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♛ BIGBANG ♛ The Official 빅뱅 Thread ★彡[ Ver. 3 ]

Guest the7REAL.

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Guest Adri_Yoo

Finally, the statement we've waited for, so then, a plaster/cast for precaution I think, it's a relief that it's not so seriuos, I hope GD get well  very soon :wub:  


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You know you agree to this -


Anyway, it took me a few edits, a couple of deep breaths before I could finally finish and post this comment.

I AM A V.I.P - to the uninitiated and clueless, that line is going to come off as a cocky statement but to me it means being part of a family. Hail no I ain't going overly dramatic here. It's how I feel and y'all know it's TRUE. I think most of the VIPs - KVIPs and IVIPs alike - are all going to agree with me that we went through quite some TOUGH stuff in the years that past. We saw the years that passed through intoxicating highs and doubt-full lows but we - BIGBANG and VIPs - stayed together and that's what makes me so PROUD each and everytime I say that I AM A V.I.P.

Personally, it's not just news and everything related to BB that I look forward to each and everytime that I check this thread - it's you - yes you fellow vips - and your funny, cracktastik,snarky but otherwise entertaining comments that puts a smile on my face on a daily basis. I've met some uhh-ma-zing people here and it's one of the things that made this BB comeback so special. It's a first for me and I get to share it with such uhh-ma-zing people.

So yeah. . .looking forward to years and years of nothing but EPICness with you fellow VIPs and of course with BB! XD

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Guest samosvetleee

{NEWS} YG Entertainment shares an update on G-Dragon’s leg injury


It has been revealed that although Big Bang’s G-Dragon has a cast on his leg, it’s not a major injury.

On May 16th, a YG Entertainment representative said,

G-Dragon slightly sprained his leg during the concert. It is not a big injury. He is only wearing the half-cast during performances in case the injury might worsen while moving around. It is okay now. There is no need to worry.

G-Dragon’s injury was made known by a tweet from MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” producer Kim Tae Ho. He tweeted about Big Bang’s Japanese concert, saying, “GD had a light cast on his right foot.

While that tweet was made in response to a Big Bang fan, his response quickly informed netizens of G-Dragon’s injury.

Big Bang is currently on their “Love & Hope Tour” in Japan, hitting up Osaka, Nagoya, and Chiba.

Source: My Daily via Nate

Shared via @allkpop

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Guest Lila90

Get better soon GD and I'm envious of Big Bang for traveling to Osaka. It's been a place behind Tokyo I want to visit one day.....if I ever finish college dry.gif

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Guest indianbread

Helllooo iVIPs! In case you guys haven't checked the BB global event FB page like myself they have added additional countries, HOORAH!

Vote for your country, go go go! :D 


Credit: Kweni@bigbangvip.net 

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Guest sarahkristine

Dude, BIGBANG broke some records on Melon. Thanks for the screen capture samosvetleee and for the link shinhdeplol.

11 weeks as Artist of the Week. Not even digital dragons like SNSD, 2AM, 2NE1, or even digital queen IU herself managed to hold on for THAT LONG as Artist of the Week. And what's more awesome is BIGBANG now holds the longest-running record Artist of the Week, breaking the 10-week record of BIGBANG themselves, and the Korean Act Children (not sure if Google Translate got this artist's name right).

NOT TO MENTION that Big Bang and Big-Bang-related (aka GDTOP) albums has held on the Top 1-3 spots of Melon Album of the Week SINCE DECEMBER 2010.

AND AGAIN NOT TO MENTION (dude the phrase has gone irrelevant), Big Bang and GDTOP have been on Top 1 or 2 Artist of the Week SINCE DECEMBER 15, 2010. They haven't been off the radar since GDTOP's comeback.

Here's an album summary of male and female idols from 2009-2010. The chart shows the peak position of each songs, and how many weeks the album songs stayed in top 10 and top 100 of Melon. Just observe. OBSERVE REALLY REALLY WELL.

Source: ssgdholic@hanteo

Male idols (Big Bang is the 1st one)


Female idols


Big Bang is the only artist to have absolutely ALL main songs in their mini-album penetrate the top 10. Tonight is also one of the best performing song with 7 weeks in the top 10. I don't know about you guys, but Big Bang is definitely the only artist right now who can sell their ENTIRE ALBUM. Not even other digital monsters can do that. They may not have that one "it" song that shatters weekly record or achieve perfect all-kills, but they definitely re-define ALL-KILL by penetrating the entire chart.

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Guest saka9918

Finally, we have some official information about GD's leg injury. Get well soon ^^.

3 more concert, Big Bang fighting .

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Guest sarahkristine

Forgot to share.

PD Kim Taeho tweeted about GD and Big Bang right? Well guess what, it hit the top trending rank in Naver once again. Man, Big Bang and anything Big Bang related has been trending topic this entire week! They are in Japan but they are top searches for even the simplest things.


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Guest shinhdeplol

[iNFO] 110416 BIGBANG2 ranked #4 on Oricon daily chart


C: http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/ja/d/

Is there any chance for them to grab the #1 spot in the weekly chart? :w00t: *Please excuse my poor knowledge >.<*

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Guest charbby

does anyone have the link to the english subbed version of infinity challenge with our boys on it?

i hope kwon leader gets well soon

he's so professional, still wanting to perform even though he's injured.

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Guest shinhdeplol

Today is a prettyy slow day right? :( Sorry I have nothing to share except for this fan video on bestiz. I hope you all like it ^^

[FANMADE] Cute G-Dragon

C: 내추럴한맛 @ bestiz


Ahhh something interesting :P

C: 06251804 @ YT // yg-bigbang @ tumblr

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Guest naturefairy

What a relief....Finally an official statement from YG about GD's leg injury..there's a few more concerts to go,so i hope after it ends Big Bang esp. GD can have a good rest...They need it badly...

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Guest beiusung


V-neck can you see Tabe 's chest?wub.gifwub.gif

i think Dae was right TOP has a great body now

he is No.1 Sexy God in Korea


But he 's still bingu 


somethings random but do you know where can i get this lipstick?


the truth

cre : tumblr

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Guest Jei1430280629

^ he eventually wears this LMAO He once said he hated wearing V-neck shirt, i remember

This is the first time i see his chest haha, hot as expected <3

Tabi you make my day ♥

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