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[Variety] Saturday Freedom - Immortal Song 2 불후의 명곡 2

Guest chopper!

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Guest chopper!

[KBS] MCs Shin Dongyup, Kim Gura

Immortal Song 2

불후의 명곡2


: KBS2

Broadcast date
: 06/04/2011 - present

Broadcast time
: 5:50 PM KST (Saturday)

: Shin Dongyup, Kim Gura

: Yesung (Super Junior), Changmin (2AM), Yoseob (Beast), Hyorin (Sistar), IU, Jonghyun (SHINee)

: http://www.kbs.co.kr/2tv/enter/satfreedom/bulhu2/about/index.html


This program is to show and receive acknowledgement of each idol's individual skills in various genres of music.

Episode 01
: (06/04/11)

Songs that made them a singer.

Songs from Shim Soo Bong.


Episode 02
: (06/11/11)

(IU leaves)

New Singer: Jieun (Secret)

Songs that gave them strength when they were trainees.

Songs from Boohwal

Episode 03
: (06/18/11)


Episode 04
: (06/25/11)

(Jonghyun, Yesung, Yoseob leaves)

New Singers: Hongki (FT Island), G.O (MBLAQ), Junsu (2PM)

Songs from 1992 TOP 10 hit songs

Songs from Min Haekyung

Episode 05
: (07/02/11)


Episode 06
: (07/09/11)

(Jieun leaves)

New Singer: Jiyoon (4minute)

Duet mission

Songs from Joo Hyunmi

Episode 07
: (07/16/11)


Episode 08
: (07/23/11)

Male Vocalists Special Part 1

100 songs from the 25th anniversary of Gayo Stage.

(Lee Jung, Kim Taewoo, Lee Sukhoon, Hwanhee, K.Will, Wheesung, Im Taekyung, Lee Hyuk)

Lee Hyuk

Episode 09
: (07/30/11)

Female Vocalists Special Part 2

Songs from Shin Seunghoon

(Seo Inyoung, Lyn, Im Junghee, Choi Jinhee, Lee Haeri, Jang Heeyoung, Dana)

Seo Inyoung

Episode 10
: (08/06/11)

(Hongki, Junsu, Changmin leaves)

New Singers: Jaebum, Huh Gak, Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Songs from the first generation idols

Songs from Kim Soohee

Episode 11
: (08/13/11)


Episode 12
: (08/20/11)

Songs from Kim Wansun

Summer special with friends

Episode 13
: (08/27/11)


Episode 14
: (09/03/11)

Songs from Namjin

Rival: Ballad vs Dance

Episode 15
: (09/10/11)


Episode 16
: (09/17/11)

Vocalists Special Part 3

7080 Big Match

(Seo Inyoung, Lee Sukhoon, Lim Junghee, Shin Yongjae, Lee Jung, Im Taekyung, Lee Haeri, Hong Kyungmin, Lee Kichan, Joohee, Go Yoojin, Lee Hyuk, Jang Heeyoung, Ali)

Round 1 Winner:
Lee Haeri

Episode 17
: (09/24/11)

Round 2 Winner:
Shin Yongjae

Overall Winner:
Shin Yongjae

Episode 18
: (10/01/11)

(Jaebum, Kyuhyun, Jiyoon, Hyorin, G.O leaves)

New Lineup: Hong Kyungmin, Kang Minkyung, Ali, Shin Yongjae, Woohyun (Infinite), Raina (Afterschool), Min Kyunghoon, Huh Gak

Composer Special (Kim Heegab, Yang Inga)


Episode 19
: (10/08/11)

(Raina, Min Kyunghoon out)

New Singer: Lim Jeonghee

Composer Special (Kim Hyungsuk)


Episode 20
: (10/15/11)

Kim Kwangsuk Special

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Guest adikkeluangman

KBS to create a new idol singing variety show, “Immortal Song 2″


KBS has announced plans of creating a new singing variety program featuring an all idol cast titled “Immortal Song 2.”

According to a KBS representative, SHINee’s Jonghyun, 2PM’s Junsu, 2AM’s Changmin, SISTAR’s Hyorin, and B2ST’s Yoseob are in the current line-up.

