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★ Official MinMin Couple Thread ★


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السبب في بلدي أبا لي مين هو أمر محزن بسبب PMY الشعر القصير.
موافق؟B2xbCOvCcAEcOR6.jpgربما يحب الشعر الطويل PMYB1ESzALCIAA6hG1.jpg:largeBt3Bz2FCEAEvwBE.jpg:large10384125_1501171043480351_49508156215562

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Hello everyone, I'm a new one here. :-h
You know guys all of ur posts are awesome.Those posts make me smile & happy always.   :x   Did you see that couple 58 T-shirts MinMin were wearing? well some of my friends (I mean fans of other princess) are realy upset about that so it make me more happy.      :)) <:-P & They ask me why I choose this thread since they think there is nothing between MinMin,well there's NOTHING to dout about it that's why I choose this thread. 
MINMIN shippers you are awesome & amazing. Love our couple & all of you.:-* :x 

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