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[Reality 2011] Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry 김연아의 키스 & 크라이

Guest adikkeluangman

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Guest evelyim123

The Final Results.


Krystal & Lee Donghoon wins the show.


I'm sadden that this show has come to it's end. It was thoroughly enjoyable to watch each week and I will surely miss seeing the contestants, their routines and improvements.

I will be looking forward to the final episode next week where it will showcase what this show was all about, the winning team gets to perform at Kim Yuna's Ice Show. I wonder what routine they will come up with, or if they'll use one of their old ones.

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Everyone was so beautiful!

I'm so sad season 1 is already over~ But I can't wait for season 2 to start!!! :D I'm so happy they're continuing this show!

Congratulations to Krystal! She was great on the ice~

Although Krystal had great techniques and perfection in her performance, something about it didn't move me~

Whereas, Kim Byung Man's performance always leaves a mark in my heart. I'm always moved by every one of his performances because I see the hard work, dedication, and diligence behind it.

I think Kim Byung Man was specially invited to perform at Kim Yuna's ice show because he and Cha Oh Reum (Son Dam Bi's partner) performed at Kim's opening show yesterday~

Can't wait to see Krystal's performance soon!

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The female contestants definitely had the advantage of having a male skating partner who could do the fancy grabs and holds of them. So Kim Byung Man was always at a bit of a disadvantage in that aspect. I think he tried to do holds and lifts more than any of the other male celebrities though.

Krystal though really shined in this and deserved to win. I honestly think if she committed to practicing could become a female ice dancer. She's still pretty young compared to Son Dambi so I think she could transition over and do it if she wanted to.

I think the show got a lot better once we got the 'really talented/athletic' people left. The show dragged a lot at the start because of having so many contestants at varying levels of ability and athleticism which I think ultimately dragged things down.

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I've watched the full episode because I was curious with Lee Kyou Hyuk & Kim Byeong Man performance.

I have to agree with the result anyway...

but too bad...really too bad, Kim Byeong Man has fell when he tried to lift his partner.

It's kinda disadvantage for Kim Byeong Man, he could have a higher score with all his WOW performance and salto in intro (Cha Oh Reom even shout wow-woow,LOL).

Krystal performance is just...DAEBAK! spectacular as always, she even do the hardest lift....makes my jaw dropped,wkwkwkwk.

Congratulations for all the big 4, they are AWESOME ^^

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Guest mr. antagonist

Could anyone please tell me what the name of the piano piece that starts playing @ 42:05 in Episode 8 is? I've been tearing apart the internet looking for the title of this song and any insight would be greatly appreciated!

This amazing show is coming to a close (for now) and I am still at a loss for the source of this song. I've poured through all of Yiruma's music, like previously suggested, to no avail. Please, if anyone out there could give me the artist name and song title I would be eternally grateful. Save me from this torture!

Side note: I've noticed in most Korean shows that the titles and artists of the music (both Korean and international) played during the show are hardly ever credited or at least cited in some way at the end of the show when the credits roll. Isn't there a copyright issue or a lawsuit in there somewhere?

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Guest theLEGEND

does anyone know the name of the show replacing this one?

The title of the show is "Big Story" (please correct me if I'm wrong) and it's kinda similar to "The Biggest Loser"

Hope that helps! :)

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i honestly dont think dambi deserved to be last place in the last episode. in fact it seems to me that no matter how hard she tries, how many difficult stunts or moves that she and cha oreum do, they just dont seem to get the points they deserve. and its not like they make mistakes either. like in the last ep, i think the duo who did the russian thing definitely attempted less stunts and i dont know why they received a higher score.

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