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[Drama 2011] Sweet Palpitation / Pit-a-pat, My Love 두근두근 달콤

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Guest fanda4000

[KBS] Heo Young Ran, Min Suk, Won Ki Joon, Jo Ha Rang

Sweet Palpitation | Pit-a-pat, My Love | 두근두근 달콤



Kim Min Joo is a spirited single mother and successful producer who suffered a lot of pain in the past when she was cast aside by her ex-boyfriend, Kang Ki Hoon, and had since sworn off love.

Jung Do Hyung is the playboy president of the broadcasting company at which Min Joo works. He had an arranged marriage with Jang Jin Hee in the past, but they divorced soon after his near-fatal car accident in the U.S. He receives a heart transplant, after which he experiences strange changes in his habits, personal quirks and even finds himself falling for Min Joo. Against her better judgment, Min Joo also begins to fall in love with Do Hyung, and is confused at the growing similarity between him and her ex-boyfriend, Ki Hoon.


Title: 두근두근 달콤 / Dugeun Dugeun Dalkom

Also known as: Sweet Pitapat

Genre: Family, romance

Episodes: 100+

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast period: 02 May 2011 to TBA

Air time: Monday to Saturday 9:20 AM

Replacing: Glad To Love You


Heo Young Ran as Kim Min Joo

Min Suk as Jung Do Hyung

Won Ki Joon as Goo Chang Ho

Jo Ha Rang as Jang Jin Hee

Min Joo's family

Lee Jung Gil as Kim Man Bok

Im Ye Jin as Lee Ok Soon

Kim Hyun Kyoon as Lee Duk Soo

Park Jin Soo (박진수) as Kim Kang San

Lee So Yoon (이소윤) as Wang Ming Ming

Jung Young Sook as Yang Ae Ja

Choi Hee Won (최희원) as Kim Ha Na

Do Hyung's family

Lee Young Hoo as Jung Dae Gil

Kim Young Ran as Im Jin Sook

Park Hyung Joon as Jung Do Jin

Ban Min Jung (반민정) as Woo Young Ae

Uhm Min Woo (엄민우) as Jung Shi Woo

Kim Il Kwon (김일권) as Butler Wang

Broadcasting Station

Lee Dal Hyung as Director Oh

Baek Bong Ki as Kim Joon Sub

Go Jung Min as Yoo Mal Hee

Other people

Jung Hwan as Kang Ki Hoon

Download Resources

AM-Addiction | AJA-AJA

Torrents + Screenshots

Episode 001 - CEO - Screenshot

Episode 002 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 003 - CEO & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 004 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 005 - COG - Baros - Screenshot

Episode 006 - Baros & COG - Screenshot

Episode 007 - CnDel & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 008 - Baros & COG - Screenshot

Episode 009 - COG & HANrel & HEmAe / 450p - Screenshot

Episode 010 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 011 - Baros & COG - Screenshot

Episode 012 - COG & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 013 - HANrel & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 014 - COG & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 015 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 016 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 017 - Baros & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 018 - Baros & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 019 - Baros & COG & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 020 - Baros & COG - Screenshot

Episode 021 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 022 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 023 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 024 - COG & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 025 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 026 - Baros & HANrel & HANrel / 720 - Screenshot

Episode 027 - Baros & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 028 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 029 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 030 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 031 - HANrel - Screnshot

Episode 032 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 033 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 034 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 035 - Baros - Screenshot

Episode 036 - Baros & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 037 - Baros

Episode 038 - Baros & COG - Screenshot

Episode 039 - Baros & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 040 - HANrel & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 041 - Baros & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 042 - COG & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 043 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 044 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 045 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 046 - Baros - Screenshot

Episode 047 - Baros - Screenshot

Episode 048 - COG & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 049 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 050 - Baros - Screenshot

Episode 051 - Baros & CEO - Screenshot

Episode 052 - COG & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 053 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 054 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 055 - WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 056 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 057 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 058 - CEO & COG - Screenshot

Episode 059 - Baros - Screenshot

Episode 060 - COG & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 061 - Baros & HANrel & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 062 - HANrel & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 063 - COG & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 064 - WITH / 720p

Episode 065 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 066 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 067 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 068 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 069 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 070 - COG & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 071 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 072 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 073 - COG & HANrel & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 074 - WITH / 450p & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 075 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 076 - KOR & WITH / 450p & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 077 - KOR & WITH / 450p & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 078 - KOR - Screenshot

Episode 079 - KOR - Screenshot

Episode 080 - WITH / 450p & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 081 - KOR & WITH / 450p - Screenshot

Episode 082 - WITH / 450p & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 083 - arigaTo / 450p - Screenshot

