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[Drama 2011] The Princess' Man 공주의 남자

Guest chancy426

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Guest chancy426

[KBS] Moon Chae Won, Park Shi Hoo, Song Jong Ho, Hong Soo Hyun



공주의 남자

Episodes: 24

Genre: Period, romance

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-20 ~ ?

Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Director: Kim Jung Min

Screenwriter: Jo Jung Joo



The fusion sageuk stars Moon Chae-won as headstrong and forward-thinking Princess Se ryung, daughter to Grand Prince Su-yang, who is determined to be King. She falls in love with the son of his mortal enemy, and their romance gets caught in the crossfire of her father’s quest for the throne.

Program Aims (from KBS International)

1. Differentiated viewpoint: a focus on stories about the second generation of royal families

The grand Prince Suyang of the Joseon Kingdom, who pursued the throne, killed Kim Jong Seo, a general, in a coup, thereby taking the reins of power into his own hands in 1453. This coup is called Gyeyujeongnan in Korean history. The incident has been the subject material of many historical dramas(also known as sageuk).

This drama approaches Gyeyujeongnan from an entirely different perspective, namely from the eyes of the second generation of the relevant people. They are Princess Seryung, daughter of Grand Prince Suyang, Kim Seoung You, son of General Kim Jong Seo, Princess Gyeonghye, daughter of King Munjong and sister of King Danjong, and Shin Myeon, son of Shin Suk Joo, a scholar who tried to remove Suyang from power.

 A love story between Princess Seryung and the grandson of Kim Jong Seo, the mortal enemy of Suyang, is described in unofficial history books such as “Geumgyepildam.”

Today there is a cave on Baikak Mountain in Chungcheong-bukdo province where the two were known to live in seclusion.

In the plot of the drama, love between the two people was changed to love between Princess Seryung, Suyang’s daughter and the youngest son of Kim Jong Seo.

 In one word, the drama is about a romance of destiny between Seungyou and Seryeong.

In addition, Princess Gyeonghye, who loved Seung You, and Shin Myeon, who loved Seryeong, complicated the love relationships.

The drama aims to find out the meanings of historical events before and after Gyeyoujeongnan through the eyes of the four people.

2. Differentiated subject matter: princesses of Joseon

There are many historical dramas that deal with queens and court ladies. But dramas that feature princesses as protagonists are rare. It is related to the fact that princesses during the Joseon Kingdom were limited in their social and political activities.

There exist few records about princesses now. Furthermore, even the names and birth year of many princesses (or “ongjoo,” king’s daughters by a concubine) are not known.

The lives of Joseon’s two princesses, who lived dramatic lives, are being retraced in the drama. The two princesses are Princess Seryeong, who ascended to princess as a member of the royal family due to her father Suyang, and Princess Gyeonghye, who was demoted from princess.

3. Differentiated sageuk: history as an entertainment theme

The Princess’ Man faithfully complies with the popular entertainment theme of revenge and love.

Seung Woo’s family members were all killed by Suyang. Shin Myeon, a childhood friend of Seung Woo, joined forces with Suyang. Seung Woo tried to avenge the death of his family to Suyang and Shin Myeon. Seryeong, Suyang’s daughter, loved both Seung You and Shin Myeon. The drama features dynamic episodes between them.




Kim Seung-yoo (Park Shi Hoo) The youngest son of Chosun's authoritive figure Kim Jong-seo. Kim Seung-yoo posesses handsome looks and strong physique, carries the noble quality and excellence wisdom of a noted family in his time.


Princess Se-ryeong (Moon Chae-won)The dignified and elegant eldest daughter of General Sooyan. Having a strong curious and bold personality, what she wants to do she must do. She is also very lively and cheerful.


Princess Kyung Hye (Hong Soo Hyun) The daughter of Munjong of Joseon and elder sister of emperor Danjong is a woman of charm and dignity. In troubled time have experienced a fall from the status and withstand the hardships and obsticales that came with it. She is in love with Kim Jong-seo's son Kim Seung-yoo, but eventually had chosen Jungjong to be her husband.


Shin Myun (Song Jong Ho) The second son of Shin Sook Joo is the childhood friend of Kim Seung-yoo, growing up whether in academic, martial arts, and other healthy competitions has always come out to be #2. After meeting Se-ryeong, his love and ambition has brought him to betrayed Kim Seung Yoo, and gruatually becoming a cold-blooded dark figure.


