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♛ BIGBANG ♛ The Official 빅뱅 Thread ★彡[ Ver. 3 ]

Guest the7REAL.

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Guest nana123

woot.. the 3rd thread is so cool , well organize and It's beautiful.

Very informative and detailed as well!. :wub:

thanks for making another thread.. :D

thanks for updating the first few posts

shinhdeplol ! :wub:

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Third thread for Big Bang! Yay! I would like to thank all the Soompi VIPs, specially to all the mods! Kudos to all your hard work and for always sharing all these amazing Big Bang news, videos, pictures and links! First page was awesome!

The Big Bang Soompi Interview was so awesome. The boys really took the time to answer the questions. Shoutout to juang and kc for having their questions answered by Dae! that was just pure awesomeness!

BB is busy with their Love and Hope Tour.... hope we can see them again soon... Get well soon GD!

YB's birthday is coming and I'm just wondering if VIPs have decided what to trend on his birthday. I've been seeing lots of recommendations. Hopefully, we can choose one and have a successful trending project on his birthday. I know he'll be busy at the time but I'm hoping he'll tweet on that day! ;)

Again, thanks to all Soompi VIPs! Fighting!

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Guest samosvetleee

{INFO}Update on GD's condition through some shared translated fanacc ~


Credit : @mystifize

Edit :

As i was too busy abusing the photoshop..i forgot to mention,to be thankful to the ppl esp @mystifize,translating the fanaccounts regarding Gd's situation,cause it's us who long to know more about it..and since there isn't any other way..or any official info...

They do translate&share  it out of concern,too..so let's give them a credit for that (:

I promise to refrain myself from posting further more related tweet-caps,cause there's already too much drama going on ..

Let's pray for GD to get better&pass through this as soon as possible..cause us being worried&freaking out over it,would be the last thing he would like us to do !!

Remember what the lyrics in ''Foolish Love'' said : ''Everything's gonna be ALRIGHT !!!'' ~

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YES! finally welcome guys to the 3rd thread of SOOMPI BIGBANG Official Thread.

As Jerilyn mentioned its a new milestone for Bigbang and our fandom. Lyn again..a million thanks for the 1ST PAGE.SO AMAZING!

Thank you SOOMPI VIPS for helping us keep the thread alive.keke.

Spazz.im still not over the Soompi BB Interview..and whoever

asked TOP the Bracelet question, its your fault that im still spazzing about it.lmao

TOPBOM question made it to the interview...lol...Soompiers might be a shipper of this HAHA just kidding.

TOP why you dont have a license yet?! lol.It's ok baby cause i suck at driving too >.<

GD's condition

^Thanks for the post sam. I just want to clarify because i have personally asked a JVIP

who is watching every single concert. She said GD had a minor sprain in the ankle &

its not that serious. However, as we all know GD's pretty workaholic thus he continues

with the practices and concert performances. Limping is obviously a part of having sprain

so i hope people would STOP spreading news and making his situation LOOK worse

than it actually is.

Personally, im not fond of reading these exaggerated tweets and tumblr posts

which is why i asked for the real score. I just hope he rests well so that his sprain

will not become too serious.

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Guest sarahkristine

This is crazy. I am really worried, but I know panic and hysteria isn't really gonna change anything. Man, I just wish YG gives us an official update on GD's injury. We know he's in pain. Regarding the level of the pain, we have no idea. Although we really can't do anything, just knowing the details gives a certain level of reassurance. This is making me so anxious. 2 more shows, just 2 more concerts. I'm glad tomorrow is rest day.

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Guest lualm

wow, Thread no.3! congratulations to all the soompi VIPs! a new home!

Bigbang members answered the soompiers' questions! wow, they even used handwriting. (i heard Koreans appreciate handwriting more in general, so they must have wanted to show their love to the fans by writing the answers personally) :wub:

regarding GD's condition, it's hard to know his real situation but let's be assured YG won't risk hurting him if he's really in bad shape. aja aja, let's hope he gets through this and recover well! :)

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Guest Qj_GDragon

about my GD's injure ..I hope that YG papa'll soon give a statement 'bout his situation ..

the KVIPz now got confuse 'n worry a lot !!

I now seem as sitting in a bunch of fire ..


U know our Kwon leader always try his best 'n dun't let his VIPz worry or dissapointed 'bout him ..so, he'll definitely smile more 'n jump like there's nothing wrong to prove he's ok


but ..when hearing that he was sick or suffering criticisms ..the more he smile the more worry I am

I may too serious 'n sensitive in this fact ..but I can't stay calm until hearing from papa !!

3 more concerts


even the injure's serious or not ..but ..if he keeps forcing himself like this ..I afraid that he will be rushed into hospital then T.T

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YG won't risk hurting him if he's really in bad shape. aja aja, let's hope he gets through this and recover well!  smile.gif

^Exactly, im sure management wont risk GD getting hurt to the point that he cant recover or deal w/ something serious.

I just hope people would stop spreading exaggerated news about it. Instead let's pray that nothing ill would

happen to him in the next concert.

This minor sprain shouldve easily healed if he had proper rest but because of the concert sched and practices

im afraid its going to take a while. 2 days more for Nagoya concert i hope after that he takes a proper break.

