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Kim Ji Hoon 김지훈


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I'm watching HML because of him.

I love when he yells because he cares about the girl or family.

He's so..MANLY

and usually I don't like it when guys cry to much

but when he cries,,,,it's SEXYYY

He's SO underrated. And he is SO hot

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Guest genn04


Kim Ji Hoon. After Realizing that He is that cute handsome dude in Kangta Purpose and FTTS Poison IV MV....i am definitely in love with him...Even though he is so underated and of course he hasn't been introduce out lately but it don't matter at all...all i'm saying is that i will keep supporting him and waiting for the next upcoming drama of him.

I love his daily series drama, "HOW MUCH LOVE". Everyone should've opened up their eyes and watched this daily drama....so touching and the story line keeps it begging for the next one....not just that but Kim Ji Hoon is so hot in this one...you got to go watched....i'm so gonna spent $$$$.$$$$ on this drama even if i have too....imma check on yesasia to see if they have it.

he is such man-ly in the drama....he's strong, and his personalities touches everyones heart When he smile...I fade. For sure you will too. GET TO KNOW HIM or else you're too late.


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Guest Sunkiss*Nhixxie

i love kim ji hoon in ode to love! (arirang) his skin is

so.. smooth. bwuaha. really nice to see a new face in

the entertainment industry. :D

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Guest Cerise

Hello Everyone..

I found an update for Kim Ji Hoon.... :D

After finishing the KBS drama "Flower of my life", he'll return in another drama with KBS. The new drama will replace weekend's drama Happy/Blissful Woman. Which means 50+ episodes of KJH (depends on the ratings). My Korean is very poor but this is what I understood after a long time of translation to an article at KBS site.


Here is the link of the KBS article: http://www.kbs.co.kr/dmz/news/1466467_14820.html


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Guest ^w-nGz^

he is cute + hot looking at the same time...

i watch all of the MV he featured him and just realised the he used to be in SM but then moved to another company..

i didn't know he was in Flowers of My Life??!

i must go and get the DVD for sure...

oh,, and his manwon episode is funny too~


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Guest tapirlapar

i agree dat he is underrated..

luv him flowers of my life..

luv him even more in golden era of daughter in law..

watch him every weekend n still not enough..

wish there is more of him out there...

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Guest huangsy

SBS just updated their site for his new drama, Why Come To Our Home.

Video clip at mms://eventvod.sbs.co.kr/event/tv/dr0515e0000100.asf




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Guest dashuu

I´m so much into him since i´ve seen him in Flowers for my life!!

And since i´m a Jewelry Fan, i wanted to see his 2005 Sitcom "Yap!",

Jewelrys former member Lee Jihyun is featuring.

I not only think Jihoon is hot as hell,

him & Lee Jihyun became my fave on screen couple now!!

Its really hard to find something about the sitcom, all i found was an online stream of E1-10.

at least thats something but there are 51 at total! i love the sitcom, i wish to watch it finish! :tears:

(somebodys at gomtv?)

시트콤 얍





I really want to see everything of him now (too bad daily dramas dont get subbed!)

i would love to exchange with fans, i´m hoping for your PM so :blush:

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