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[Variety] Home Sweet Outing 달고나

Guest chopper!

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Guest chopper!

[sBS] Lee HwiJae, Lee SooGeun, Lee YoungAh

Home Sweet Outing (콤한 들이)


: The show travels with stars back to their hometown, and documents them as they give thanks and presents to the residents and figures who’ve impacted their lives. [cr: allkpop]

Broadcast date
: 04/22/11 - 08/26/11

Broadcast time
: 10:20 PM KST

MC Cast
: Lee HwiJae, Lee SooGeun, Lee YoungAh

: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/dalgona/

Episode 01
(04/22/11): Daegu VS Kwangju

Guests: Lee Youngah, DBSK Yunho

Episode 02
(05/06/11): Suwon VS Busan

Guests: HyunYoung, CN Blue YongHwa

Episode 03
(05/13/11): Daehakro VS Kwangju

Guests: Cultwo, Miss A Suzy

Episode 04
(05/20/11): Seoul VS Kangwondo

Guests: Kim Wansun, Super Junior Heechul

Episode 05
(05/27/11): Gyeonggi VS Seoul

Guests: Park Haemi, Park Jungah

Episode 06

Continue from last week

Episode 07
(06/10/11): Kwangjin VS Daehakro

Guests: Park Shinyang, IU

Episode 08
(06/17/11): Chungju VS Junnam

Guests: Jo Minki, Beast Kikwang

Episode 09
(06/24/11): Daegu VS Incheon

Guests: Yang Junhyuk, Afterschool UEE

Episode 10
(07/01/11): Seoul VS Busan

Guests: Kim Changryul, 2PM Wooyoung & Taecyeon

Episode 11
(07/15/11): Seoul VS Ulsan

Guests: No Sayeon, Tei

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Guest adikkeluangman

TVXQ’s Yunho to introduce his ulzzang sister for the very first time


As previously reported, TVXQ’s Yunho will be featured as the first guest for SBS’s new variety show, “Dalgona“. The show travels with stars back to their hometown, and documents them as they give thanks and presents to the residents and figures who’ve impacted their lives.

According to information revealed by SBS, Yunho and Lee Young Ah completed their recording on the 4th. For the first time on broadcast, Yunho will be revealing his ‘Kwangju ulzzang’ sister, as well as his entire family and former teachers back home in his hometown of Jeolla-do.

Jung Ji Hye to be introduced by her brother, Jung Yunho on broadcast for the first time

Lee Young Ah, who’ll begin appearing as a fixed MC starting with the show’s second episode, will also be traveling back to her hometown of Daegu.

Check out the first broadcast on April 22nd at 10 PM KST.


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Guest adikkeluangman

TVXQ’s Yunho handed scholarships to his alma mater for 7 years


It’s been revealed that TVXQ’s Yunho has been sending scholarships to his alma mater for the past seven years.

On the debut broadcast of SBS’s “Dalgona (Sweet Hometown Days)”, Yunho appeared as the first guest of the show. The program interviewed his former 3rd year high school teacher, who revealed that Yunho visits his alma mater during his vacation period, and gives scholarships of 3,000,000 won ($2772.64) to five students at Kwangil High School, and to five students from Imgok Middle School. The teacher also revealed that Yunho has been steadily sponsoring his juniors for the past seven years.

During the broadcast, the teacher thanked Yunho on behalf of the school, consequently creating a warm atmosphere on the show.

Aside from sharing Yunho’s personal stories, this episode will also host an appearance from Yunho’s ulzzang younger sister and his first love.


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Guest adikkeluangman

TVXQ’s Yunho introduces his ulzzang sister, Jung Jihye


On April 22nd, TVXQ Yunho’s younger sister, Jung Jihye (20), finally made her long-awaited appearance on SBS’s “Dalgona“!

The minute the ‘Kwangju ulzzang’ appeared on screen, viewers screamed out in amazement over her resemblance to her older brother. Viewers noted the same thin jawline, thick eyebrows, and sharp nose.

