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[Drama 2011] Romance Town 로맨스 타운

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Guest adikkeluangman

[KBS] Jung Kyeo Woon, Kim Min Joon, Min Hyo Rin, Sung Yuri
Romance Town 로맨스 타운



Organization : KBS2, Thursday 21:55

Summary : Korea Drama | South Korea | 20 episodes | 15 Year+ | 2011.05.11 ~

About : Maids tells the story of the “suspicious” domestic help who wander in and out of chaebol households, working one job after another. Sung Yuri is cast in the lead role of Noh Soon-geum, one such maid who’s described as youthful, bold and fearless, who works hard to support herself.

Site : [Official Website] [Notice Board] [Sketch] [Video]

Let's chat together : http://romancetown.chatango.com

MEDIA For more latest update. Click HERE.

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Teaser 01 | Teaser 02 | Five Minute Preview

Opening Title - Screencaps

Episode 2 Preview - Screencaps

Episode 3 Preview - Screencaps

Episode 4 Preview - Screencaps

Episode 5 Preview - Screencaps

Behind the Scenes: 01 + 02 |

Making of: 01 + 02 + 03 | 01 + 02 | 01 + 02 + 03 |

110405 Romance Town Interview - Sung Yuri

Entertainment Relay EP1374

tudou viewing

Poster Shooting



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01 | Baros & HANrel & HANrel / 450p & HANrel / 720p & Khai

02 | Baros & HANrel & HANrel / 450p & HANrel / 720p & UKN

03 | Baros & HANrel & HANrel / 450p & KhaI

04 | Baros & HANrel & HANrel / 450p & HANrel / 720p & Khai


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01 | 02 | 03 | 04 |


Darksmurf | ViKi |


OST Part 1 | AM-A & cococrust & VNFAN


01 너뿐이야 (You're The Only One) - Tei

OST Part 2 | AM-A & meteostorm1642 & cococrust

Release Date: 110518


01 그 놈에 정 때문에 - Jessica (MV)

SPOILERS (from live watching)

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01 | 02 | 03 | 04 |

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02 | 04 |


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01 | 02 | 03 | 04

blue_angel_1004 | clockwatcher |


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Press Conference Pictures: 01 02 03 04

Press Conference Videos: 01

Official Pictures: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Behind the Scenes: 01 02 03 04 05 06

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Hwang Residence

Hwang Yong (master with the gold bars)

Hwang Joo Won (his daughter in the red dress who broke off engagement)

Zar Lin (the maid in long ponytail who looks like a little kid)

Kim Residence

Kim Young Hee (Kim Min Joon)

Da Kyum (Min Hyo Rin with the perky nose and sassy attitude)

Jang Residence

Jang Chi Gook (master with the glasses and pencil mustache)

Soon Ok (the wife with curly hair – http://i630.photobuc...2/RT02-0015.jpg)

Boon Ja (the mistress with shoulder length hair – http://i630.photobuc...2/RT02-0018.jpg)

Hyun Joo (the maid with the huge ring and disarrayed hair always up in a bun)

Kang Residence

Kang Tae Won (skinny guy reddish brown dyed hair and odd fashion sense)

Seo Yoon Joo (his new wife – youngest looking one out of entire neighborhood)

Kang Gun Woo (hottie. duh)

Kang San (the three year old)

Noh Soon Geum (Sung Yuri)

Other Characters

Soo Jung (the other maid with no master – as of yet – with a motherly body)

Shi Ah (Soon Geum’s friend – the one with the baby girl and now looks like a bona fide ajumma with her curly mop)

Choon Jak (Gun Woo’s grandmother-maid-caretaker; the lady from Shining Inheritance)

c: wish.girl

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Maids adds Min Hyo-rin, Kim Min-joon

by javabeans | March 28, 2011


Two new cast members have been added to Maids: singer-turned-actress (and fashion-mag favorite) Min Hyo-rin and tough guy Kim Min-joon. My reaction to this news is twofold: Yay! and Ehhh…

The rom-com vehicle from Pasta’s scriptwriter stars Sung Yuri (Swallow the Sun) as a maid working for rich chaebol families, which brings her into contact with leading man Jung Kyeo-woon (Sign). Kim Min-joon enters the mix as the third wheel in that love triangle, which, yeah, is a mixed metaphor. Y’know what I mean.