Jungjong (Lee Min-woo) He is Kim Seung-yoo and Shin Myun's friend, gentle and peace-loving. Known to be Chosun's #1 handsome man. After rising to high status as Princess Hyung Hye's husband had stumbled into tragic life, in the end the love story with Princess Hyung Hye is one that becomes worthy of tears. 


Kim Jong-seo (Lee Soon Jae)

The father of Kim Seung-yoo, also known as Chosun's "Big Tiger," "Elder to His Majesty,"  and is holder of the highest authority.


Prince Suyang later King Sejo (Kim Young Chul)

Se-ryeong's father General Sooyang is a virtue of cunningness, with coexistence of a sense of balance and cruel heart makes him the Korean version of Machiavelli who is power-hungry, ambitious.

Jo Suk Joo (Kim Roe Ha)

A person that gives off a bad first impression, he can go on one day without saying much. After meeting Kim Seung-yoo have developed a "going through life and death together" friendship. Even after knowing Seung-yoo's identity, being a man of loyalty he helps him keep his secret. Like Seung-yoo he is a man with determination as strong as rock.

Jung Dong Hwan (Munjong)

The fifth King of the Joseon Dynasty, father of Emperor Danjong and Princess Kyung Hye.

Shin Sook Joo (Lee Hyo Jung )

The father of Shin Myun

Yi Gae (Uhm Hyo Sup)

He is Kim Seung Yoo, Jung Jong, and Shin Myun's teacher.

Lee Hee Do (Han Myung Hwa)

General Sooyang's imperial bodyguard (Yoo Ha Joon)






Part 1

01. Today I Also Love You 오늘도 사랑해 - Baek Ji Young [


02. Today I Also Love You 오늘도 사랑해 (Instrumental)

Part 2

01. Love Hate 여원여모 – Shin Hye Sung [


02. If that Day Would Come 그날이 오면 – Mi [YouTube]

03.  여원여모 (inst.)

04. 그날이 오면 (inst.)

Part 3

01. Waiting by Ha Dong Kwon and Lee Jung [YouTube:

Official MV]

