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[Reality 2011] Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry 김연아의 키스 & 크라이

Guest adikkeluangman

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IU hwaiting! lolz

IU seriously improved a lot. Compared to her 1st performance where she was wobbling all over the place, this time her legs seem stronger and she glides more smoothly now.

The thing about couple skating though, is that you benefit from a strong dancing partner, particularly if he's male. It's like dancing, because it's the male who leads. Like all the lifting moves... it looks nice, but the girl doesn't do much. And of course all of them did their spirals together so the stronger skater is used as a crutch to balance the other. I pay more attention to footwork cuz there's where you tell if that person's good or not.

Speaking of crutch... Krystal's tango number was a clever use of prop. I don't deny she's one of the better skaters on the show but the chair was basically used to help her out (most notably during the spriral).

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Guest adikkeluangman

IU and Kim Yuna records theme song for “Kiss & Cry”


Singer IU and figure skating queen Kim Yuna have teamed up to record the theme song for Kim Yuna’s new show, “Kiss & Cry“. IU had requested for the opportunity on the show, and so on June 9th, the two met in a recording studio to tape the logo song, called “Ice Flower“.

Photos from the day were released simultaneously along with the news.

The staff on set said, “Kim Yuna showed skills that were as good as a singer’s during her solo parts, which allowed the recording session to end earlier than scheduled. The parts that they sang together also went flawlessly due to their great teamwork.”

They added, “The whole session went really well because of Kim Yuna’s amazing vocals and musical sensibilities. Kim Yuna hopes that the song will help boost the show’s popularity.”

As for the song itself, it will be revealed soon through the show.


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Guest ShrimpCrackerrr

the fact that iu did a lot better her second time should just prove that she didn't try at all her first time. -__-; she only tried more because she was getting criticized.

wow so many criticizing articles about kiss and cry~

I like the show though:)

I thought everybody knew Krystal had a bad personality. Not surprising at all. Unfortunate~but she won't change. What can you expect from a low-grade idol anyways.

krystal may not be the only one with a bad personality. she might not even have a bad personality. it could just be that the camera always catches her at the wrong time and that other idols hide it well. krystal might be a "low grade idol" to you, but to sm she is good enough to be the face of fx. LOL.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Yunho expresses his disappointment on ‘Kiss & Cry’

TVXQ’s Yunho expressed his disappointment in falling during his pair-skating performance.

On the June 12th broadcast of SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry“, Yunho and his skating partner, Claudia Mueller, gave a pair-skating performance from the musical “Grease“.

In the last episode, Yunho, who placed 1st during the first singles performance, was unable to practice much for the pair-skating performance because of his overseas schedule. Because of this, he gave a sluggish performance during the half-way evaluation.

Yunho revealed, “I was so shocked during the half-way evaluation that I wondered if I would be able to stand on stage. We have a performance, but I just came back from abroad today.”

The two skaters were much more in sync during the actual performance, but because of the lack of practice time, Yunho did make some mistakes.

The experts stated that Yunho’s skating was good, but that they were disappointed by his mistakes. Skater Kim Yuna stated, “Your spiral was good, but I was a little disappointed in the speed.” Singer Kim Jang Hoon commented, “I liked that you didn’t get flustered when you fell and got back up.”

Meanwhile, the pair received a score of 33.7 for their performance.


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Guest adikkeluangman

IU rises above her haters, performs well on SBS’s “Kiss & Cry”


On June 12th, IU delivered an impressive performance on SBS’s “Kiss & Cry“, effectively rising above the heavy-handed criticisms from last week.

As revealed earlier, her performance with partner Choi In Hwa was done under a cheerleader concept to the tune of “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne. Because she placed last in the first competition, IU showed signs of nervousness amidst flashes of fierce determination to do better this round.

When she got on the ice, IU managed to pull off moves like ‘through the leg’, ’spiral’, ‘rotational rifts’, and other complex stunts. Kim Yuna stated, “You’ve improved greatly compared to a week ago. Thank you for working hard.”

Looking as if she was about to cry at the praise, IU replied, “I feel great right now.”

Judge Kim Jang Hoon added, “It seems you’ve managed to overcome your obstacles. I would like to applaud you for that.”

IU received a total score of 32.6 in the end, which led her to burst out, “I received a lot of praise, so I definitely feel more confident. There were a lot of people who didn’t view me in a positive light, so I was honestly very upset. A lot of people said that I didn’t work hard, but I think I did work hard… I think it’s because I’m not that good. In our next competition, I promise to show even more improvement.”