Kim Min-joon’s character is a close neighbor hyung to Jung Kyeo-woon, whose friendship goes back ten years. He plays it close to the vest, though, making him an enigmatic character whose true thoughts and intentions remain a mystery. His character wasn’t born to his enormous wealth, but came into it after his artist grandfather gained posthumous fame. That brought him tremendous amounts of money but also a reputation as a bad boy and greedy bastard, the subject of simultaneous scorn and envy.

Min Hyo-rin, like Sung Yuri, plays a maid to the rich and works for Kim. Despite the hierarchy of power built in to the maid-employer dynamic, she’s a spunky woman who speaks her mind, rather than merely bowing her head meekly. She’s younger than Sung’s lead character, but since she began working as a maid right out of high school, she’s got years more experience, making her the sunbae at work.


Kim Min-joon is one of those actors who has been all over the board with me, sometimes charismatic and strong, and at other times weak and awkward. Damo is one of his early highlights, but I didn’t love how his character developed in Insoon Is Pretty, and I thought he was plain uncomfortable to watch in Tazza. But then he followed it with a reportedly strong turn in the dark, violent Friend, Our Legend. We’ll have to see which Kim Min-joon shows up for this drama.

Min Hyo-rin, on the other hand, is someone I’m looking forward to. I was very skeptical that she, the not-quite-successful rookie singer, could make a convincing leap to acting, but then was pleasantly surprised when she became the very heart of Triple — she wasn’t just adequate, but brimmed with youthful energy and made up for a lot of that drama’s shortcomings (though, unfortunately, not all of them). So I can totally see her being spunky and loudmouthed here, and she should be a good parter/foil to Sung Yuri’s character.

And while I wasn’t too excited about Jung Kyeo-woon’s character description — another cold chaebol! — here are a few added details that add a dash of interest: He used to be fat, timid, and a bad conversationalist before he transformed into the proud hottie of today. Thus his innocent personality lies just below the surface of his cold exterior image. Yep, I dig it.

Maids premieres on May 11, following Thorn Birds.

Via Osen

Source: dramabeans

VOD Link:


[star] kim min jun, maid the comeback


Min Hyo Rin & Kim Min Joon Join ‘Maids’

March 30th, 2011


Min Hyo Rin (Dr. Champ) and Kim Min Joon (Tazza) has been added to the cast lineup for KBS’s new drama called ‘Maids’, co-working with Sung Yuri (Snow Queen, Swallow the Sun) and Jung Kye Woon (Sign).

The drama is about the lives of suspicious maids working in a rich family. Min will play a maid to rich household like Sung’s character. Her character is described as a spunky young woman who speaks her mind, rather than merely bowing her head meekly. Meanwhile, Kim plays as Jung’s close neighbor hyung who has shared their friendship for ten years.

‘Maids’ has held the first script reading, attending the drama’s leading roles and crew. It’s scheduled to start airing on May 11.


Source: Asiae

Source: dongdrama

Sung Yuri in “Nannies” receive much anticipation during first line practice

March 30, 2011 1:20 pm yesulkwak


Seoul, Korea – Actress Sung Yuri showed excellent skill in a regional dialect, which is required in the new KBS 2TV Wednesday Thursday drama, “Nannies.” The first line practice was held on the 19th at 3 PM in KBS Hall, Yeouido, Seoul. The main actors Sung Yuri, Jung Kyu Oon, Kim Min Jun, and Min Hyo Rin practiced their lines with other actors such as Ban Hyo Jung, Lim Ye Jin, Lee Jung Gil, Shin Shin Ae to officially launch the new project.