02. Hey My Love by Lee Young Hyun

Part 4

01. Tears by Lee Sung Yeol

02. Missing You by SS501 Park Jung Min

Part 5

01. 회모 - Yoon Hwa Jae In






[TNmS] Nationwide 9.3% Seoul 10% [AGB] Nationwide 10.2% Seoul 11.6%


[TNmS] Nationwide 8.7% Seoul 10.1% [AGB] Nationwide 9.4% Seoul 11.3%


[TNmS] Nationwide 9.7% Seoul 12.1% [AGB] Nationwide 11.7% Seoul 12.9%


[TNmS] Nationwide 10.4% Seoul 12.2% [AGB] Nationwide 9.8% Seoul 11.2%


[TNmS] Nationwide 14.4% Seoul 14.6% [AGB] Nationwide 17% Seoul 17.5%


[TNmS] Nationwide 15.3% Seoul 16.3% [AGB] Nationwide 16.9% Seoul 18.2%  


[TNmS] Nationwide 13.9% Seoul 15.1% [AGB] Nationwide 17.4% Seoul 18.6%

EP 08

[TNmS] Nationwide 15.2% Seoul 17% [AGB] Nationwide 16.6% Seoul 16.7%

EP 09

[TNmS] Nationwide 16.9% Seoul 18.4% [AGB] Nationwide 19.2%  Seoul 19.6%

EP 10

[TNmS] Nationwide 17.6% Seoul 19.0% [AGB] Nationwide 19.6%  Seoul 19.6%

EP 11

[TNmS] Nationwide 15.7Seoul 17% [AGB] Nationwide 18.6%  Seoul 19.4%

EP 12

[TNmS] Nationwide 18.1% Seoul 19.6% [AGB] Nationwide 18.7%  Seoul 19.3%

EP 13

[TNmS] Nationwide 17.7% Seoul 18.3% [AGB] Nationwide 19.7%  Seoul 20.7%

EP 14

[TNmS] Nationwide 19.5% Seoul 21.8% [AGB] Nationwide 21.8%  Seoul 23%

EP 15

[TNmS] Nationwide 19.2% Seoul 21.5% [AGB] Nationwide 21.8%  Seoul 23%

EP 16

[TNmS] Nationwide 20.1% Seoul 20.9% [AGB] Nationwide 21.1.%  Seoul 21.6%

EP 17

[TNmS] Nationwide 21.7% Seoul 21.9% [AGB] Nationwide 24.6%  Seoul 25.5%

EP 18

[TNmS] Nationwide 21.2% Seoul 23.3% [AGB] Nationwide 22.2%  Seoul 23.2%

EP 19

[TNmS] Nationwide 20.1% Seoul 21.7% [AGB] Nationwide 22.1%  Seoul 23.3%

EP 20

[TNmS] Nationwide 20.1% Seoul 22.3% [AGB] Nationwide 23%  Seoul 24.3%

EP 21

[TNmS] Nationwide 19.8% Seoul 20.5% [AGB] Nationwide 22.7%  Seoul 23.6%

EP 22

[TNmS] Nationwide 21.2% Seoul 22.4% [AGB] Nationwide 21.9%  Seoul 22.5%

EP 23

[TNmS] Nationwide 22.9% Seoul 24.9% [AGB] Nationwide 23.6%  Seoul 25%

EP 24

[TNmS] Nationwide 23.8% Seoul 25.8% [AGB] Nationwide 24.9%  Seoul 25.8%



Subtitles brought to you by the:...

~ The Princess' Man Team @ ViKi.com ~

EPDrama.com: http://www.epdrama.com/the-princess-man/

The softsubs are synced to 720p-HANrel videos.

They should work for any resolution HANrel videos.

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R E L A T E D  V I D S

Press Conference [

Clip 1] [Clip 2]

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Guest Rui-Rui

5/18/2011 Casting News


Actor Park Si-hoo has confirmed to cast in KBS 2TV drama "The Princess' Man" coming this July.

The drama related person revealed on the 19th, "Park Si-hoo has recently confirmed to star in "The Princess' Man".

Park Si-hoo will be playing Kim Seung-yoo, the descendant of Kim Jong-seo. In the drama he will be sharing "Forbidden Love" with Se Ryeong (Moon Chae-won), the daughter of General Soo-yang.

The love between Kim Seung-yoo who is the descendant of Kim Jong-seo who was murdered by the General and his daughter Se Ryeong is to be like 'Romeo and Juliet".

"The Princess' Man" now having confirmed the main catss will complete casting of the other main actors soon.

Meanwhile, "The Princess' Man" is due to be released on the 20th of July.

Source : http://news.nate.com/view/20110519n06733?mid=e0101( Korean )

Permalink: http://www.hancinema.net/park-si-hoo-confirmed-to-cast-in-kbs-the-princess-man-29989.html


5/25/2011 Casting News

Actor Song Jong-ho has been cast in the KBS 2TV drama "The Princess' Man".

"The Princess' Man" is the historical Chosun version of "Romeo and Juliet" coming this end of July. It is based in the Chosun times, when General Sooyang who tried to steal the throne and become king himself murdering the first vice-premier, Kim Jong-seo.

It is a traditional historical romance drama where princess Se-ryeong (Moon Chae-won) and Kim Seung-yoo (Park Si-hoo) suffer between love and revenge.

Song Jong-ho is the second son of Chosun's smartest brain Kim Sook-joo and is the ambitious second factor of the drama after Kim Seung-yoo, his best friend, and they compete well-intentionally in education and all other areas.

Song Jong-ho looked eager to do this drama as he said, "I want to quench my thirst of wanting to challenge myself to a new role this time. This is also my first historical since my debut so it means a lot more. I will meet viewers with a whole new side of me".

The productions said, "Song Jong-ho's manly and passionate image was just right for the role and we are anxious to see how it will turn out. The conflict structure between Song Jong-ho and Park Si-hoo will be another fun part to watch. The two men will go through friendship and revenge inside passionate romance".

"The Princess' Man will be aired on the 20th of July right after "Romance Town".

Source : http://news.nate.com/view/20110526n05083?mid=e0101 ( Korean )

Permalink: http://www.hancinema.net/song-jong-ho-has-been-cast-in-the-princess-man-30166.html

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Guest alicechen

Yay! Can't wait for this drama. Been wanting to see Park Shi Hoo in a saguek! Along with charming actress, Moon Chae Won! :wub:

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Guest theotherwoman

I'm really excited because I totally adore Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won...

I'm just looking forward to it... I hope there will be more news soon... I can't wait!

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Guest rainyrainy

so happy that I'm going to see PSH very soon on TV , he is one of the cutest , best looking and good actors in south Korea :wub:

but seems the story a bit sad na ?

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Guest chancy426

I believe this was a shot taken during the The first shooting in Wando on May 30. photofromiphone0.jpg

and this is was a picture posted on Park Shi Hoo's twitter during the first shooting.


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Guest mumudav

PSH looks AWESOME with this hairstyle!!!! Kyaaa <3333

I'm so happy to see him in new project! Yay for PSH <333333

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