-16
Born In: Japan
Height: 163 CM
Weight: 49kg
Star Sign: Leo
Profession: Singer & Former Miss Korea 2009 (Japan).

me2day: http://me2day.net/rise3816


David Oh /
데이비드 오

Korean Name: Oh SaeHoon / 오세훈
Birthday: 1991-06-29
Family: Mother Go EunHee - 1980's Singer
Profession: Singer
Born & raised: San Francisco, California
Starsign: Cancer
Talent Agency: Big Hit Entertainment (빅히트엔터테인먼트)

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/davidoh91

me2day: http://me2day.net/david5day

Youtube: http://www.youtube.c...er/DavidOhMusic

Credit - PHSsoultree@soompi, Nate & naver

Info -

Fact: Both starred on Birth of a Great Star (스타오디션-위대한 탄생) 2010-2011

- I'll update later -

David Oh and Kwon Ri Sae to join “We Got Married”


David Oh and Kwon Ri Sae of MBC’s “Birth of a Great Star” are joining the cast of “We Got Married“!

According to a representative on June 8th, David Oh and Kwon Ri Sae will  pair up and join the Nichkhun-Victoria, Park So Hyun-Kim Won Joon, and  Lee Jang Woo-Eun Jung couples.

The representative stated, “David Oh and Kwon Ri Sae will pair up as a  new couple on ‘We Got Married’. The first filming date has not yet been  set, but it will be in the near future. The program will continue with  four couples, without any pairs being dropped from the show.”

David Oh was a Korean-American contestant on “Birth of A Great Star”,  and Kwon Ri Sae (a Korean-Japanese) joined David in the top 12 of the  program.

The two recently appeared on “Quiz to Change the World“, where No Ji  Hoon revealed that David liked Kwon Ri Sae. When Kwon Ri Sae was  eliminated from the program, David Oh had commented, “I felt like  something was missing and it was as if I had lost a friend.“ No Ji Hoon  countered his comment by saying, “She wasn’t [just] a friend.”

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Guest liliz76

Yeah!!! I find it :) I thought that there was no thread on soompi for this couple ^^

Didn't watch the first ep yet, I hope someone will sub this.....? :)

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Guest star235

AHA!!!!.~~~~~finally i found this thread.w00t.gif:w00t:w00t.gifone night i searching for this....

Wait the minute....:blink:ahahahaha....PHSoulTree!!!..glad to know..you start the topic..

Even they not really famous..but I will follow their marriage journey...

1st - what should we called this couple????

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Guest CThajarN

I, too, was finding this all day~ Luckily I found it!! I'm a constant lurker in Woojung Thread and I seriously did not realize that PHSoulTree was the one who started this thread, until Star235 mentioned it..hehehe

I'm looking forward to this couple, and hope that they'll be a pleasure to watch.

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Guest ninyaah

oh wow, they're both young (and cute). LOL. i've lost interest in WGM since YongSeo left the show, but this couple looks promising. i hope someone will sub their episodes.

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cute couple... may be they can be a great husband & wife . Honestly, didn't know about this couple but ... I think I will love them .

Interesting !!! .. Thanks kwon Oh couple.. My happy day is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz... hope someone can sub their episod...



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Guest o8+M+8o

ahhhh they're so cute!!!!!

but man, i'm jealous of Ri Se..

and to the person who posted this, erm, you have some spelling errors that just bug me to no end because i am just nitpicky about things like this..(sorry, it just really bugs me, the "San Fransisco" spelling...)

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Guest PHSsoultree

@o8+M+8o - Fixed. Sorry, I only done the profiles info quickly, so spelling mistakes are always abound!

@star235 + @CThajarN - LOL don't worry I'm not jumping from the WooJung ship. You'd have a hard time booting me out!

@star235 - couple name? ... Deli Couple? 데리? ... Or Daily Couple? 데이리 (deili)? (not too sure if that's how you spell daily in Korean-english, I'll have to ask and get back to you on that one... I think it's more like 대리? ... oh well.) ... Or just plain KwonOh ? 권오?

@shortie inji - I've noticed as well that WGM has started to make couples that already have past links to each other.

Just because this topic needs more of David's cute & amazing eye smile:


*melts* *smiles like a dork too*

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Guest liliz76

Guys... Please go vote "YES" !!

KshowNow ask us if we want them to sub this couple!!!

I hope they will!!

Please vote yes for the pool (on the right)


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Guest agasshikalia

I find this couple really cute, I like it when it's so awkward (more expectations for the future!!)rolleyes.gif lol, so what's the name of the couple? KwonOh? something more specific to them maybe like "serenade couple" since it was very first mission...well we'll seeblush.gif

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Guest stawbewii

wow so cute! I really really really REALLY hope to see this couple subbed^^ i'm already a fan (without even watching it) :] too cute.

And....they are both born in 1991 tooooo!! wow!! :) even more cute....set of 91'ers....."the 91'er couple" kekeke

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Guest pepi8686

the first episode is already translated in kshownow.net, also vote in the poll so they can keep translating this couple

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Guest pretty_92868

hi newbies (for our New WGM babies)

these two are really cute and like a baby especially when they smile.

I like them both.

I'm a fan of these two already.

I just watched the subbed video and they really compliment each other.

Being a goguma,my hopes are will they grow together as my goguma?

It's nice that they are newbie in the industry because it's so good

to see that they will grow in showbiz together as couple,so the fans

will come to love them as they are.

I hope that they will not hold back their feelings because of the antis.

I love the MC's reactions when they hold hands(love MC jake the most)

It's like,congratulations David,1st mission accomplished.thumbs up.

Oh thank to Kshownow for the subbed video.

I love your subbing and of course the random TITLE.

I love it kabayan,thanks

just random thoughts:

David Oh looks like Jinwoon and RiSae looks like UEE,

Isn't it coincidence that UEE pick Jinwoon as her ideal in King and

Queen of Idol(,oops sorry out topic)

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Guest Green_Lollipop_Luver

I love the season 3 couples! I couldn't stop smiling when watching this couple. They are so adorable and sweet. I really hope they really start dating in real life cause david oh is so adorable.

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Guest kshownow

Hello guys! This is a representative for KSHOWNOW, I am asking you a favor to post up youtube links for this couple so our translators will not download it anymore so the translating would be fast! Thank you guys! 


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