As director Hwang Ieu Gyoung requested, “Though this is only practice, please pretend that this is the real thing,” actors started to make their own expressions and gestures appropriate for their roles. Sung Yuri, though returning from a long break from the drama world, caused much laughter with her excellent skill in a regional dialect.

Jung Kyu Oon also excellently carried out the role of Kang Gun Oo. In the script, Kyu Oon is a tough guy who in the past was a fat loser. Kyun Oo received much attention as he practiced his first episode script where Gun Oo is still fat with a loser voice.

Meanwhile, Kim Min Jun carried out the role of Kim Young Hee, the big brother. Min Jun also read the lines of other actors who were not participating in the line readings, showing much passion during practice.

Kim Young Hee’s nanny Jung Da Kyeom is acted out by Min Hyo Rin. She takes on a role of a cute-voiced nanny who keeps nagging Young Hee how to behave.

The production team said, “We were wondering for a long time which actor or actress would fit into these roles. We are glad that it is exactly as we had expected. If practices are this great, we are sure that on the actual shooting we will get close to perfection.” The team also added, “The main characters look better than the animated characters. We are very pleased.”

Though nannies have been minor roles in other Korean dramas, in this drama, the nanny will be shown as the main character. The first show of “Nannies” will be televised on May 11.

By Chun Kyoung Jin (idsoft3@reviewstar.net)

Source: ReviewStar (Original article in Korean)

Photo from ReviewStar DB

Translated by Yesul Kwak / Korea.com

Source: en.korea.com

Sung Yuri’s New Drama ‘Maids’ Begins Production

by admin on Mar.30, 2011, under Korean Drama


KBS’s upcoming drama ‘Maids’ brought together its leading roles for the first time in Seoul Yeouido KBS to hold the drama’s script reading rehearsals. Sung Yuri (Snow Queen, Swallow the Sun), Jung Kyeo Woon (Dr. Champ, Sign), Kim Min Joon (Friend, Our Legend), Min Hyo Rin (Dr. Champ), and more were seen to practice their lines.

The drama’s director, PD Hwang Ee Kyeong, asked them to read like it’s the real thing. Sung Yuri became a bold high school student who mimicked the speaking accent of her teacher. Jung expressed his role as a fat-timid-turned-proud-hottie man by changing his speaking style slowly like he was supposed to in the first episode. Kim clearly showed his big brother role with a soft voice. Min who plays as Kim’s maid also read her lines well nagging at owner Kim.

‘Maids’ is scheduled to air its pilot episode on May 11.

Source: Star News

Source: mydramadiary.com

Seong Yoo-ri script reading, milky skin "like a goddess"



Actress Seong Yoo-ri, actors Jeong Kyeo-woon and Kim Min-joon got together for the first script reading of KBS 2TV drama "Housekeepers".

The script reading took place in Seoul Yeouido KBS on the 3rd. Seong Yoo-ri, Jeong Kyeo-woon, Kim Min-joon, Min Hyo-rin, Ban Hyo-jeong, Im Ye-jin, Lee Jeong-gil and Sin Sin-ae were gathered.

Director Hwang Ee-kyeong asked of them, "Although it's a practice, please read like it's the real thing". Seong Yoo-ri became a bold high school student who mimicked the speaking accent of her teacher.

Jeong Kyeo-woon who became from a fat timid man to a city-like beast, changed spoke slowly like he was supposed to in the first episode.

Kim Min-joon clearly expressed his big brother role of Kim Young-hee with a soft voice. He also read the lines of those actors that weren't there though nobody asked him to.

Min Hyo-rin, who plays the role of Jeong Da-kyeom, Kim Young-hee's young housekeeper, also read her script nagging at owner Kim Young-hee.

The productions expressed satisfaction saying, "The image in mind during the casting was showed exactly as planned today. The visuals of the cast is greater than a teenage cartoon".

"Housekeepers" is about the lives of suspicious housekeepers working in a plutocratic family. It will be first broadcasted on the 11th of May.