Episode 084 - HANrel & KOR / 450p - Screenshot

Episode 085 - KOR - Screenshot

Episode 086 - KOR - Screenshot

Episode 087 - COG & WITH / 450p & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 088 - COG & WITH / 450p - Screenshot

Episode 089 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 090 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 091 - KOR & Screenshot

Episode 092 - COG - Screenshot

Episode 093 - WITH / 450p & Screenshot

Episode 094 - COG & Screenshot

Episode 095 - WITH / 720p & Screenshot

Episode 096 - WITH / 720p & Screenshot

Episode 097 - WITH & WITH / 450p - Screenshot

Episode 098 - WITH / 720p & Screenshot

Episode 099 - HANrel & WITH / 720p & Screenshot

Episode 100 - WITH & WITH / 720p & Screenshot

Episode 101 - COG & WITH / 450p & Screenshot

Episode 102 - WITH / 720p & Screenshot

Episode 103 - HANrel & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 104 - KOR - Screenshot

Episode 105 - KOR - Screenshot

Episode 106 - KOR - Screenshot

Episode 107 - WITH / 450p - Screenshot

Episode 108 - HANrel

Episode 109 - UKN - Screenshot

Episode 110 - UKN / 450p - Screenshot

Episode 111 - KOR - Screenshot

Episode 112 - HANrel & KOR & WITH / 450p - Screenshot

Episode 113 - KOR & WITH / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 114 - HANrel & KOR - Screenshot

Episode 115 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 116 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 117 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 118 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 119 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 120 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 121 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 122 - HANrel

Episode 123 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 124 - Baros

Episode 125 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 126 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 127 - Baros & HANrel & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 128 - HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 129 - HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 130 - Top - Screenshot

Episode 131 - HANrel & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 132 - Baros & HANrel - Screenshot

Episode 133 - Baros & HANrel & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 134 - Baros & HANrel & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Episode 135 {FINALE} - Baros & HANrel / 720p - Screenshot

Correlation Chart


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Guest adikkeluangman

Former Jewelry member Jo Harang thanks Park Jung Ah for acting tips


Former Jewelry member-turned-actress Jo Harang recently shared that Park Jung Ah has been a great help for her new career.

On April 26th, a press conference for KBS new morning drama ‘Sweet Palpitations’ was held in Seoul. At the event, MC Lee Seo Young asked Jo Harang, “Your former co-member Park Jung Ah is currently acting in ‘Smile, Dong Hae.’ Did she give you any acting advice?”

To this question, Jo Harang answered, “First, she congratulated me, and cheered me on to take the challenge even though I’ve only acted in musicals or short pieces.”

Jo Harang will be joined by Heo Young Ran, Wang Ki Joon, Lee Jung Kil and Im Yea Jin. This will be Heo Young Ran’s first drama since ‘The Home Town Legends’ in 2009.

The drama ‘Sweet Palpitations’, which tells a story that love is not something that is there or not, but it is a miracle that someone can create, premiers May 2nd.


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I stumbled upon this drama today.  I didn't recognize too many of the actors and actresses, except for the ones playing the parent's generation.  The female lead's parents were also a husband and wife in "You Don't Know Women".  I hope the one playing the mother isn't going to be the same type of screechy character again. 

I was really surprised that I didn't realize that the male lead is Min Suk, from "Chosun Police 3".  He looks totally different. :o

It cracked me up that she was the on-camera host of a show patterned after, "Cheaters".  :lol:

Hopefully, the story will be interesting.:)

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In this drama, as well as in "Greatest Love", both stories involve the male main character's heart physically reacting to the presence of  the female main character. 

Just as the liver was the disease last year, I  guess the heart is the theme being used by the drama writers this season.  lol  :lol:

So far, this drama seems okay and doesn't have the usual daily drama evilness and angst, yet.  However, it is hard to tell since there are no subs. 

I wonder if the guy, who has been pining for her for years, is being set up to be the bad guy.   Frankly, if he has the guts to be be evil, he should have the guts to confess his love to her.   :P

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This drama seems enjoyable, so far.  It's too bad that there are no subs or even a recap/summary.  :(

I suspect it'll be hard to find subs for this drama because there are some accents that I have not heard in a drama.  I think there is a Busan accent.  But, there's a young girl, whose accent and way of speaking is new and interesting.  :huh:

I like the lively soundtrack, too.  Although, they should tone it down a bit because it seems to be competing with the dialog.