Yunho comforted his sister’s first broadcast appearance by telling her, “It’s okay, don’t be nervous. Try to get comfortable.”

Netizens praised, “You can’t hide your genes!”, “I can see why she’s called a Kwangju ulzzang”, and “I wonder what it feels like to have an older brother like Yunho”.


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Guest adikkeluangman

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa reveals Simon D’s high school graduation photo


On May 6th, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa guested on SBS’s “Dalgona” and visited his hometown of Busan.

During the visit, Yonghwa met with one of Simon D’s high school juniors, who revealed the rapper’s high school graduation photo. Seen with a buzz cut and an aloof gaze, viewers thought that his hip hop roots shined through this rebellious image.

Yonghwa commented, “Simon D was famous even when he was a student. He was rumored to be a really good rapper in the school band.”

Netizens commented, “Simon D looks like he was one of those tough kids”, “Doesn’t look like a high school student,” “I’d be scared to mess with him”, and “Rebellious Simon D!”


Jung Yonghwa’s high school friend reveals his ’study’ habits

A high school buddy of Jung Yonghwa’s brutally spilled the beans about how Yonghwa spent his time ’studying’ before his college entrance exams.

On the May 6th episode of SBS’s “Dalgona” (or “Sweet Hometown Days“), Jung Dong Young claimed that he failed his college entrance exam because of Yonghwa. He revealed, “When we gathered to study, he made us promise to go see the sunrise to commemorate the 100th day before the exam, so we went to go see the sunrise.”

Jung Dong Young continued, “With 50 days left until the exam, Yonghwa said that we had to restore the health of our body, so because we didn’t have money, we ate soup and rice instead of studying. With one week left, we went to go eat gizzard shad (a type of fish) because of Yonghwa’s persuasion.”

The heat continued to roll in against the CNBLUE member as Jung Dong Young spilled, “The day before the exam, we knew we had to study, but Yonghwa said because we have to go play after the exam, we should go shopping for clothes to wear… so we went shopping.”

He then jokingly questioned, “You are now making lots of money – how will you take responsibility for our future?”, which ended up shocking Yonghwa. However, Jung Dong Young immediately confessed, “Truthfully, when we followed handsome Yonghwa, girls always swarmed around us. We stuck by him to see the benefits”, causing much laughter in the studio.


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Guest adikkeluangman

miss A’s Suzy bursts into tears on SBS’s “Dalgona”


miss A’s Suzy recently guested on SBS’s “Dalgona” and burst into tears at the sight of her family members from her hometown of Gwangju.

Suzy revealed that she always felt upset at not being able to visit her hometown more often because of her busy schedule. When she received the opportunity to greet her parents through a monitor screen, she was unable to hide her joy. Unfortunately, she burst into tears when her mother began reading a letter she wrote for her. Her mother was unable to hide the tears welling up in her eyes as well, especially since she knew how hard her daughter was working.

The studio eventually became a sea of tears when Suzy was able to see one of her childhood friends.


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Guest adikkeluangman

IU reveals new childhood photos, reunites with her sel-ca friend again


IU was the latest guest to be spotlighted on variety show “Dalgona“, where she reunited with a mysterious male from her old sticker photos.

“Dalgona” focuses on revisiting the hometowns and old acquaintances of Korea’s top stars. Since IU’s sticker photos were once a hot topic (thanks to a previous confession where she said, “He’s not my boyfriend, just an oppa who I had a crush on during my middle school days“), the show decided to find this unknown oppa of hers.

IU was shocked to see her old friend, and she blurted out, “Oppa, do you want to go out?” to which he responded with, “I’ll only eat with you but I won’t date you.” The pair talked and shared lots of laughter during the broadcast.

Also during this broadcast, IU unveiled photos of her girl cousin, who grew up with IU. Since IU rarely reveals pictures of her family, these immediately caught everyone’s attention.


She also shared a picture of herself from when she was one year old, and another one from her kindergarten days.


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