Original source: nate

Source: hancinema

Maids deliberates over name change

by javabeans | March 30, 2011


With its cast in place — Sung Yuri, Jung Kyeo-woon, Kim Min-joon, and Min Hyo-rin — and its May premiere set, KBS’s rom-com series Maids held its first script rehearsals this week. But one lingering issue remains unresolved: the title, with which producers are wrestling after receiving complaints.

The problem? One national organization of housekeeping workers has argued that the title is belittling to their work, and announced their intention to campaign for a change. Starting in 2004, the organization made the formal choice to change the language used for their line of work, opting for words like 파출부 (housekeeper) and 가사도우미 (household assistant) rather than the word the drama uses, 식모. You can consider it a matter of cultural awareness and/or political correctness, akin to how English speakers may cringe to hear someone still using “stewardess” rather than “flight attendant.” A rep from the organization argued that the drama shouldn’t resurrect an outdated word that has been deemed dissatisfactory by society.

One source with the drama’s promotional department admitted, “We guessed from the outset that the title might attract criticism, so a month ago we began preparing to change it. There are about 20 possibilities that are being considered.”

The new candidates include Elegant World, Grand Women, Secret of 1st Street (1st Street being the locus of the chaebol families serviced by the maids), The Ladies’ Teatime, House Queen, and Suspicious Women.

The contenders all have a ring of awkwardness (not to mention overcompensation) to them, but I respect that they’re trying to resolve the issue amicably. Even so, let’s hope they hit upon something a bit smoother than The Ladies’ Teatime. Maybe Ladies Who Lunch would be a better option if you’re trying to evoke that elite, posh world of the upper-crust, though it’s not really a phrase that carries over into Korean.

The name change isn’t just a matter of picking a new selection out of a hat, though, since there is reportedly considerable difference of opinion within the production team. The director and writer in particular are attached to their original working title, and are loath to relinquish it.

One source with the production said, “The moment a drama’s title is changed, it has to be able to make an impression on the viewers. I think one of the chief reasons for the hesitation to change the name is the warm, friendly feeling you get from the title Maids.” Ah, the warm, friendly feeling of offending a large subgroup of your intended audience. Satisfying!

The drama is expected to make its final decision on the title this week. The drama soon-to-be-formerly-titled-Maids premieres on May 11.





Via Star News

Source: dramabeans

Upcoming K-Drama Maids Officially Changes it Name to Romantic Town

Posted on April 3, 2011 by ockoala


The upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Maids has officially changed its name to Romantic Town. The production had been deliberating a name change for the past week, after objections from the professional housekeeping associations that it’s original title used a more antiquated (and derogatory) name for household workers.

I’m not vested in the drama or title enough to care, but I think both titles sound just fine. Romantic Town stars Sung Yuri, Jung Kyeo Won, Kim Min Joon, and Min Hyo Rin. It premieres in early May following the end of The Thorn Birds.


While I’m not interested in the drama, I’m not also turned off by the premise or the cast. Perhaps this drama will surprise me and turn out to be delightful and charming, which will make me really happy. I like Yuri a lot, even if she’s a pretty limited actress. She tends to shine in happier-toned projects, and with a leading man she has chemistry with. I think May will be a killer (as in good) month for K-drama lovers.

Source: koalasplayground.com

Maids changes its name to…

by javabeans | April 4, 2011


Romance Town? Are you kidding me? But that’s so… lame.

Last week, the drama formerly known as Maids encountered some opposition regarding its name, as it uses a word for “maids” [식모] that has in recent years been abandoned for more favorable, politically correct terminology. The production was aware of the possibility that the title might rub some people the wrong way, and got to work thinking up replacements.

The complaint came from a national organization of domestic workers, who posted messages of protest to KBS and began petitioning for the name change. They argued that they’ve spent long years working to raise awareness and alter the terms used to describe their profession, and feel that the drama’s usage of the word would undermine their efforts in one fell swoop.

