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[Reality 2011] Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry 김연아의 키스 & 크라이

Guest adikkeluangman

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Guest ShrimpCrackerrr

Well, it was kind of obvious that she wouldn't have the time to practice very often with her crazy schedule. The fact is she is now in two programs (kiss&cry + Immortal songs 2) who require a lot of time and preparation outside of the show. This plus the fact that she isn't really athletic, I don't really see how she will progress. The gap between her and the others will just increase with time.

It's not really her fault, thought. If her company ask of her that she participate, she will, and you don't refuse an offer to do a show with Kim Yu Na!!

uhh, krystal has a schedule as equally or maybe even more hectic than iu.. krystal practiced while she was promoting fx's new song.. iu is not the only one who is busy. exactly, since she sucks she should practice more. yes it is her fault. she could've practiced more. uhh, so if the show was eating live rats infested with rabies with kim yuna you would go on?

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Guest adikkeluangman

Jin Ji Hee skates to “Hoot” on “Kiss & Cry”

Child actress Jin Ji Hee figure-skated to SNSD’s “Hoot” for her performance on “Kiss & Cry“.

To the amusement of fans, she dressed up in a similar outfit to SNSD’s stage outfit, and even sported go-go boot-like skates.

In the interview prior to the performance, Jin Ji Hee confessed, “I’m not really good at skating but since I’m an actress, I will make sure to express myself well. I hope Yuna-unni likes it.”

She did fall a little, but managed to keep her smile till the end. Kim Yuna noted that Jin Ji Hee pulled Yuna’s signature “Danse Macabre” pose, and asked why Jin Ji Hee said, “I did it on “HighKick Through the Roof” but I wanted to do it better this time around.”

Though she showed a lot of energy and effort, she was not able to receive the score she wanted.

After the performance, Jin Ji Hee got a little teary-eyed and said, “I don’t like Yuna unnie because she gave me a low score.”


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Guest YoonSooJin

  The part when Kim Byeongman cried was so touching. He even made Kim Yuna, Park Haemi, Son Dambi, his partner Sukyeong and especially his hoobae/best friends Ryu Dam and Song JoonGeun cry. Even if he failed that time, he put his effort into every performance.

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I used muscles that I don’t usually use. THIS. Figure skate, like every other sports in the world needs a step by step process to master, so of course every contestant will start at different levels based on their current muscle capacity.

It is only round 1 after all, I wont condemn anyone for being 'a disappointment' when actually they're just having more room to improve.  ;)

Look at it in a more positive light so it won't tamper your enjoyment in watching the show. Kekeke  :D :D   :D

I have to agree with you. It seems like some people are very quick to judge somebody just because they don't perform in the same level as others. If that were actually the case, then those trainees that spend the same amount of time as IU, should have the same singing skills right? We're individuals therefore the amount of work and how you do certain things will work differently for some, i think this is something that IU and her trainer found out. Unfortunately not before her first performance.

This show should be taken as a learning process for these artists. It's not their specialty and it's something that needs to be learned. I'll be looking forward to how they progress on their performances and just enjoy it for that.

On a more pleasant note. I couldn't stop laughing at how the men in the audience tend to react when Kim Yuna dances at the beginning of the show. I swear they all stop breathing or something!laugh.gif Although i can't blame them with the way she performs. It's so beautiful and  captivating.

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Guest adikkeluangman

f(x)’s Krystal impresses Kim Yuna on ‘Kiss & Cry’


f(x)’s Krystal teamed up with national figure skater Lee Dong Hoon for a romantic skating routine, which earned rave reviews from Olympic gold medalist and judge, Kim Yuna.

During the latest recording of SBS’s “Kiss & Cry“, Krystal and her partner created a partner routine that resembled the love story of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Krystal dressed like a ballerina with her white, flowing outfit, and impressed the audience with her strong posture and flexibility. In fact, Kim Yuna complimented Krystal when she stretched her entire body over her partner’s bent knees with perfect positioning.

Kim Yuna praised, “That was a beautiful movement.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

f(x)’s Krystal comes under fire for her rude attitude once again

f(x)’s Krystal has been put up on the chopping block once again for her rude attitude, only this time it was on SBS’s “Kiss & Cry“.

June 5th’s episode revealed the stars’ preparation process as they geared up for their first performance. Immediately, viewers noticed an air of tension between Krystal and her trainer, Lee Dong Hoon.

Like any trainer would, Lee attempted to teach Krystal from the basics, step by step. However, Krystal proved to be a bit of a difficult student, “He only teaches me the basics, and basics are no fun.”

With a sigh, Lee remarked, “It was difficult to train her because she refused to learn the basics. She would just stand there, and even when I told her to skate, she wouldn’t.”

Some viewers felt that Krystal’s poor attitude escalated when she bluntly stated, “He’s a poor instructor because he’s only used to singles. It’s really frustrating.” Lee is also seven years her senior, but Krystal didn’t hesitate to glare at him whenever their opinions clashed.

Netizens expressed, “Is she immature or what? She really doesn’t know how to manage her image”, and “She received so much hate for her rude attitude last time and she’s doing it again.”


IU’s coach on “Kiss & Cry” preferred f(x)’s Krystal?

Figure skating coach Choi In Hwa revealed that he felt like the sky was falling on him when IU was selected to be his partner.

On the June 5th broadcast of SBS’s “Kiss & Cry“, viewers saw the stars’ status reports as they prepared for their first couple match which will be shown next week.

Prior to the partner set-up, the stars and trainers sat down for interviews, during which Choi In Hwa said, “I want to work with someone who is athletic“, pointing out f(x)’s Krystal specifically.

