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Guest conduongmuathu

[Drama 2011] Hooray For Love 애정만만세

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seen some ppl attacking JM in the Chinese forum this so typical of fan girls who are always ready to think the female lead is doing wrong and that the male lead is poor and needs saving lol ... I dont think it would be right for JM to let her dad leave forever so she could be married between love and family.. family comes first .

I knew JR is such a difficult character and that it wont be easy to bend her . not sure of the ending today though . we will see tomorrow






JM is trying her engagement dress . DW comes to see her and gives her a bracelet as an engagement gift. he tells her her dad asked him to take care of her and SR . they hug and exchange I love yous.

HD and JH are waiting for them gloomily. JM asks them how they look. they tell them they look very nice. HD wants to take photos of them . JM says he will see them why he needs the pics.

DW and crystal thank JR for her change of mind. crystal says she will give her the building she wanted for the shop. she is very happy . sunny stars angrily at her.

sunny and JS visits the temple. JS prays for HS soul to be in peace.

the aunt discovers she is pregnant . the happy three weep together.

HD calls JR and ask her to see SR for the last time. SR sleeps over and is happy to stay with him . he gives her a dairy. he tells her how sorry he is when she is asleep.

JM is visiting the hospital where she will open her other branch. she sees her father coming out from the room where he was making preparation for the trip.

she over hears him taking and knows everything. she faces him and asks him who made him do that. that he cant leave her poor mother. HD says mother and father are thinking of you. she weeps in his arms. she watches her mother sadly and is feeling torn.

DW is happy singing preparing to dress for the engagement. he teases his mother about belonging to JM now.

JM is dressing as well . her family says she is looking pretty. and DR hugs her tight but JM is sad.JH tries to comfort her.

driving to the ceremony. DW sees JM sad starts talking lightly.

at the ceremony. JR gives an icy stare to JMs parents.

it is awkward between the two sides. sunny calls DW to see where they are.

JM and DW arrive. DW smiles at her waiting for her to get out of the car. she doesn't move. sees she not will puts out his hand. she stops him.

she asks him if he recalls what she asked him before they broke up. when she asked him if he can let go of his mother forever. and he said he cant. that she stays his mother no matter what. he asks her why she is bringing this up. she says because she is in the same position now.

he two families are waiting seeing that the couple is late starts wondering.

DW comes in alone upset. crystal asks him where is JM. he says she wont come. there wont be any ceremony. HD is upset asks about JM. rushes out and JH follows him.

DWs parents starts asking him but he is too upset. sunny starts scolding JR saying are u happy now see what have you done.

crystal tells her what are saying what JR has to do with it. JR lashes out. what did I do wrong I am sending him away why should I stand seeing his daughter.

screams at DW. he looks at her with contempt.

crystal asks what.. what did you do..her father scolds her. they scream at her. JR tells her to stop am I your child.... they look at her surprised.

crystal slaps her.

JR gets out upset and DW and sunny follow her.

JMs family waiting outside for the car. HD sees JR crossing the street while a car is heading towards her. he pushes her away .JH screams.


DW ; something is lacking about 2% . close your eyes for a moment. .. gives her the bracelet...like this bracelet will not break off for a lifetime.


ratings for ep 56...23%

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Guest flydolesqueue

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wah over already... now I will miss waiting for weekends .......I want a second season for DW and JM only...Sigh


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Thanks everyone for your posts.  I watched the last episode today and was satisfied.  Two spiteful people caused a lot of grief on this show, and we sure heard a lot about porridge. Glad this one is over. Now need to finish Bride of the Sun and Padam Padam

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just heard the too happy ending was considered controversial in korea . if it is a sad ending they nag and if it is a happy one they also nag lol.



HD pushes JR away and gets hit instead. DW and JH takes him to the hospital. JH weeps. JR is shocked .walks away aimlessly.

sunny goes after her.

JM is back at her shop alone thinking about DW . she gets a call saying her dad has made an accident.

DW is walking around thinking about calling JM eventually he writes a message and erase it again. he sees JM coming in. she asks him about her dad. he is so sorry he is blaming himself. she says it is not and leaves him. he looks sadly after her.
















JR is weeping alone. sunny comes in and talks to her. she tells her she afraid he will die because of her. she regretting what she has done.

she weeps in sunny arms.