The acting by the female lead and the two male leads are quite solid and reassuring. :)

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Guest veronica376

It's nice to see this show has a following already. I just happened to stumble upon it today and really liked it. I've been following the last two MBC dailies "Stormy Lovers" and "I Believed in Men," but the plots and lovelines are seriously frustrating. This drama is really fun and I like it that the romance is taking off quickly as well. I loved the lead actor in "Chosun Police 3," so I'm excited to see him in something new. He's so cute!

I also like the soundtrack. I'm glad it's a daily drama cause I can use a fun storyline to balance off the other boring daily I'm trying to watch. I know there will be angst and stuff, but for now, I'm gonna enjoy it while it's still funny and charming.:)

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First Eng-Subbed Episodes will air on Monday, 16 May 2011

Finding Mr & Ms Right

2 Eps Back-to-Back Daily at

10:00am KST ~ Mon - Fri

Pit-a-pat, My Love

1 Ep Daily at

2:30pm KST ~ Mon - Fri

Disclaimer Note : Time/Date indicated are correct at time of posting, though KBSW may change it later on

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Guest veronica376

Up to episode 12, so far, and I'm loving this series. Too bad no subs are available. But, I'm sure they'll air this drama in my area with subs, so I'll just have to be patient and wait until that happens. Very cute drama, though.:P

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Wow  ... This drama is surprisingly fun to watch. Am watching this on kbsworld currently. The writing is pretty good for a daytime dailies  ... well up to 13 that is. Not sure if it will go to the pits as dailies tend to do. Mj's team leader internet squabbles with another snsd fan over whether yoona is prettier than tiffany is funny. And the placard he was carrying when arrested by the police which reads I'm sorry for loving yoona cracks me up so. :lol: .

Min Seok is such a cutie in his role here.

was the writer making fun of yang guk hwa character in pure 19 ... because min-joo's uncle has a guest from yanbian who's into all things korean and wanted to be a korean drama scriptwriter. hahaha ... and she has outfit from various kdramas character including yang gukhwa which she was contemplating whether to wear for her interview or not. lol ... one of her scriptwriting class subject was really funny ... women who get into troubles ... ie ... annoying female lead who get into various troubles will make viewers change channels etc ... and the camera pans to Min-joo getting into scrapes when she was caught on national tv making a scene at the baseball stadium. :lol: well ... i can say this drama kept annoying character to the minimum. i even like do-hyeong's gruff & 'miserly' dad who hits people when they upset him. hahaha. the only person who seems nasty so far ... is the sister in law who kept urging the brother to fight do-hyeon for the company.

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Like Exupery I;m watching this on KBS world but the subs are way behind. This is my third daily that I'm watching . This one , while you were sleeping and The woman of our home. Of the three this one seems to be sweet and not full of a lot of crazy drama. A good change of pace. It seem's the EX knew instinctively that the female PD would be her rival.

The plotting SIL is so funny they even have her raise that one eyebrow on occasion. MJ's friend the lawyer is so slow, he has known her forever, first in collage he get's her stolen away by her baby's daddy, and it takes him another five year's and a new rival to get him to make a move. Dream on, he will never get the girl. Maybe him and the Ex can get together.  

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Ahhhhh!  I'm so glad to see IBELIS and Expuery watching this daily drama.  I've been watching the raws and trying to figure out what's going on?

Things I can't figure out:

Whether or not MJ knows that her daughter's father is dead.

Who is that older, well-dressed female character with the zany hats?

Is Min Suk's ex an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend?

Why did they break up?

Heart problems and transplants must the illness of this season ... here and in "Best Love.  hahaha  :lol:

(Darn, they're not showing it on KBSAmerica.)

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Ahhhhh!  I'm so glad to see IBELIS and Expuery watching this daily drama.  I've been watching the raws and trying to figure out what's going on?

hi Auntie Mame ... happy to see you're watching this too. i  think this drama is really enjoyable and underrated here on soompi. for once a kdrama that don't have a host of silly & foolish people annoying the heck out of me. :rolleyes: hehe

in fact people here are sensible ... like when Minju's mom find the contract with ridiculous terms that DH's dad draft out for Minju's dad for being his driver ... she showed it to the son ... who's smart enough to do his research and find out the lady of the house is a benefactor of many charity works and apply what he learnt from reading management book to redraft another employment contract and get DH's mom to sign. lol

and when the brother went for the job interview at the tv station for the position of floor manager ... he heard the interviewer say he's hungry ... he went to buy kimbap (which are buy 1 free 1 of which he kept 1) and some drinks ... gave it to the interviewer and told him how much he have owe him for the food but if he were to hire him then it's FOC. haha ... the interviewer started looking for the money to pay him but the brother told him i know you probably don't have any small change so why not just give me the job. :lol:

Whether or not MJ knows that her daughter's father is dead.

as of episode 14 ... no she doesn't

Who is that older, well-dressed female character with the zany hats?

she hasn't appear yet but once i get to that part i will let you know.

