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♛ BIGBANG ♛ The Official 빅뱅 Thread ★彡[ Ver. 3 ]

Guest the7REAL.

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Guest juang_bb

@Juang i am jealous w/ you siggy thus i had to redo mine.lmao

ha! LES... im fast and NINJA like that just like Tabi! B) trollolololol :wub: :wub: :wub:


New BIGBANG LOTTE Advertisement Photos

*quoted image*

*quoted image*

*quoted image*

Source: http://kr.lottedfs.com

Credit: gilbakk75@ameblo

OMG! their LOTTE pics are so cute and adorable! i want more!!

and VIPs, we're trending #HappyBaeDay but twitter is trolling! hmp! when you try to search tweets for it, nothing comes up even if we're already tweeting it like crazy! not cool twitter, not cool! but please continue trending!

edit: aigooo, and i top the page with this not so helpful post. since i topped it anyway, im just gonna make my greeting here!


i wish that you will finally find a girl who will love ONLY you :wub: and you wont be #foreveralone again. :)

also wishing him more success in the future and i hope he stays happy and cheerful like he is now. our #swanqueen :lol:

again, to my favorite kpop shortie, HAPPY BAEDAY TAEYANG!!!

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Guest sarahkristine

Cool. Another quirky survey. This is a global ranking of Korean male celebrities. I don't know who voted and for what. Just that our cool rappers charted high. I see our Tabi on 5th place, the highest for any singer/idol. And our Jiyongie is 12th!!


Source: Bestiz

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Guest li_nikoru

I still don't understand what the poll is about XD

Who are the first 4???

YAY!! Happy Birthday YB!!!!! I how he has a great time in Japan!! :D

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Guest kneekey

I'm so glad GD personally made a statement about his leg because this for me is a confirmation that he's recuperating and handling himself well :) get well soon GD :D

And congrats to BB for being #1 in the Oricon charts they absolutely deserve the spot :)

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Bae may think hes lucky to have fans like us, but I say we VIPs are the real lucky ones.

He's an amazing person and I don't know of anyone else who works as hard as he does.

Always pushing himself to give us great music and stages, but what makes me proudest as his fan is the kind and genuine person he is once he steps off stage.

Please don't ever change & Always be healthy


:wub: I LOVE YOU :wub:


Also Congratz to Big Bang on the #1 weekly album!! :w00t: Can you believe it VIPs?!!

Things are finally looking up in Japan. I could really cry I'm so proud of them :tears:

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Guest konkonlove

WOW. It has seriously been a million years since I last posted in this thread, but we're already on the third one! (:

I will definitely make sure to follow this thread closely since it has just begun. For some odd reason, I could not find thread 2

for THE LONGEST time ever. Made me really sad. But oh well, found it now!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONGBAE!!!! I hope the sun shines with you on this amazing day.


And to Ji Yong (regarding his leg injury) -----> FIGHTING!

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Guest Banana Peel


you will always be a cute "innocent" puppy in big bang to me no matter what <3

whoa! big bang thread version 3 already!? dang, I guess I didn't visit here enough because the last time I checked, we were still on the old thread LOL. But yay, congrats for the new thread ! Hopefully we will continue creating more and more until whenever, hehe.

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Guest shinhdeplol



C: http://blog.naver.com/tabataba987 // 타바타바탑 @ bestiz

I love it when you smile brightly like this. I hope you will be even more successful in the future, both with BIGBANG and as a solo artist. VIPs will forever support you :)


Bae acts like a child here :P


C: planetyb @ tumblr

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Guest Adri_Yoo


Happy Birthday Dear SOL ! I wish you always be healthy and happy in everything you do. Always supporting you and wishing you the best personally and professionally.


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Guest naturefairy

~HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONG YONG BAE a.k.a TAEYANG~hope you will celebrate your birthday with happiness surrounded by your loved ones..And may all your wish come true (esp.of finding a girl for yourself :lol: ) :wub: :wub:

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Guest MTRAiNbow_S5BB

Hey guyz, I rarely post here, but I wanted to for today's occasion :)

I don't have any fancy thing to post, just an adorable picture of BABY YOUNGBAE-

Who could have thought this adorable chubby baby grew up to be one of the most awesome and hottest man alive? ;)


(credit: 6theory BIGBANG thread; bestiz)

Dear Dong Youngbae,

You changed my whole life.

Before you, my music taste was just typical American teenager- grew up watching Disney, fawning over the JBs (lol), and occasionally following some alt/rock bands.

I never forget that day when I found YOU, through Wedding Dress. After that, my life took a whirlwind of crazy and fun. I discover K-pop, I found out how kinky and FUN it is spazzing over YOU (and the rest of BIGBANG). I shred my shell and became braver as I attend huge Kpop concerts (SMTOWN and KMF) which I never dare to before. I learned that music can come in many forms but each has its own beauty(BIGBANG <3). I found out that success comes only through utmost dedication and hardwork (watching you and BIGBANG).