. doctor comes seems does not tell them good news. JH collapses and JM holds her.

JR comes with sunny and the aunt lashes at her how she has the nerve to come here.DW probably tells them to go back. JR says she wants to see HD.

the aunt yells about what she done to all of them.

suddenly JH gets up and faces JR guess she tells her she can see him. they all go in his room. JR cries . JH talks to him. JR tells him oppa forgive me dont die.she weeps.JH tells him SR and JM need him. ho moves his fingers.JM sees and tells her mother. he moves his eyelids.the doctor comes and he opens his eyes and touches JH but falls unconscious again.seems to be in critical condition.JH weeps.








a time jump... 2 years later

JS is singing and talking to his son in the car.seems to be doing well in biz. visits HS memorial. talks to her about how he and the baby are doing.

DRs family has opened the pizza shop they used to dream about. DR has a baby brother now. silly couple are still fighting over nothing.

at the airport JR and JH are waiting. JR sees her and talks to her.she asks her what she is doing there. they seem to be on good terms. she tells her she is there to take her adoptive kids?? JR takes SR and sunny who were abroad. she still calls her aunt.

seems JR and her boss are getting married. she keeps on trying wedding dresses . JR in a wedding dress!( thumps down lol) when she tries the last one finds the groom asleep. she is more obedient now.




DW and JM are married now they are in their bedroom. DW wakes up and kisses her. he puts a card in her bag. in the bag he sees pills related to pregnancy I think.. JM wakes up and hugs him from behind and calls him in english him my baby lol. DW scolds her about the thing he found.. about pregnancy I guess.

he goes mad to the bathroom. JM follows him and he is smiling now seems he wants a baby .she poses for a kiss and he pushes her and she pushes him back..cutely married.













crystal is looking for her husband. he comes in from the gym. seems he is no longer the housewife. he no longer cares about her orders. she tells him to get out. he does not listen . crystal is surprised.

JM is about to travel. she sees DWs card in the bag. it is the wedding anniversary . I love you..... JM sees her father interviewed in TV. seems to be doing something important.DW is also watching .he recalls some of what he went and JM went through. he rushes out.

JM decides not to leave. DW is driving to the airport to catch her. JM returns home. HD and JH hug.

DW gets to the airport and does not find her.. thinking she already left .. he is disappointed....JM is home looking for him. .... finds something on the bed...

his gift for her..she gets an sms from him.

DW finds heart shaped roses on the bed...and JM in red... he tells her how you are here. they kissssss

final scene shows every one in the drama happy.

the end








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Everytime I watch a drama, I've been clamoring for a happy ending. Its better for me to watch a HAPPY ENDING than to watch a sad or a cliff hanger ending. I guess majority of us viewers feels this way also. I havent watch the ending but reading your comments shows of a happy ending and I'm very happy that it turned-out this way.

Thank you very much for sharing all your views to this drama. I read them all.

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Guest cococrust

ep 56 c-sub


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I would have proffered to see things in Chronological order instead of a time jump... still I loved seeing the couple married in PJs..







HFL MV stay here for ever

so long it is been a joyful ride....

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Guest cococrust

ep 57 finale c-sub


enJOY !!@@!! -- wh3w...been a long 6+ months...

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Lee Tae Sung and Jung Yoo Mi Confirmed for ‘Rooftop Prince’


Together with Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min, Lee Tae Sung and Jung Yoo Mi are confirmed for ‘Rooftop Prince, in which a four-sided romance is set to take place.

Currently, Lee Tae Sung is gaining hot popularity for his role with Lee Bo Young as a couple in MBC’s ‘Hooray for Love’ and Jung Yoo Mi had received love for her acting in SBS’s ‘A Thousand Days’ Promise’.

Meanwhile, ‘Rooftop Prince’ is set to be directed by PD Shin Yoon Sub, who has previously directed ‘KAIST’ and ‘Lovers’ and written by Lee Mang Hee, who has previously written ‘Mister Q’ and ‘Successful Story of a Bright Girl’. It will be aired on March 14th after the conclusion of ‘Please Take Care of Us, Captain’.

Source: Newsen via Nate

Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3

Shared byJYJ3

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Guest Schneewitchen

Why do they always make the lead actresses ugly by wearing such ugly spectacles?

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