The production bandied around approximately 20 potential replacement titles (including some awkward selections like Elegant World and The Ladies’ Tea Time). Their final decision came down to Romance Town and Suspicious 1st Street… to which I say, they picked wrong. The other one is FAR more interesting. (“Suspicious” is a word that has been used in all the press materials to describe the housemaids working in the chaebol homes. It doesn’t mean, necessarily, that the maids are criminals or dishonest types, but that they’re offbeat, unusual.)

Romance Town, on the other hand, sounds like a kitchsy amusement park gone bad, or the cheesy cousin to Funky Town, or maybe an ironic strip club. But does it sound like a cute trendy drama about plucky domestic help and the snooty chaebol men they work for? Not even a little.

The drama stars Sung Yuri (Swallow the Sun) and Min Hyo-rin (Triple) as maids, and Jung Kyeo-woon (Dr. Champ) and Kim Min-joon (Friend, Our Legend) as their chaebol employers, respectively. It premieres on May 11.

Via Asiae

Source: dramabeans

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Guest Bradamante

"Romance Town" Seong Yoo-ri, sexy+cutie housekeeper



Seong Yoo-ri plays a housekeeper in the new coming KBS 2TV drama this May "Romance Town".

Images of the drama poster shoot were revealed on Seong Yoo-ri's internet fan club bulletin on the 6th.

In the picture, Seong Yoo-ri is wearing a ribbon in her hair with a white apron. She is a multi-talented housekeeper.


Other casts include Jeong Kyeo-woon, Kim Min-joon, Min Hyo-rin and more.

Meanwhile, "Romance Town" is about the existence of housekeepers who were life shadows and the many episodes that happens with the housekeepers working in a rich man's house teaching us that 'there is love above money'.

Original source: nate

Source: hancinema

VOD Link:


Romance Town Poster Shooting



















Credit: cafe.naver.com/jungffff

VOD Link: youtube

110405 Sung Yuri 'Romance Town' interview





Source: cyworld.com/closeeye75

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Guest Bradamante

Sung Yuri transforms into a maid for Romance Town

by javabeans | April 8, 2011


I’m pretty sure I’ll find myself continuing to call Sung Yuri’s new drama Maids in my head, but I’ll have to get used to referring to it by its new title, the (sigh) rather lackluster Romance Town. (Some commenters suggested that perhaps the title sounds better by its Korean name, but alas, I can say that it does not, given that the Korean title is just a transliteration of the English: “ro-men-su-tah-woon.” So, if anything, it’s worse.)

The drama began filming on April 6, just a month before its May premiere on KBS. The scenes pictured below were filmed at a house in Yongin, which will be the ritzy home where Sung Yuri’s plucky everywoman character, Noh Soon-geum, works in the drama.

I’m not sure yet how the baby fits in, since she’s going to be working for her chaebol love interest Jung Kyeo-woon, and somehow I’m not seeing hot single dad as part of his character. Not that he couldn’t be one, but this is not that drama. Nor is it Manny.


Above is our first peek at the drama’s potential future promo image, as it comes from the April 6 poster shoot. It’s pretty clear that the two boys are rich and possibly uppity, while Sung is the maid caught between them, literally and figuratively. But why is Min Hyo-rin in a cocktail dress when she’s also a maid? And why are they all drinking wine, at a picnic together, dressed in partywear? Only time will tell.

PD Kim Jin-won (one of two PDs; the other, Hwang Eui-kyung, also directed Partner) described Sung’s role as a lively, natural one that’ll show a hitherto-unseen brightness and energy to the actress. Though I haven’t liked many of her previous roles, I hope that’s true, since she was most winning being upbeat (and, okay, slightly dim) in Hong Gil Dong. She’s due for another cheery drama, right?

Romance Town premieres on May 11.






Via Hankyung

Source: dramabeans

Sung Yoo Ri to Present Pleasant Dialect in ‘Romance Town’


KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama “Romance Town (written by Seo Sook Hyang, directed by Hwang Eui Kyung and Kim Jin Won, produced by CJ E&M and ANNEX),” in which Sung Yoo Ri, Jeong Kyeo Woon, and Kim Min Joon will appear as protagonists, had its first script reading rehearsal on March 29.


