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♛ BIGBANG ♛ The Official 빅뱅 Thread ★彡[ Ver. 3 ]

Guest the7REAL.

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Guest shinhdeplol

[CAPS] 110514 Seungri on Infinity Challenge 98355352.jpg10966885.th.jpg88245255.th.jpg81951800.th.jpg 99855525.th.jpg42846372.th.jpg94708206.th.jpg65217341.th.jpg 66468048.th.jpg79801174.th.jpg13585027.th.jpg98355352.th.jpg C: http://www.vi-ew.com/ // 줄리앙★ @ VIPZ

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Guest fallen_angel

yay its so exciting to have a new thread! congrats and thanks for all the hard work! its great to see how much the boys have changed since the first thread and how much they've acheived! BIG BANG ROCKS! and Infinity Challenge looked like fun didnt understand much but it was good to see the boys having fun.

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Guest Abie

Yay! New page! XD I wanna post again, lol :D it makes me happy to see us vips gather for this simple opening of the thread. I hope more vips unlurk so we could all spazz abt BB together <3 Again, thank you to all who've made my soompi life memorable here!! to the unnies ive met here who've become my spazzmates esp at twitter XD YOU'RE ALL DAEBAK!! WOULDNT WANT ANY FANDOM OTHER THAN BEING A VIP!

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Guest SweetApril204

I had missed chance to say thank you to all Soompier in the last page of thread 2. So I would like to do do for the first page of new thread :lol:.

I am really happy to be part of you - all Soompiers. Soompi is the only forum I come for all things related Big Bang. No one day I don't click to this forum ( even I just reading, not writing much :D ). And thank to all your post, I love my Big Bang much more.

You are all amazing V.I.P.

Congrat to new thread. We - V.I.P will have a great time together ahead.

Big bang fighting. VIP fighting. Love love love

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Guest shoegirl03

damn 3rd BIG BANG thread already!! YAY!!! :w00t: The 1st post is so informative. Thanks to everyone who put it together ^_^

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Guest indianbread

and just to remind everyone since this is funny too

*quoted image*

Ahhh I remember reading about this interview, but I've never seen the vid itself. Can any kind fellow VIP please link me? Thanks in advance!

Also just want to say thanks to all the mods and VIPs at soompi for creating and maintaining a wonderful subforum for all the international Big Bang lovers out there =) You've created an organized haven for VIPs and promote a positive atmosphere that I appreciate very much.  I'm a relatively new VIP and I don't post often but I do follow this thread everyday. The new twitter updates are great. Keep up the good work guys! I've always liked Soompi for being a great forum for everything and anything kpop and kdrama related, and the fact that YG chose Soompi to help reach out to international fans is the icing on the cake.

Looking forward to more updates, spazzes, pictures, vids and whatever else Big Bang related, and looking forward to more releases and accomplishments from Big Bang. Go get 'em boys!

@post below: Yes trust Seungri to spill out that TOP doesn't drive haha....gotta love him!

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Guest sarahkristine

So many new posters here!! Hello VIPs, I hope we can all post on the thread.

Anyway, just wondering if fellow I-VIPs have twitter accounts? Follow me up here: (spoiler mode)


. That's a double "i" on the second i. I'll follow you guys back, PROMISE!! I usually tweet about Big Bang stuff anyway. haha.

And it's funny how TOP's nonexistent driver's license is big deal and even made the news!

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Guest CLI0

Congratulations Soompi VIPS!!!

I know I haven't been as active as I have been in the past, but this subforum, and especially this thread, does wonders for the iVIP community. Many, many cheers and appreciation to all those who continuously share news and keep the rest of us informed. But more than that, this place has become a community of sorts--we support each other as well as the boys through difficult times, we humor each other, we wait along with each other, we laugh and sometimes cry, and just celebrate. What I've always appreciated about this thread is the promotion of discussion among topics, and the mutual respect we have for each other as fans.

In short, it was something very special to have been a part of Soompi's Big Bang Official Thread 2. It was both an honor and a pleasure. Congratulations on the opening of the BB Official Thread 3, and I look forward to even more amazing wonderfulness to come.

Also, a very big thank you to our mods-- Toozdae08, Leslie_lei, Nurika, Peppermintsugar, and Shinhdeplol. It hasn't always been easy, dealing with VIPs, Soompi, and the subforum, so thank you for your continued support & patience. Finally, thanks to the7REAL. for again doing such a fantastic job opening the thread! I got a bit emotional going through it all once more.

Again, congrats iVIPs!! ^_^

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Guest shinhdeplol

[NEWS] T.O.P doesn’t know how to drive?