Anyway...You changed my perspective in so many things, thank you for existing and being one of the sexiest, charismatic, talented performer ever.

Therefore, all the best wishes to you on your BIRTHDAY =)



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Guest callistacallie

Happy Birthday Dong Yong Bae / SOL / Taeyang!

Today's a great day and all the best - may he finally get the girl of his dreams!

#Happy BaeDay

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[Limited Edition] BIGBANG Special Edition Chocolate


BIGBANG Chocolate Release!

BIGBANG chocolate with members' face and logo is available NOW!

This luxurious dark chocolate with printed members' faces will add enjoyment to you.

Don't be surprised~of course this is eatable and has excellent taste! This is "BIGBANG" in chocolate world. Special BIGBANG chocolate in a bright red case!

A perfect gift for special occasion~

We presents our precious BIGBANG to you with our heart of this precious chocolate~

Source: http://www.ygeshop.com/

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Guest juang_bb

YB tweeted!!!


this boy, what is he worrying about? he just turned 23! he's still so young and has a long way to go... :lol:


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Guest shinhdeplol

C: http://me2day.net/viofbb // gilbakk2010 @ YT

Tanoshingo and Seungri :lol: :lol: Its like gagmen reunion :lol: :lol:

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C: http://me2day.net/viofbb // gilbakk2010 @ YT

BIGBANG JAPAN LOVE&HOPE tokyo afer party 中 일본의 유명개그맨 타노싱고로부터 V.I가 여성이입는 티를 선물받는 장면 JAPAN THANK U

Translation: BIGBANG JAPAN LOVE&HOPE tokyo at the afterparty. Japan’s famous comedian Tano Shingo gave V.I a woman’s tee. JAPAN THANK U

Source: Seungri's Me2day

Translated by: ___ladyC @21bangs

TOP Comments on Big Bang's Infinity Challenge Appearance

TOP of the 5-people idol group BIGBANG told us how he felt after watching his own appearance on MBC’ Infinity Challenge- Gangs of Seoul’.

BIGBANG is currently having their Japan tour and on 14th, after the last episode was aired, TOP told Star News, ‘"I have watched ‘ Gangs of Seoul’ in Japan.’’

“Whenever I think of my performance in ‘Infinity Challenge’, I think that I really look like a fool" then he laughed and said, "however, it is still very funny and is a unforgettable memory for me.’

On 7th and 14th , BIGBANG made a special appearance on these 2 consecutive episodes of ‘Gangs of Seoul’. The setting of the programme is, in Seoul, there coexists two groups, the ‘Infinity Challenge’ group and the ‘BIGBANG’ group and they had to eliminate the boss of the opposite party. They had showed us a nice battle. The shows brought tension and laughters to the audience at the same time.

The boss of BIGBANG group- TOP and the leader of Infinity Challenge group, Yoo Jae-seok had a last fight by playing sissor, paper, stone. When TOP picked rock to confront with Yoo Jae-seok which brought him a defeat. The team’s victory has therefore also be gained back by the Infinity Challenge team.

At the mean time, BIGBANG has kicked off their Japan tour by performing in Osaka on 10th and 11th and Chiba from 13th to 15th. In Chiba, they have held three concerts in Makuhari Messe International Exbition Hall, there have been as many as 50000 audiences who have gone there to watch the shows. The popularity of BIGBANG in Japan is even higher than that in their domestic country. Their Japan tour will continue from 17th to 19th in Nagoya.

Source: Nate

Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates

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Guest shinhdeplol

Another birthday tweet from Taeyang :D

벌써 24번째 생일이네요:)시간이 참 빠른거같아요..항상 많은 사랑과 응원 너무나 감사드립니다!! 보고싶네요~ 빨리 투어 마치구 돌아갈게요! Love you ! ;)

Trans: It is already my 24th birthday.Time really does past swiftyly. I always thanks a lot for the much love and cheering that you have given me. Miss you~ i will come back quickly after i finish the tour! Love you! ; ) from @bigbangupdates

C: toozdae518 @ twitter

I hope he would upload a selca or a video of his birthday party :P


Aimee lucas wished Taeyang a Happy Birthday :D


Happy birthday old friend @Realtaeyang many hugs & kisses! Cheers to another year of success

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Guest my11





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Guest gossipgirl01

I don't fully understand this article with Google Translate, but you could tell that the writer had nothing but GREAT words for Big Bang. While skimming the entire story, I can't help but be proud amidst the broken translation.

Joong Ang Ilbo Daily Culture Column:

World-Class Entertainment and Patriotism: "Big Bang"

-please somebody translate this! TT___TT

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