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Guest sooperNOODLES!

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Guest yum yum dimsum


thanks for the pics.! most of em are from the same management (like someone already said).. :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:

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Guest june1ov3

ohmygosh thank you for sharing!

i think some of the friends are so cute !

haha ohmann, so many relationshipss

i never knew ><;;

hehe, i love you so much for sharing all of the pictures!! =)

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Guest deformedmonkey<3

Thanks for sharing, I don't know why but this thread makes me happy!

Thay all looks so happy together, good for them.

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Guest dotty

^tis pic BoA looked photoshopped. or isit just me

this thread is awesome.

BoA is really close w micky. no wonder there were rumours abt them gg out.

and isnt park han byul and se7en couple once or sth?

park han byul & kim heesun (they met on an online game)

^this is cute! i didnt know kim heesun game. she looks so feminine to game

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Guest MarryMeDear.

ohh, so many pictures.

thanks for sharing.

gah, tablo has a GIRLFRIEND?!

and micky and boa look like a couple in some pictures.

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