▲ Script reading of “Romance Town” – Kim Min Joon, Sung Yoo Ri, and Jeong Kyeo Woon

Actors including Sung Yoo Ri, Jeong Kyeo Woon, Kim Min Joon, Min Hyo Rin, Ban Hyo Jeong, Im Ye Jin, Lee Jeong Kil, and Shin Shin Ae participated in the script reading that took place in the KBS building in Yeouido, and their enthusiastic rehearsal raised anticipation for the drama even higher. In particular, Sung Yoo Ri, who will play a pert high school student, reportedly showed off her pleasant dialect accent, imitating her teacher’s way of speaking, saying, “If I were only a middle school graduate, how could I get married to someone?” Actor Jeong Kyeo Woon, who will transform himself from an overweight timid person to a cold chic city man, acted very well by playing a character who once had an awkward way of talking when he practiced a flashback scene. Actor Kim Min Joon also reportedly played the character with a big brother image very well using his low voice. The production company revealed its satisfaction, saying, “We have drawn pictures while we decided on cast members and those pictures were vividly revealed while we practiced the script reading. The main characters’ appearances looked so harmonious and their appearances looked even better than those in romance comics.” The drama had the working title of “Maids” so far, and the title of the drama was finally selected as “Romance Town.” Preparations for production began after shooting the poster shoot on April 4.


“Romance Town” will tell the story of doubtful maids working in a chaebol family in various episodes, and it will pleasantly deal with its theme, “There is true love that surpasses money.” It will air its first episode on May 11 as a follow-up drama to “The Thorn Birds.”

Writer: KBSi Jin Young Ju

Resource: EMCOM

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi - Any illicit reproduction and distribution is prohibited.

Source: english.kbs

"Romance Town" Kim Min-joon is chic and sly



Actor Kim Min-joon is a total 'chic+sly' in "Romance Town".

Coming on the 11th of May, Kim Min-joon is an elegant and artistic man of wealth in SBS 2TV drama "Romance Town" (written by Seo Sook-hyang and directed by Hwang Ee-kyeong and Kim Jin-won-I).

Kim Yeong-hee in the drama is a wealthy man thanks to the drawings made by his grandfather who was a famous artist but due to his birth restrictions, is hard and malicious on himself.

Coming back to home screens in two years, Kim Min-joon shot this scene in a gallery in Seoul on the 11th. He looked chic and sly at the same time. The staff were satisfied by the way he was possessed by his character.

Kim Min-joon said, "The tension on the drama set makes me tingle. Kim Yeong-hee is a character I want to possess the more and more I think about it".

Original Source: nate

Source: hancinema

“Romance Town” reveals still cuts of Sung Yuri

by VITALSIGN on April 25, 2011 at 6:30 pm


Actress Sung Yuri, who was recently cast for KBS’s upcoming drama, “Romance Town“, revealed some still shots from an emotional scene.

Sung Yuri plays the role of ‘Soon Geum’, a girl who lives a life full of ups and downs in ‘Romance Town’. With a flower tucked behind her ear (culturally, this represents a mental disorder), the actress jumps around in a graveyard in a comedic fashion, leading ‘Kim Young Hee’ (played by Kim Min Joon) to worry over her mental health.

The scene becomes further complicated when ‘Soon Geum’ stops dead in her tracks to tell him, “I am crazy. I have every right to be crazy.”

Producers explained, “Sung Yuri flawlessly jumped in and out of different emotions for her character. ’Soon Geum’ is the type that always smiles, but drops sudden tears at the thought of her dead mother.”

“Romance Town” will begin airing on May 11th.

Source: allkpop

Sung Yu Ri, “I’m Crazy”, Having One-Man show with Flower on her head in Graveyard

by heej0130

She got a role as 28 years old ‘tough’ maid No Sun Geum on KBS 2TV new WED/THU drama ‘Romance Town’(Writer: Seo Sook Hyang/Director: Hwang Eui Kyung) which will be broadcasted on May, 11th. She was running around the graveyard where supposed to be somber with laugh.