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Guest hayakatsu

congrats soompi VIPs on the new thread!!! ahhh~ sad that i didn't get to post on the final pages on version 2... BUT! version 3 will be AWESOME~!!!

i hope i'll be able to join in and post more, but well, i'm more of a lurker. ahah~!^^ still, i'm always happy to see the same lovely VIPs on here whenever i come on. =)


about GD's injury, i'm sure after every concert they immediately send him to get treatments like ice his ankle and compress it or whatever else they do to treat a sprained ankle. lets not make it out to be worse than it is. if he is truly unfit, then YG wouldn't have let him continue to perform or whatever. i'm sure they have medical proffessionals okay-ing him to go on with their tour.

lets just hope his recovery will go well and he gets sufficient rest after the tour. knowing jiyong though, he might straight away start obsessing about new music for their comeback album. lol. boy is too workaholic for his own good. lol.

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Just wanted to say CONGRATS for making it to BB's official thread v3!

Although i don't post often, i still read BB's thread everyday, so thanks to everyone

who had contributed in making BB's thread informative & fun to read ;D


We will all still be here, showing our love for BB within the next 2000 pages, right? 


B-I-G . B-A-N-G . T-H-E.  B-E-S-T

& i hope GD's injury isn't that serious & gets better soon TT         

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Guest samosvetleee



~ This is  my confession ~

{in jpg}

:: To all the banging Soompi_Ladies a.k.a Vip-girlies ::


for being our connection to BB World,bringing us the latest updates,info&news from the fantastic BIG 5 ::

 Being in  Soompi_BB Thread feels always like 24/7 in Heaven ,


- Where is Love,there's Hope&where are  VIPs there are BIG BANG - 

~ in the TOP of the World&on the bottom of our Hearts ~


Source : blame it on my ps&bb addiction

Credit : @samosvetlee {a.k.a sam}

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Guest LadyBee

  Daesung was compared with one of KUNGFU PANDA's characters ?


Credit: 호미。@ DCDS

Daesung's photos from BIGBANG Special Edition iTunes application




Credit: 다라이 @ DCDS

BIGBANG Poster for Nikon





Credit: 은행잎 @ DCTOP

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Guest shinhdeplol

[iNFO] 110515 Jae YG Choreographer tweeted about GD leg condition.


Trans: Jae says Jiyong only slightly sprained his ankle and it’s already being treated. Please do not worry. :) Thank God.

p/s Jae was replying to a vip as she asked about GD leg condition.

Credit : @Ganzi78 ( YG Choreographer) and @_BIGBANGisVIP

Trans: chinese trans to yarangyxy@baidu and amanda@ibigbang to english trans.

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Guest beiusung

^ i don't think it was a comparision

Maybe Dae will join in the cast for Kungfu panda 2 which  will be released this summer.

if he does it will be a huge honor since look at the casts Uhm Jung hwa, Cha tae Hyun ,Noh hong chul, the guy from IC ( sorry i don't remember his name but he is really popuar) Kim bum soo  they are Big and have so much respect from public

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hello :D

i was wondering if the "Infinity Challenge" part 4 w/ subs is already up??

coz there was only part 3, and it was cut right before the competition is about to start....

I'm sooo curious on what will happen..

coz i know there was already an article on allkpop about TOP and they were on the car,

and i wasn't able to watch that part yet.. :(

can someone post the link pleaseee??

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Guest kuntamho



version 3 will surely be another hit! yay!

love the added infos. awee~

SOOMPI_BIGBANG MODs are really great!

thanks for all the posts and hopefully we can make up to nth ver~!!keke~

VIPz are jjang~!!!


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Guest LaeLa_is_DeAd

Oh yes! I was actually waiting for this thread to open because I just decided to post more often. I've been lurking here since I can't remember when and it has been a really good ride. This is the only forum that I've been going to since I can find love, respect, trust and hope in here. So, first of all, I would like to thank all the moderators for being so passionate on their jobs that I envy them. And for all the VIPS who were always a part of this thread.

I promise to be an active part of this as well as I have loved Bigbang to the point of no return.

I will always be a VIP until whenever. But, please bear with me as I'm still trying to learn things here.

And... bear with me since I tend to be tactless sometimes. But, I'm confident that you would all understand me.


Anyway, I welcome myself here.

I've actually been having my depression attacks earlier so it's good that I decided to come here.

Though, I really come here everyday. So, thanks a lot! :sweatingbullets:

And oh, I hope my baby Ji will be alright.


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ohh weee , yayyy for the 3rd version !!

I was on my weekend escape with my friends on a vacation ,

so sorry to my fellow mods crew for not able to help around for our grand opening ! :sweatingbullets:

Thank you so much to Jerilyn , as always u're skills are always daebak !!

and just like Ate Les , I also want to give shout out to Jess unnie for always being the best 'YG Lady'

since forever and started this whole thing .. We love u and ur dedication on YG Family !

I'm so proud , its been a long time coming but we're here now ! lololol ~

after so many yrs we're on the 3rd ver thread !

I wanna thanks to all my fellow mods crew and all the iVIPs in Soompi for always being here

with us and spazz with us all these years making us able to reach this thread now !

lets continue loving our boys unconditionaly and supporting them UNTIL WHENEVER !

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