“Immortal Song 2″ will be the second version of the original “Immortal Song” program which ran from 2007 to 2009. In the first season, legendary Korean artists taught Tak Jae Hoon and Shin Jung Hwan among others how to sing some of their top hit songs. This second season will feature a similar concept, but with idol singers tackling the songs of their seniors and singing it before them to be judged.

On April 29th, “Immortal Song 2″’s PD Kwon Jae Young explained, ”Singers who are considered to be legendary will be viewing the performances of idol singers singing their songs. They will judge and also give suggestions to the idols. The idol stars will be given the opportunity to show off a more diverse charm and will be able to show their weekly improvements to the viewers.

He continued, “It is completely different from ‘I Am a Singer‘. It is not a survival program and so there will be no eliminated members. It is a ‘nice’ variety show that doesn’t require such a difficult processes.”

The show will have a total of three rules: First, they will not be able to show off their other talents. Although the purpose of the program is to allow idol singers to sing joyfully, it is because this program is not for the sole purpose of ‘fun’. The priority is to shed light on vocal talents that have been hidden behind mere the glitz and glamor of the stage.

Second, they will not be able to imitate their senior-singers. While they will choose a senior singer and will choose one of their songs to sing in their own color and style, producers believe it will be too easy for viewers to criticize them if they imitate the style of the original singers.

Third, the idol singers who are participating cannot be distressed. Though having a competitive mindset is bound to happen, they cannot let it show or affect their performance on the show.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Yesung, Min, IU, Yoseob & more confirmed for “Immortal Song 2″


Earlier, we reported that KBS was coming up with a new singing variety show with an all idol cast titled “Immortal Song 2.” Although a tentative line-up was released earlier, producers have recently confirmed a final six-member line-up.

On May 4th, PD Kwon Jae Young tweeted, “Changmin, Hyorin, Yoseob, Min, Yesung, and IU have all come together. If they compete with a song by Shim Soo Bong… I think it’d be fun. Have fun kids, don’t be too nervous.”

A representative from KBS confirmed through Newsen, “SHINee’s Jonghyun will not be able to join the program due to conflicting schedules. We are currently in discussion with 2PM’s Junsu to be added in later.”

The first recording will be held on May 16th. The pilot episode is currently scheduled for June.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Jonghyun, Junsu, Yonghwa, & Hong Ki confirmed for “Immortal Song 2″


Earlier this week, KBS’s “Immortal Song 2” finalized a six-member line-up for their upcoming variety show. They’ve just added four new names to the list today, which include SHINee’s Jonghyun, 2PM’s Junsu, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, and F.T. Island’s Hong Ki.

PD Kwon Jae Young spoke through 10asia and stated, “Due to their schedules, they won’t be with us for the first episode, but they will be joining the show.”

He continued, “The show is a contest amongst six singers. Currently, SHINee’s Jonghyun and 2PM’s Junsu are scheduled to join in the 3rd and 5th episodes respectively, but because there are no eliminations in this show, their appearances aren’t finalized. They’ll be joining when the original six must leave due to conflicting schedules or if they no longer want to be a part of the show.”

In short, Jonghyun, Junsu, Yonghwa, and Hong Ki are included in the line-up, but it’ll be some time before fans can see them competing in the show. ”We’re currently discussing a system where singers can leave the show honorably once they won three times,” he added.


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Guest adikkeluangman

SECRET’s Ji Eun set to sing for ‘Immortal Song 2′


It’s been reported that SECRET’s Song Ji Eun will be appearing on KBS’s “Immortal Song 2“. Ji Eun has recently been receiving praise for her vocal talent through her solo track “Going Crazy“.

Kwon Jae Young, the producer of the show, stated, “Although it hasn’t been completely established yet, the likelihood of her appearance is quite high. We’re currently in the midst of coordinating her schedule and fit in time for filming. However, I don’t think she will be participating in the first filming.”

Meanwhile, of the six idol members who have been confirmed for “Immortal Song 2″, miss A’s Min had to drop out because of scheduling conflicts but will return in future episodes.


