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Would you rather Read Manga or Watch Anime?


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Guest xxkurenaixshixx

I like anime cause its anime and its fun to listen to your favorite Seiyuu's in action and I like manga cause that's what the anime is based off of.Though its good to read the manga cause most anime's have endings or they leave you hanging when the manga is still ongoing.
Hate those sometimes ^^a
[edit] Though I do stop reading the manga once it becomes TOO longs and it start's to get boring to me ^^

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Guest dorkiiexshorty

i guess it really depends on what kind of anime it is lol
~if its action ex: naruto i would rather watch it
~if its romance, read or watch, depends on how accurate it is to the manga.
i get very picky when it comes to certains things, recently ive been wanting to watch airgear but everyone keeps teling me the manga is better because the anime cuts short, and then discourages me to read or watch, because im to lazy to read ahah

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Najaira said: Well, it depends on the reader/audience. Anime were once manga, so I think its better to read the manga first and then later watch it because in anime, some scenes from the manga are not shown and vice versa. Right? :))

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Guest spicystrawberry


Usually action story, must watch anime. If manga, totally headache.

But since I always prefer romance genre and crazy the couple then I will read manga. It's much more sweet :) So...Manga, it is xD

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Guest eunbyeol3141

I also prefer manga because many animes skip scenes from the original. Also, a lot of time due to timing constraints, the end of the anime series is often completely different to the manga which may still be ongoing. 

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