Is Min Suk's ex an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend? Why did they break up?

they call her his ex-wife (but i think they are not registered so legally they are not married but to the family she's their ex-daughter in law.) from what i understand ... they were newly weds when he got into the accident (it's an arranged marriage to benefit both family or something like that) so they are not deeply in love or anything like that. while on his hospital bed, he heard her on the phone talking to her father who i think wanted her to come back home since it was not legalized and they were only wedded for a short period of time ... still she felt she ought to look after him and not desert him and even took leave from her study to do that.  he pretended to have just woken up later on and told her he's letting her go because he felt uncomfortable having her take care of him.

the reason why she's back in korea with him is because his parents & hers i suppose are trying to get them back together now that he's fully recovered. and she seems to want to reconcile with him too and apparently with her family background (or maybe her dad is also shareholder in the station?) ... Do-hyeon (Min Suk) heading the tv station will progress much smoother. which is why the elder sister in law is not happy having the ex in the house because she definitely don't want them back together since it threatens her husband position in the company. as it is ... the elder husband was demoted because of some policies he implement which is causing the station to lose money. the father called DH back  to fix the situation.

i'm in the midst of watching episode 15 now ... will let you know of any interesting/relevant things that come up.

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how can MJ be clueless about CH's intent even after she sees the enlarged photo of her he put up and then him singing to her in that fancy posh restaurant. she seems surprised when he took out the ring box. =O anyway is it just me who thought his singing really bad?  :phew:

according to DH's dad ... if DH don't get back together with JH ... her dad will take over the company. apparently he's been buying up the company stock everytime its prices fall. when he heard JH is in DH's room ... he suggested to the wife to lock both of them in until morning. lol

DH's idea of saving the company money is do the quickest & easiest thing ... laying off contract employees (MJ is one of those employees and in his list) ... but his brother is advising him against it. actually the brother is kind of nice. while you can see he would like to get back his job as the President ... he doesn't approve of his wife wanting to wage a war with DH to get it back and he's not hating on his brother (yet) for that.

DH's dad is really warming up to MJ's dad. haha ... when he first started driving DH's dad around ... when they were low on fuel ... DH's dad insisted MJ's dad go to a specific station with the lowest price. but they ran out of fuel before they reach the station so MJ's dad have to walk there and buy the fuel. this time around he told MJ's dad he can stop at any station to refill and he won't give him trouble over the prices but MJ's dad say he has a better idea and not to worry ... they don't have to pay more. apparently, the car insurance covers free delivery of fuel when you run out which of course DH's dad don't know of or even his driver since they don't read the insurance coverage contract. lol MJ's dad is happy that  his employer gets his money worth from the insurance policy. ^_^

ok ... minju's mom and uncle share the same father but different mother. the lady with the fancy hat just turned up at the end of this episode ... and it looks like minju's neighborhood?   ... as for who she is ... although it's not confirmed but i'm thinking she's probably minju's uncle mother? because if i don't recall wrongly ... there was mention of the mom abandoning the uncle in one of the earlier episodes so MJ's mom & dad kind brought him up. Kangsan (MJ's brother) seems to have some sort of grievances towards the father and he also made some bitter comment about how the dad likes the uncle more. :unsure:

edit: ok ... i just saw the relationship chart and she's indeed Kangsan's mother & MJ's mom stepmother. she seems to have struck it rich or something though.


DH's secretary: I don't know if I should be mentioning this. (looks warily) :lol:

DH: what is it? try me.

DH's secretary: It's about Kim Minju PD

DH:(looks up immediately) Tell me.

DH's secretary: I heard it in the lounge. Gu Changho proposed to Kim Minju PD. This is an awkward thing to say.

DH: You did well. Tell me everything you hear about Kim Minju Pd in the future.

DH's secretary: What?

DH gave a friendly & approving pat on the secretary's shoulder and he looked so happy. haha


MJ : What is it?

DH: You're not dating Gu Changho, are you?

MJ: What?

DH: Then date me instead (wowwwwwwwwwww ... he sure don't waste any time huh? :w00t::wub: )

MJ: What?

DH: What do you say?

MJ: Stop pulling my leg. You said I"m not your type.

DH: That's true. But I know you're single. And you're a woman after all, in all the right places. (glances down at her body)blush.gif Let's go on a date. (silence from MJ) I'm not asking you to marry me. YOu don't have to put on that expression. Let's date.


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Guest texashot

Did MJ's husband pass away? and did DH received a heart from MJ's husband? DH always hold his hands against his heart everytime he gets closed to MJ.

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