He explained himself by saying, “People around me have said that I didn’t look too happy when I became partners with IU. I was just being serious, but people took it the wrong way.”

But viewers found that Choi In Hwa couldn’t hide his disappointment when he was partnered with the last place contestant. The trainer explained, “I felt like the sky had fallen. I was waiting for them to partner me with Krystal, but when IU was the only one left, I didn’t know what to do. I was really sad.”

IU, upon discovering her trainer’s reaction, exclaimed, “He was disappointed?! I didn’t notice cause he didn’t show it. Was he acting towards me?“.

Still, she expressed her strong will by telling him, “If you teach me, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Since I’ve already shown everything, I won’t be disappointing anyone anymore.”

On June 12th, “Kiss & Cry” will be having their first elimination from one of the ten teams.


Yunho’s busy schedule affects his performance on “Kiss & Cry”

After coming away with a win on the pilot episode of ”Kiss & Cry“, TVXQ’s Yunho seems to be struggling to keep his title due to his overwhelming schedule.

The show’s June 5th episode focused on the stars’ preparations for their performances. Throughout his training period, Yunho kept apologizing to his partner, Claudia Mueller. Because of TVXQ’s upcoming world tour and Japanese promotions, the two had only two days to train.

Even with the two days, Yunho could only train in the early morning, which was difficult for Mueller, who’s a student in junior high school. She commented, “We’d train from midnight until two or three in the morning, so it was very tiring.”

The lack of preparations showed in the way their steps would tangle. Yunho fell over while holding Mueller up and continued to fall during all of the spins and spirals required for their performance.

Instead of expressing frustration, however, Yunho seemed more apologetic towards Mueller and had a difficult time holding up his head in front of her.

Judge Kim Yuna commented, “In ice dancing, the man must throw himself on the floor if he has to in order to protect the woman from a fall. It’s harder for couples than singles when there isn’t enough practice. It didn’t really live up to my expectations.”

In the following interview, Yunho said, “I think I felt too safe because I had won our opening show. I am most apologetic towards my dongseng, Claudia Mueller.”


SBS’s “Kiss & Cry” makes broadcast schedule changes to avoid embarrassment

Although SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” changed their broadcasting time, they once again witnessed the humiliation of having their viewer ratings drop.

On June 6th, AGB Nielson Media Research recorded the viewer ratings of the June 5th broadcast of “Kiss & Cry” as 5.7%, which is 2.5% lower than their May 29th broadcast, which came in at 8.2%.

“Kiss & Cry” was broadcast during the second segment of the “I Like Sunday” corner for the first time, as “Kiss & Cry” had previously been broadcast in the first segment at 5:20 PM. ”Kiss & Cry” was the follow-up program to “Heroes” and its time slot was switched with “Running Man“, which was originally aired during the first segment, in hopes of better ratings.

However, though the show was placed in the first segment to generate better ratings, it faced competition from MBC’s “I Am A Singer” and KBS 2TV’s “Qualifications of Men“.

Therefore, its order was switched with “Running Man” once again, but it had an embarrassing result when the show received lower ratings than before. On the other hand, “Running Man” had 7.0% viewer ratings, which exceeds their previous week’s 6.2% rating.

On that particular day, the competing shows had the following ratings: KBS 2TV’s “1 Night, 2 Days” recorded 25.9% and MBC’s “New Employee” came in at 4.5%.


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wow so many criticizing articles about kiss and cry~

I like the show though:)

I thought everybody knew Krystal had a bad personality. Not surprising at all. Unfortunate~but she won't change. What can you expect from a low-grade idol anyways.

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Guest adikkeluangman

TVXQ’s Yunho transforms into John Travolta for ‘Kiss & Cry’


TVXQ’s Yunho transformed into John Travolta for SBS’s “Kiss & Cry”.

Yunho is usually known for his powerful and charismatic dancing, but he has decided to prepare a new look for a fresh entrance in the upcoming competition, which will air on June 12th.

Shamelessly brushing his hair back with an over-sized wide tooth comb was a given, as he went on to flawlessly pull off the cute and serious, yet swagger-filled playboy act. Park Hae Mi, seated on the special judge panel, praised Yunho commenting, “It’s as if I’m seeing John Travolta himself.”

Claudia Mueller, who gained fame as an ‘ulzzang’ figure skater, took the role of Sandy, as she and Yunho showcased their vibrant skills on the ice.

It is said that the mere entry of the ‘visual couple’ of “Kiss & Cry”, Yunho and Claudia, made the audience scream in excitement due to their beauty.

Grabbing the audience’s attention with a glamorous entry, the couple’s performance set the stage on fire with catchy old school music and flashy spins.


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Guest adikkeluangman

IU redeems herself on “Kiss & Cry”


In the latest episode of SBS’s “Kiss & Cry“, singer IU finally managed to redeem herself by impressing everyone with a complex routine.

IU entered the rink in a sweet cheerleader uniform alongside her partner, Choi In Hwa, who was dressed as a baseball player. The two performed a cute cheerleading routine to the tune of “Girlfriend“.

The judges were especially impressed by IU’s ability to pull off smooth spirals and tunnel between her partner’s legs, all of which earned her a round of applause from the audience.

Compared to her awkward start in the show’s pilot episode (where she ranked 10th), many were of the opinion that she had certainly improved.

SBS representatives commented, “Despite her busy schedule, IU has been making regular visits to the ice rink to practice her skating. Her improved skills have surprised us well.”


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