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[TVB 2011] Grace Under Fire 女拳(Female Fist)

Guest Justalilodreamer

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Guest Justalilodreamer

Liu Xuan, Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Fala Chen


Grace Under Fire is a 2011 Hong Kong martial arts television drama. It premiered on 7 March 2011 on Hong Kong's TVB Jade and TVB HD Jade channels, and is slated to run for 32 episodes. Produced by Marco Law, Grace Under Fire is a Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) production. It takes place in the early 1920s in Foshan and Guangzhou during the Republic of China era, and follows a fictional account of Mok Kwai-lan (portrayed by Liu Xuan), the last wife of Chinese martial arts folk hero Wong Fei-hung (portrayed by John Chiang).

Plot overview

His son Ching-lung (Wong) later seeks Fei-hung for revenge. Upon seeing Ching-lung's weak fighting techniques, Fei-hung refuses Ching-lung's battle offer and tells him to train himself better before seeking him again.

Fei-hung meets Mok Kwai-lan (Liu) and her older brother Yau Sam-shui (Ma) in a restaurant. The two have always greatly admired Fei-hung and wanted to become his disciples. Due to their father's objections, Fei-hung has no choice but to teach them martial arts in secret. As Fei-hung begins to grow fonder of Kwai-lan, Sam-shui uses his newly trained abilities to win the heart of Kwai Fa (Chen), who has been in love with Ching-lung. Unfortunately for him, Ching-lung has been in love with Kwai-lan, and Kwai-lan with Fei-hung...

Gong returns to Guangzhou and is used by the city's mayor Tong Yuet-hang (Ngok) to pit against Fei-hung. The image of Fei-hung's medical clinic Po Chi Lam is tarnished, and Kwai-lan unknowingly finds herself developing even closer bonds with Fei-hung.

Opening theme: Nui Kyun (女拳) by Elisa Chan

Ending theme: Hui Jian (回見) by Liu Xuan

Country of origin: Hong Kong

Language(s): Cantonese

episodes: 32

Genre: Period drama, Martial arts

Cast: Liu Xuan,Kenneth Ma,Fala Chen,Bosco Wong,John Chiang,Elliot Ngok,Dominic Lam


Anyone watching this series?

I used to hate these type of period dramas (although I like watching ancient series), but after watching No Regrets and Fistful of Stances...I thought I probably couldn't go wrong with Grace Under Fire. Im only on episode 3, but so far its not bad. The cast is doing a fine job...Kenneth Ma is as always, great with dorky/mischievous roles. Bosco's character is very interesting (kind of reminds me of his Dicey Business days). Liu Xuan, previous gymnastic olympic medalist...I don't like how her voice is dubbed and something about her nose annoys me a lot, but its nice to see a new face in tvb series. Im very curious about how her character will develop and im especially excited to watch her fighting scenes. John Chiang is one of my favorite older generation actors. B)

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Guest FTIsland&Primadonna

im also watching this, on ep 26 .

but Im starting to not understand the drama anymore.

like what is this whole thing about now?

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Guest my_ninja_skills_kick_ass

ehhh...I thought this series was quite pointless, the beginning was pretty good but then it just kept going downhill (for me anyway). I also thought the ending was really stupid...unless I missed something coz like where the heck did the knife come from? @.@

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