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Kim Ji Hoon 김지훈


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okay, all this talk about him being eye-candy and not that great of an actor... wtf?

Hasn't he proven himself over and over again with Flower for My Life, Golden Era and then again, most recently, with Stars Falling from the Sky?!

I've practically followed this guy's whole career through MVs, Variety programme, and his dramas (okay... creepy, but I love him XD) and I've def. seen his growth lol. I just hope people come to appreciate what a great actor he's becoming!

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Guest momo08


just finished watching Stars Falling from The Sky and i'm HEAD OVER HEELS for this guy!!

how come his thread is so small? :o he's so under-rated!! he needs more exposure!

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OMG.. i just finished SFFTS and I'm soooo in love with this guy!

I can't believe I didn't notice him before, i'm soo happy that i watch SFFTS ...

He is soo amazingly HOT and HANDSOME! XD

I'm re-watching some of his old drama right now..

- Love Marriage

- Why Did you come to my House

- Great Inheritance

I wish he gets more recognition for his great acting!

Best couple and Best male lead 2010? ^__^

He was awesome in SFFTS. His relationship with parang was really cute!

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even the fashion is scary but he still look so HOT!

i love his lips.. WOW P__P


Does anyone have artwork of him?

like Wallpaper, Banner, Avatar etc...


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Guest cleown

Oh, oh, oh! I hope nobody posted this already but apparently KJH collaborated with Chae Young In (she plays Jung Jae Young in Wish Upon A Star, who I don't like - she acting is so blah!) in this music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnlbBIh-Sw8

And they even KISS!

Woah, I'm envious! He's not good-looking (he has weird hair styles sometimes, thank goodness they changed it in the course of his last drama) per say but his boyish smile is just too adorable! Loved him in Love & Marriage. Too bad he doesn't flash his cute smile in Wish Upon A Star more often :'(

Hope he soon gets another drama offer!

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Guest sojilove

^ he sure know that his lips are the sexiest! LOL..

thanks for sharing!

any news of him lately?

I want another drama with him ..

i'm missing him already after SFFTS ended! :(

Just finished Why Did you come to my House! He is soo awesome as always..

the character is like the total opposite from SFFTS! I really recommand that drama.. =)

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Guest sojilove

^ WOW.. soo many new pictures!

Thank you so much... is he on some kind of variety show?

I don't really like this hair on him.. it make his face rounder?

LOL.. not sure @__@

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OMG.. no updates for awhile and then BAM this HOT picture of his abs!!

Is that his house in the back? O__O

I miss him soo much!

Thank you for sharing... i hope i have something to share too :(

I should make some wallpaper of him!

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Guest kaoruinoue

I've just watched SFFTS three times. I'm doing a marathon of his previous dramas. This guy is just great. I hope the networks and the film outfits finally take notice of him. His last drama went well - that should be the cue. I want to see him in the movies, then he's finally made. He has everything - great acting (he remains underrated though), drop dead gorgeous looks, a body to die for, and the sweetest smile. (Who cares about height, a lot of really good and handsome actors are not so tall too.)...So while waiting...a re-run probably of his other series in Arirang? I want to see A golden era of the daughter in law once again...

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