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[Variety] Home Sweet Outing 달고나

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Guest adikkeluangman

IU meets her first love again through ‘Dalgona’


IU recently reunited with her infamous first love, and told her love story for the very first time.

The singer participated in a recent recording for SBS’s ‘Dalgona‘, and shared a few personal stories that fans never got to hear before.

When her first love appeared on the screen, he began to talk about their juvenile romance. “Our ‘liking’ timings weren’t right. When I confessed, she rejected me. Later on, Ji Eun told me that she liked me and gave me an invitation to her birthday party, saying, ‘If you like me too, then come to my birthday party’. But I refused at that time.”

IU responded by saying, “When I said previously on TV that there was a boy I liked for the first time ever [in my life], it was him. He’s my first love. He grew up well and handsome.”

IU’s first love reportedly resembles actor Lee Jang Woo, and he’s known for his leadership skills since he was the class representative all throughout his middle and high school career.


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Guest adikkeluangman

IU’s selca friend explains their relationship on SBS’s “Dalgona”

IU’s now infamous “selca friend” recently appeared on SBS’s “Dalgona” and clarified their relationship.

The singer’s pre-debut sticker pictures with a mysterious young man sparked curiosity amongst many when the photo first surfaced on the internet. Dalgona, which is dedicated to reuniting celebrities with old acquaintances, brought the two together in its most recent episode.

The ’selca guy’, Goo Myung Hoon, made a guest appearance on June 10th’s broadcast and even brought out his selca with IU to explain any false rumors.

He said, “I’m the guy in the sticker picture. Fans still didn’t believe [our relationship] when IU said on TV that I was an oppa that she had once liked and not her boyfriend.”

He elaborated on their relationship, saying, “We are just an oppa and dongsaeng to each other. We were once very close as we attended the same acting school. I’m definitely not her boyfriend.” He explained that they took the sticker picture to celebrate IU’s move and did not have any deep meaning.

He also added that he experienced some trouble due to IU’s fans’ exaggerated reactions.


IU meets her taxi driver noraebang partner on SBS’s “Dalgona”

IU drew attention by reuniting with her taxi driver noraebang partner once again!

On June 10th, the idol guested on SBS’s “Dalgona” where taxi driver Im Yi Taek made a surprise appearance. He previously sang “Nagging” with the idol when she rode in his taxi.

He explained the situation, saying, “I’m a taxi driver and an internet VJ as well. In July 2010, a pretty couple got into my taxi. I asked the girl if she wanted to sing with me, and she laughed when I recommended ‘Nagging‘.”

The ‘girl’ turned out to be none other than IU. Watch : HERE

The taxi driver commented, “I was really surprised at that time. It was as if I had won the lottery.” He stated that he drew a large response from his listeners by singing the duet with IU. He added, “Whenever IU calls me, I’ll drive her safely to wherever she wants to go.”

IU kindly responded, “When I hold my first concert, I’ll invite you and your family to the front row seats.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

B2ST’s Kikwang reveals his beautiful cousin on “Dalgona”


B2ST’s Kikwang recently guested on SBS’s “Dalgona“, and introduced his beautiful cousin for the very first time.

The “Dalgona” team visited Kikwang’s hometown of Naju, Junnam and found his parents and relatives. The focus naturally turned on his female cousin, Lee Ga Eun (23), because of her stunning beauty.

Lee revealed that she had just graduated college and was preparing to open an optical store.

When asked by the MCs which B2ST member she was a fan of, she replied, “I used to be a fan of Doojoon, but now I’m Junhyung’s fan.”


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