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Source : KBS Global Entertainment News

Star Idol Singers to Have Keen Competition in ‘Immortal Masterpiece 2’


KBS 2TV’s variety program “Declaration of Freedom Saturday – Immortal Masterpiece 2,” which has drawn significant interest as a new version of the singers’ competition program “I Am Singer” with idol group singers appearing, has finally been unveiled. The production presentation of “Immortal Masterpiece 2 – Singing Legend” was held at the KBS International Conference room in Yeoyuido on May 16. “Immortal Masterpiece 2” is a feature of “Declaration of Freedom Saturday” that will begin airing from June 4, and star idol singers in Korea will interpret "immortal" songs in a new way with their own feelings and compete with each other by singing those songs in their own styles in front of a general evaluating audience. The program aims to generate harmony between different generations simply through songs, and idol singers will present touching performances that can conjure up people’s memories.


Shin Dong Yup and Kim Koo Ra will host the program as MC members, and idol singers Ye Sung from the group Super Junior, Chang Min from the group 2AM, Hyo Rin from the group Sistar, Jong Hyun from the group SHINee, Yo Sup from the group Beast, and IU will have a competition on the program. During the production presentation, the head of KBS's entertainment program, Jeon Jin Kook, said, “KBS’s entertainment programs on Sunday have already built a solid foundation, but programs on Saturday could not become that popular even though we have tried several times. We have decided to produce ‘Immortal Masterpiece 2’ as our ambitious program on Saturday night. On ‘Immortal Masterpiece 1,’ famous singers appeared and sang their masterpiece works while having talks with other guest members and letting them sing their songs together, but this new season of the program will take a major step forward. Six idol singers will compete with their singing ability and only the best singers will survive. In addition, we will provide a new interpretation about the masterpiece songs to viewers and let them enjoy the real excitement of popular songs.”

# “I Am Singer” is like a historical drama, and “Immortal Masterpiece 2” will be more like a youth drama.

The bias toward idol singers claiming they have received love only for their looks and flashy performances could be abolished through this program, and the program could approach viewers with genuine sentiment.


▲ MC Shin Dong Yup and Kim Koo Ra of “Masterpiece 2 – Singing Legend”

For those concerned that the program has a very similar format to the MBC program “I Am Singer,” MC Shin Dong Yup said, “When real variety programs were very popular a few years ago, every broadcasting company produced similar programs and they were criticized due to those similarities in the beginning. But as time went on, people could realize the differences and could obtain excitement and could be moved by them with different feelings.” Kim Koo Ra also said, “Whoever had begun broadcasting this format of program, it has recently been the most popular format. I think that people might have wanted to see competitions among idol singers, who have excellent singing ability. At least for those six singers, music and singing are everything. I hope that this kind of genuine sentiment can stand out. If we can compare ‘I Am Singer’ with historical dramas, our program can be compared to youth dramas. Shin Dong Yup and I might take the role of a teacher on the program.”

# “It is my honor to sing honorable senior singers’ songs. I will have an attitude for learning many things.”

Star idol singers who have been enjoying huge popularity gather and sing senior singers’ best songs with only their own interpretations to compete with each other, and it is very natural that those singers feel pressure. But they also expressed their anticipation that they could learn many things and improve themselves with their appearances on the program.


▲ Production presentation of “Immortal Masterpiece 2”

# Six cast members expressed their feelings.

★ Ye Sung: I feel pressure. But I would like to put emphasis on the meaning that idol singers sing their senior singers’ song that we have respected for a long time rather than just having a competition. I will not focus on winning, but on doing my best.

★ Chang Min: It might be a lie if I told you that I do not feel any responsibility, and other singers might have exactly the same idea as me. Singing legendary singers’ songs and arranging those songs will be a new challenge for us. I think that I can have fun and I can improve my ability while competing on the program.

★ Hyo Rin: I really appreciate that I can have very good experience. As I can have this good opportunity, I will try my best and present my different appearance on the program. I feel so much pressure, but I will give increased effort.

★ IU: I am really nervous. But at the same time, I am happy that I can appear with other singers with whom I could not spend much time together. I am very cautious about arranging senior singers’ songs and worried that I might ruin those masterpiece songs, but I will do my best not to provide any harmful effect to the original song. I want to learn many things from this program.