Sung Yu Ri’s one-man show in the graveyard began from going to her mother’s grave after she was fired. She was in depression for a while but suddenly she shouted ‘hooray’ like mountain climber and ran around the graveyard and clasped the grave.

Kim Young Hee (Kim Min Joon) saw her running around the graveyard and worried her mental condition. Sun Geum shouted, “I’m crazy~ It’s enough to be crazy!” and expressed happiness with flower on hear head. Soon Geum’s hidden stories that she laughed and laughed again though she’s in sad situation she got fired are highly anticipated.

The scene was filming for five hours from 8 am in April, 19 in one grave yard in Kyunggi-Do. Sung Yu Ri surprised staffs with absorbing acting though it was cold weather. She did wonders in her role with sudden change of the mood form laughing to crying.

Production company revealed, “You will be surprised by Sun Geum’s funny and unexpected lines and Sung Yu Ri’s acting ability of doing good job on reading the lines. Moreover, our expectation is getting higher as we have some fun things happen every shooting.”

‘Romance Town’ deals with the maid who appeared on many dramas but was always like shade but this drama made them as main characters. It will describe the stories of suspicious maids with various episodes and deal with the reality that money is more than a person but the love is more than money. It will be broadcasted on May, 11th following ‘The Thorn Bird.’

Source Via: newsen

Source: askactor.com


Source: nate

VOD Link:


로맨스타운(Romance Town ) 티져 (teaser)







Kim Min-jun Set to Return to TV


Kim Min-jun is ready to transform himself into a new character he is to play in the upcoming show “Romance Town,” which is scheduled to begin on May 11.

Kim plays Kim Young-hee, a handsome, artistic man with a sharp tongue who becomes rich thanks to artworks he inherited from his painter grandfather, who became famous posthumously.


Returning to TV after a two-year hiatus, Kim took part in shooting at a gallery in Gangnam, Seoul on April 11. “I feel nervous since it’s been a while since my last work,” Kim said. “The more the shooting progresses, the more attached I feel to my character.”

He will form a triangle relationship with Sung Yu-ri, a member of the now-disbanded girl group Fin.K.L who successfully became an actress, and Min Hyo-rin, a rising young star.

His agency said that Kim is happy to work with the two as well as other veteran cast members including Ban Hyo-jung, Park Ji-young and comedienne Lee Kyung-sil.

“Romance Town” revolves around suspicious domestic helpers working for rich families. It will succeed “The Thorn Birds.”

Writer: TV Report

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi - Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.

Source: kbs

“Romance Town” reveals three drama posters

by VITALSIGN on April 29, 2011 at 4:20 am


On April 29th, KBS’s upcoming drama “Romance Town” released three new official posters, each conveying different concepts.

The poster seen above is the ‘lovely’ concept, which features an individual shot of the drama’s protagonist, Sung Yuri. Looking adorable in her pink blouse, she gazes down a street in ‘Romance Town’, which holds the tagline, “A place where all of your dreams come true…”


The remaining two ‘romantic’ and ‘elegance’ concepts feature all four leading roles: Sung Yuri, Jung Kyeo Woon, Kim Min Jun, and Min Hyo Rin.

This time, the tagline says, “Her secret, the story only you don’t know.”

The leading cast is also joined by Park Ji Young and Lee Kyung Shil in the ‘elegant’ version below.


Sung Yuri was reportedly so immersed in her role that she requested for her apron to be kept on even in between outfit changes because she “felt empty without it now.”

This drama about the peculiar lives of a wealthy family’s housemaids, and it’ll begin airing on May 11th.