Check out f(x)’s Krystal’s “Romeo & Juliet” routine for SBS’s “Kiss & Cry”!

f(x)’s Krystal transformed into ‘Juliet‘ on the June 12th broadcast of “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry“, where 10 contestants competed after preparing with their partners for three weeks.

Krystal was paired with figure skater Lee Dong Hoon, and they showed an mournful yet fantastic rendition of “Romeo & Juliet“.

From an almost kiss to ballerina lifts, spins, spirals, and koala lifts, Krystal and her partner completed a variety of stunts which received applause from the judges stand.

The judges expressed, “We are already anticipating your next performance“, giving Krystal a score which edged out TVXQ’s Yunho’s by 1.1 points.

On the other hand, Kim Jang Hoon asked Krystal’s partner with regards to their near kiss, “Do you have the confidence to take on the battering?”

Krystal’s partner, Lee Dong Hoon, is Korea’s only athlete who can complete a four spin jump, and has been taking a break after an injury, but he has made a fantastic return with this routine.

Meanwhile, Kim Yuna opened this day’s show with her own performance of Beyonce’s “Fever“.


Kim Byung Man overcomes his injury with an impressive performance on ‘Kiss & Cry’

On the latest episode of ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry‘, comedian Kim Byung Man triumphed over his injured ankle and impressed everyone on set with his fighting spirit.

Kim Byung Man and his partner, Lee Soo Kyung, took on Charlie Chaplin as their theme for their paired performance. Kim Byung Man stated that he had the utmost respect for Charlie Chaplin as a comedian, and included Chaplin’s trademark gestures and expressions in his performance.

Despite sustaining a torn ligament from his previous solo routine, Kim Byung Man put on a strong performance with his acting. And while he wasn’t fully recovered from from his injury, Kim Byung Man remained calm and well-composed throughout the show.

In addition to the performance, the show highlighted the pair’s practice sessions. Because the two couldn’t find the time in between their busy schedules to meet very often, they lacked a certain aspect of teamwork. Kim Byung Man also became frustrated frequently because of his injury.

Reviewing their routine, judge Kim Yuna said, “I was so captivated by your acting that I almost forgot I was supposed to be judging…Out of all the figure skating acting I’ve seen, this was the best.”

In the end, Kim Byung Man and Lee Soo Kyung received a high total score of 37.1. Feeling incredulous over the score, Kim Byung Man expressed his emotions with a shaky voice and began to tear up. His suffering also drew strong emotions from Kim Yuna, his fellow gagmen colleagues, and the other ‘Kiss & Cry’ contestants, leading them to cry as well.

When asked why she was crying, Kim Yuna stated, “I wouldn’t have known [of his pain] because he acted so perfectly in the performance. It’s unfortunate and I feel sorry that he’s in pain. I feel sympathetic towards him because I’ve performed several times with an injury as well.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

IU working diligently for ‘Kiss & Cry’


Singer IU has recently been working diligently to shed her current image of being an unskilled dancer on SBS’s ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry.’

It has been reported that IU practices skating every day to rid herself of the stigma that she can’t dance. On the 16th, Loen Entertainment stated in an interview, “In taking on the the challenge of figure skating and ridding herself of her image, IU doesn’t skip a day of practice and is continuing to practice diligently.”

The official later added, “IU has recently had a lot on her plate lately with her busy schedule… On shorter days of practice, she skates for 3 hours. On longer days, she skates for 5 hours. Whatever the case may be, she is constantly practicing to improve her image… Seeing that IU lacks dancing talents, we’ve been watching the show and saw that her development was slow. Even so, she constantly practices with patience… While she has bruises all over, she is working diligently to show a good image of herself.”

Although IU is not the best skater on the show, her dedication and hard work is quite impressive.


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wow! that's fast..

Semi-fly: TQVM for Krystal cut vid..realli looking forward her performance..(i'm still in romeo n juliet mode..ngeee :lol: )

Alchocoholic and meebo: thx a lot for d full vid..realli appreciate ur hardworks.. :P

I wish someone can subs all d vids..want to know the comments from the judges..even though i didn't really understand, still..i laugh tho! :D

Thanx a lot for all uploaders!

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I'm realy enjoying this show...everyone seem to be improving so much

sometimes i feel that the audience could be better judges cause i thk the two artist judges they gav point through base on their feeling.

iu definitely improve alot.. we can see that she's working hard on it, n she always had a positive mindset that i love the most. i thk krystal may be the most talented female skater out there, her posture is always so perfect but i thk she n her partner need to work on their feeling.

the child actress she really need to work hard on her skill...cause i do hv the same feeling as the judges it's like watching her partner skate only..

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