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[movie 2006] Les Formidables 강적 (强敵)

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Park Joong Hoon, Chun Jung Myung, Yoo In Young

Les Formidables 강적 (2006)


Starring: Park Joong-Hoon, Chun Jeong-Myeong, Yoo In-Yeong

Director: Jo Min-Ho

Genre: Action

Runtime: 118mins

Production: MiroVision

Distribution: ShowBox

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Su-hyun wants to leave the syndicate and opens a small restaurant. Helping his life-long friend from an orphanage, he gets arrested for a murder that he didn't commit. To catch the real killer, he hurts himself in prison and is transported to the hospital. Sung-woo is a homicide detective. His wife has left him, and his son's life is in jeopardy. He can't afford to pay the hospital bills, not to mention the liver transplant needed to save his son's life. To make matters worse, he gets reprimanded at work for walking out on his undercover post, which led to the death of his partner. Having gotten drunk out of guilt, he creates a scene at the funeral for his late colleague and gets kicked out, only to end up becoming a hostage of a jail breaker, Su-hyun.








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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Less 'Formidable,' But Enjoyable

by Kim Tae-jong

June 26, 2006

The movie ``Les Formidables'' (Kangjok) may lack originality, a well-organized plot and a strong message, but it entertains with action-packed scenes well blended with hilarious jokes.

Directed by Cho Min-ho, the film revolves around detective Sung-woo and jailbreaker Su-hyun, who team up to help each other.

Sung-woo (played by Park Jung-hun) is a corrupt detective who frequents bars, often leaving his partner alone on duty.

One day when busy collecting dirty money from a bar owner, his partner is killed, an event Sung-woo could have stopped if he had been with him.

Meanwhile, Su-hyun (by Chun Jeong-myung) begins a new life after breaking away from a criminal gang and begins running a small restaurant with his girlfriend in the hopes of leading an ordinary life.

But one of his best friends from the gang asks him to do a favor, which leads him to be falsely accused of a murdering Sung-woo's partner. The accusation ends in a prison term for Su-hyun.

He escapes from a police hospital where he was sent after intentionally injuring himself.

On the run, Su-hyun encounters Sung-woo and accidentally takes him as a hostage. Their odd partnership begins after Su-hyun promises to give Sung-woo enough money for an operation for Sung-woo's sick son on the condition that Sung-woo helps him flee.

While they save each other from a series of life-threatening crises, they build a mutual understanding and learn that Su-hyun's former gang was involved in the murder.

Such an odd partnership is not original _ we have probably seen the same formula in other movies. But the partnership works well as they produce enjoyable action scenes.

The story has some flaws due to seemingly unrealistic scenes and outcomes. And it's not clear how Su-hyun gets trapped in the murder case to begin with.

But fast camerawork helps the story develop smoothly without long delays while jokes between serious scenes allows the audience to enjoy the film without questioning the reality of it all.

Park and Chun don't bring anything new to the movie as they portray their typical and familiar images. Park's character in this film is much like the one he plays in the ``Two Cops'' movie series he filmed in the 1990s, and which earned him huge popularity.

He once again plays a detective who has no strong passion for his job but always tries to craft ways to escape from difficult situations while cracking jokes.

This also applies to Chun, whose character in the film shares many traits with his character in the popular television drama ``Fashion 70s'' _ an attractive tough guy.

But both actors give performances that maintain interest in the film.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable and, if you're not the horror film type of person, ``Les Formidables'' can be a good alternative, especially for the action film buffs.

(courtesy of KoreaTimes)


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I just watched this movie earlier and I loved it.

Like the article above...the story/plot is nothing new but the actors are brilliant.

Chun Jeong-Myung is charming as usual.

His girlfriend in here is really cute. I like her a lot.

Enjoyable to watch...highly recommend.

Some pictures and info from nkino.

Photoshoot video clip, wallpapers, pictures...check it out here.







More pictures from hankooki...





















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I just visited the official site for the movie...

It's a flash based/interactive website. It might take a long time to load but it's worth the wait.

There are many behind the scene interviews and clips, music video...etc...

This is the link to the official website.


Some high quality pictures, still shots and clips from Yahoo Movies

Here are some samples...click to enlarge. The rest will be at Yahoo Movies Site

M0020015_enemy_5[s110,110].jpg M0020051_enemy_still22[s110,110].jpg M0020097_enemy_still28[s110,110].jpg M0020100_enemy_still19[s110,110].jpg


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Guest Greener

i like action scene ,it seem truthful.Chun Jung Myung, he looked to larish with this movie. He didn't make to me disappointed in his acting. i felt irritable when I saw his love scene. 555+ :lol::D

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