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[EXCLUSIVE] "Big Bang is Coming" - Vote Now to Have Big Bang Visit Your Country!

Guest thunderstix

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i think big bang you should come to australia, i mean we're as obssessed wiht big bang as every other country, i know i am:D, and you don't hear about korean groups coming over to australia, although SHINee came a few months ago, but i couldn't go since it was in sydney:( and i live in melbourne, but that's besides the point. it would seriously make my day if big bang were to come down to autralia cause my birthdays coming in a month and even to just hear the news that they're coming would make my day. i think it's a bit unfair as well because most korean bands go to japan, the U.S., singapore, etc. but you don't ever hear them talking about going to australia, so it'd be awesome if they came down for a visit:D


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Guest Mcy17

I know everybody want BIG BANG to come to our contries.

Peruvian fans are voting because we want BIG BANG to come and WE LOVE THEM!!



PERU is BIG BANG !!! ♥♥♥

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Guest pan-chan

U.S. of A. baby! This is like my ONLY chance to see Big Bang live and I will sell a limb to do so! So come to California please!

I have to confirm whether T.O.P is that glorious in person or if that is some sort of special effect when I watch him in youtube lol

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Guest AngelEyes_REBORN

Even though USA is not rising high, I hope Big Bang will come despite the fact were not getting much votes. I honestly want to meet them in the near future because  they brought amazing music in their recent albums so hopefully then can come by and have a concert or a fan signing in the bay area. 

*quoted image*

I was wondering where all my fellow American fans are!!! Come one guys we have to pull together and get Big Bang to come to America!!!!

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Guest chanzuyaa

It's pretty disappointing that Canada isn't doing so well in the poll/global event.. I am 100% sure that Big Bang could open a successful show (fanmeet, concert or whatever) here. Taking Wonder Girls as an example, they've opened a small concert in Vancouver last year and it was pretty much sold out with nearly no seats to spare. Moreover, many fans were waiting outside the concert hall for hours until the concert began. Knowing that Big Bang is a huge icon not only in Asia but around the globe, even more people would be able to attend and leads me to say that the concert/fanmeet/etc will be a success and would be sold out. Canada would LOVE to see these five phenomenal icons, Big Bang, here in Canada. Many fans await you! Let's go Canadian VIPs and vote vote vote!! :)

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Guest kassieisawalrus

US VIPs, vote! :D

If you don't have a Facebook, make one and vote! <3

Also, if they do go to Mexico, you'll bet my happy self might go!

Despite the stuff going on at the boarder, I'LL GO!

Hopefully they go to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon or somewhere by there.

Only place where I have close relatives that'd let me stay with them. xD

But yes...


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