Big Bang recently guested on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” and participated in the ‘Gangs of Seoul‘ special. While filming for the popular variety show, charismatic rapper T.O.P shocked everyone by revealing that he didn’t have a driver’s license.

During the segment, Big Bang drove to Han River to meet up with the “Infinity Challenge” members. Jung Joon Ha, who was driving the car, tried to give T.O.P the car keys, saying, “I’m giving the car keys to the boss.”

Seungri, who was sitting in the back seat, surprised the clueless comedian by revealing, “T.O.P hyung doesn’t know how to drive.” T.O.P confirmed Seungri’s statement by saying, “I don’t have a license yet.”

Netizens commented, “I was surprised that T.O.P didn’t know how to drive” and “I expected T.O.P to drive using only one hand“, showing their surprise at the charismatic ‘boss’ not yet knowing how to drive.

Credits: Nate + allkpop

Taken from: bigbangupdates.com

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Guest LadyBee

^ Wow they even made a news about it :lol: Everything about BIGBANG can become hot issue xD

But wasn't TOP the driver in We Belong Together and Forever With You M/V ? He surely knows how to drive. But I think he can't pass the traffic laws test before taking the driving test :lol: Remember he just said he hates study and even didn't take school exams ? How can he learn all these laws :lol:

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Guest dada

Actually,TOP already did confessed last year

that he do not have a driving license when he received

a bonus prize(a car) when he won

a popularity award for 'Into the Gunfire'.

I wonder why,now it comes as a suprise

for the public and some fans alike. ^_^

But then,when I watched that scene I was

tickled cause of their expressions when knowing

TOP doesn't know how to drive & he supposed

to drive since he was the 'Boss'

Oh,of course not forgetting~

OH YEAH,oh yeah we have a new freshly baked,

hot 3rd thread to show our love for dear BIG BANG!!~

THANK YOU~! :wub:

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Guest shinhdeplol

[iNFO] 110515 BIGBANG2's rankings and sales


110511/ 23,993장/ 023,993장

110512/ 13,737장/ 037,730장

110513/ 09,643장/ 047,373장

110514/ 05,854장/ 053,227장

110515/ 05,056장/ 058,283장



*2 BIGBANG (1주차) 5,056

C: 김연아 @ bestiz

BIGBANG ranked #2 on Oricon today. Its still an amazingggg feat for me :wub:

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Guest samosvetleee

{VIDEO}Learn Bigbang's lies, Haru haru & last farewell fan-chants{FANMADE}

The "we are big bang" from the Lies fanchant is in reference to the intro song from the album called...you guessed it, "We are big bang"!

STAND UP from the Haru Haru fanchant is in reference to the name of their album. 

"Hot Issue" from Last Farewell is the name of the intro song of the album.

Credit :  RavenStillBeguiling @ yt 

Shared via @VIPsLoveJiYong

{INFO}''BIG BANG is comming'' Special Global Event - division 4 added !! {UPDATE}


Source :BIGBANG's official fb page

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Guest li_nikoru

WoW!! I'm a little late but Congrats on the 2 version of the BigBang thread!!!

You guys are amzing, always giving us the latest news about the boys and promoting a free drama enviornment!! :D

Thank U for the amazing Twitter updates, I'm sure it's tiresome

WoW The boys are still selling 5XXX in Japan :) I'm glad!!! I hope they get first place on the weekly charts anyway :)... Do you know when are the numbers revelead??

About TOP's driver license, I was surprised it became such a hot issue, cause he did say he didn't have a driver license when he won the car last year XD I think he knows how to drive too, but haven't gotten his driver license for some reason (time or laziness) XD

Thank U for sharing the fan accounts!! Of course the feeling in the concert is going to be different if they are with kVIPs that have been with the boys for 5 years than with jVIPs that have been with them for 2, so I think it's alright

Oh! And thank U soompi for always giving us exclusive material about the boys and giving us the chance to win those amazing prizes!!!

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Guest sarahkristine

58,283 albums sold in 5 days! I'm so glad they still managed to sell in the 5k range today. I'm just so proud! Maybe 65k-70k is even within reach! That would be really really awesome. That's like their usual sales rate in Hanteo. :-) I hope this album crosses the 100k mark.

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Guest my11






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Guest naturefairy

Yay...new thread.. :) I just want to say thanks to all here at Big Bang soompi thread for every information & rants about our boys,it always made my day..I'll try to be more active in here (before i just be a silent reader)..Anyway,i felt proud for Big Bang current achievement in Japan music chart..It's not easy for a foreign artist to break successfully into Japan's market,Big Bang is a big bang indeed.. :wub: :wub: And I hope GD's leg condition will become much more better,us VIP are worried sick of it..

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