Source: Star News via Nate

Source: allkpop

Romance Town unveils its posters

by javabeans | April 29, 2011


Romance Town unveils its main posters, which are frothy and cute, as I hope the drama also will be. The one above is my favorite, because it conveys a vibe that’s a bit different than what we’ve come to expect of K-dramas. It’s got a bit of old-world elegance, but cheekily positions the help (namely, Sung Yuri and Min Hyo-rin) in the seats of their rich employers, who are standing serving them (Jung Kyeo-woon, Kim Min-joon). It’s a little clever.

I think the upstairs-downstairs dynamic is the most interesting thing about the drama, and will be the thing to make or break it. Chaebols, we’ve seen. Cold Mr. Darcy types, we are intimately familiar with. Poor, plucky heroines, the K-drama landscape is overrun with ‘em. Focusing on the behind-the-scenes staff instead of the uber-rich? That’s a little different.

I hope the drama incorporates some power plays and reversals into the mix as well, since it’s all built right in to the premise, waiting to be explored. We saw a teeny glimpse of that with My Fair Lady, but that drama just treated its butler staff as a gimmick and didn’t explore, well, anything in any meaningful way.

The second poster sorta, kinda incorporates the title into the concept, as Sung Yuri looks down on her little cardboard town like she’s enjoying the game. (Too bad I don’t think the association goes any deeper — not that you could do much with the title Romance Town.)

Last is a standard drama poster featuring the four leads. Ho-hum.

Romance Town premieres on May 11. I wouldn’t necessarily bet on it to be a fun and funny standout in the upcoming rom-com glut, but I’m not completely without hope, either. I thought the teaser showed a breezy, atmospheric tone that’s a little different from the standard trendy vibe, which could be refreshing. It’s also what I said about Triple, so there’s that. Who’s rolling the dice on this one?



Via E Daily

Source: dramabeans

Romance Town's Official Site











Credit: kbs

Behind the scenes


Credit: vesperMJ

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Guest purple_rose

finally ...... thank you for making this thread ......

can´t wait .......hwaiting ....... !!!

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Guest antinh85

I can't believe this is so underrated in Soompi! It looks so promising. I quess everyone have their eyes on Yoon eun hye. As little hype as it is, I think it will turn out to be a gem.

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Guest lakatsumi

Yeah, finally there is a thread for this drama. Thank you!!! Saw the teaser and it looked good. Can't wait! =3

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Guest Airine Pratama

i'm anticipating this drama ... i'm watching KBS2 Drama Hong Gil Dong with Sung Yu Ri and Kang Ji Hwan, now they're coming back with a new drama which will compete each other ...

I support both drama, i love Kang Ji Hwan & Sung Yu Ri :) ...

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Guest sono

JUNG GYU WOON, gyu woon, gyu woon ....i want more ! he's ssssoooooo handsome !

yes you're right underrated ...cos i find Jung gyu woon and Sung Yuri more cute than the "Lie to me"'s couple!

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Guest Bradamante

VOD Link:


로맨스타운(romance town) 인사


VOD Link: nate

김민준, 민효린 사랑해 돌발 고백?


VOD Link: diodeo

[★영상]드라마 ‘로맨스 타운’ 제작 발표회 현장 속으로…


VOD Link: naver

'로맨스 타운' 제작 발표회 현장


VOD Link: youtube

드라마 '로맨스타운' 제작발표현장


VOD Link: youtube

[영상] 식모들이야기 "성유리,김민준,민효린,정겨운 " 로맨스타운 인터뷰 (1)


VOD Link: youtube

[영상] 식모들이야기 "성유리,김민준,민효린,정겨운 " 로맨스타운 인터뷰 (2)


VOD Link: cyworld

드라마 로맨스 타운 제작 발표회 (김영희 역)김민준


VOD Link: youtube

[news] sung yuri,Romance Town, press conference (성유리 "요리는 미래 남편을 위해")


VOD Link: youtube

[영상] 식모들 이야기 "성유리,김민준,민효린,정겨운"의 로맨스타운 영상물


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Guest wintersun

the 6 minute trailer is pretty interesting. it also got me curious about the baby. (seems like they are finding his dad?)

can't wait for the premiere next week!

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