★ Yo Sup: I am really nervous and tense. But I hope that people can enjoy our efforts on the program as I have prepared a lot. I do not care about the ranking itself. It will still be my honor to sing our senior singers’ best songs and I really appreciate that I can be together with other excellent singers.

★ Jong Hyun: After I received the casting offer, I had a dream of standing on the stage of “Immortal Masterpiece” four times, maybe because I had been so nervous and felt so much pressure. But I think that this will become a good opportunity for me. I will do everything to present excellent and exciting performances.

In addition, “Immortal Masterpiece 2” will not have any eliminations. There will only be a winner selected by 200 audience members. Anyone can apply for the evaluation audience through KBS’s official website. The first mission of the program will be singing “Shim Soo Bong,” and the audience will consist of people who love Shim Soo Bong’s songs. The “Music Survival” program has gained huge popularity and become a hottest trend, and it is highly anticipated what kind of differentiated performances could be presented by the best star idol singers and what kind of responses will be generated from the program. The first performance will be broadcast on June 4 at 5:50 pm on KBS 2TV.

Writer: KBSi Jin Young Ju

Picture: KBS PR Department Lee Min Kyu

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi


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WEF 25 June 2011, "Immortal Song 2" & "Secret" (E-subbed) will air on KBSWorld (Asia/Europe)

- First Run : Sat @ 5:20pm KST (as "Saturday Freedom")

- Encore Run : Tues @ 11:10pm KST (as "Saturday Freedom")

Time/info (from KBSWorld) as at time of edit on 26 June 2011

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Guest KQI88

I just saw the pilot  and i liked very much. I hope that the idols can help the veteran singers get exposure to the younger public.

Chagmin and Hyorin were the bext in my opinion, both did great performances in both parts. Just wish someone subbed because i want to know what they are talking about and what Kim Gura is saying haha

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Guest jaesus

Have the ratings for this show come out yet? Curious to see if Korea reacted to it like it does to all idol-filled shows aka lets it flop

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Guest chopper!

Have the ratings for this show come out yet? Curious to see if Korea reacted to it like it does to all idol-filled shows aka lets it flop

i read it got a 7.9% rating.

compared to SBS and MBC, the show got the lowest rating compared to other shows that aired at a similar time.

not really surprised because an idol only cast program always fails. but i guess we'll see how it progresses.

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Guest hyuksu

Did this show replace "100 Points out of 100"? If yes, I think 7.9% is a decent start. Much better ratings than the previous show.

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what name song when iu sing thx u

They each sang 2 songs - List of Videos of All Performances (with song titles)

Did this show replace "100 Points out of 100"? If yes, I think 7.9% is a decent start. Much better ratings than the previous show.

Yes, Saturday Freedom, which consists of "Immortal Song 2" & "Secret", replaces both Oh My School aka 100pts and On Your Command Sir aka National Heroes

Translated Article on AGB 7.9% rating for Ep 1

Translated Article ~~ Ep 2 on 11 June - SECRET’s Song Ji Eun will take over IU's place

note that there may be 'musical chairs' wrt to 6 performing artistes every week

Guess it's either to add some variety or due to scheduling conflicts

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Guest hyuksu

^ So from what I can make understand, Immortal Show 2 did beat the other shows in the same time-slot with 7.9%. WGM got 7.8% and Star Junior Show got 7.7%. And also it all depends on if you're looking at TNS or AGB ratings, but ratings for all 3 shows are close.

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Just saw the first episode, it was great to see the idols perform songs that were not what they usually would sing.

The show itself is really poor. The format of the show is one of the worst I have ever seen. The reason being is that there's an elimination after each additional singer. So there's five eliminations and the person who sings first has a really bad chance of winning because he/she has to go through each elimination. The person who gets selected last only has to go through one elimination. As the show goes on, it takes too much time and attention and I started to care less about who stays on.

I also think the show itself is weird. Asides from the idols, every thing about the show is very formal and proper. I just felt I was watching a trot show, but the performers are idols.

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