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★ Official MinMin Couple Thread ★


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Guest blossomnagr

I think I am posting to this thread for the first time, but I may be wrong cause I was lurking and might have posted before as well. Just want to say that I am a big fan of PArk Min Young. I've watched many dramas of her and Lee Min Ho. I like all co-stars of Park Min Young but Min Ho and Min Young I liked the most. They had a great chemistry. It was really touching. 
After MinMin revealed their relationship to public there was so much negativity to Park Min Young that my heart arched for her. I don't understand people. If two individual like each other what is wrong with that?! Anyway, she is very strong, determined woman and I am happy that she managed to overcome all the mess.

Really looking forward to her next project 'Healer'. The plot sounds interesting and co-starts are Yoo Ji Tae and Ji Chang Wook :x And of course, one should not forget to mention amazing writer Song Ji Na behind 'Healer'. 
Park Min Young Fighting! Lee Min Ho Fighting !

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