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Drunk Talk with Kim Hee Sun: Interview series by DailySports [일간스포츠] of August 11, 2017


#1 [취중토크①]김희선 "우아진 성격, 실제 나라면 절대 못 해"
rough translation: Drunk Talk 1: Kim Hee Sun "Elegant Character, In Fact it's not real me"
#2 [취중토크②]김희선 "조합 잘 된 얼굴, 뜯어 보면 불만 많아"
rough translation: Drunk Talk 2: Kim Hee Sun "Combination of a well-done-face, I have a lot of dissatisfaction"
#3 [취중토크③]김희선 "남편이 광팬, 박복자 누가 죽였냐고 취조"
Rough translation: Drunk Talk 3: Kim Hee Sun "My Husband is a big fan, questions who killed Par Bok-Ja"

I'm sorry but i don't have the real translation, only used Google Translate to read the contents even though it might get distorted sometime :sweatingbullets: but at least we could get the picture of what being discussed. However, i'd really love to read the real translated content though :wub:


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Kim Hee Sun at Lancome's Pop Up store event Videos

the person asked Kim Hee Sun "who killed Park Bok Ja?". Kim Hee Sun replied "Secret"  (Link)

Kim Hee Sun's Interview for Marie Claire Korea starts at minute 29:26 "Today's Muse"

Kim Hee Sun Stage Interview by Marie Claire Korea starts at minute 7:16 (link)

Red Carpet videos by some big news portal's Youtube channels:









Extra Image:







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Ep 19. 20 Woman of Dignity


Woman of Dignity' ended up with a two digits ratings on it's final episode and got 12.065%. Indeed a record breaking drama of JTBC so far. Congratulations to  the 'WOD 'and JTBC family ! Thank you for giving us a worth watching drama.





Kim Sun A and Kim Hee Sun of 'Woman of Dignity' : Vietnam reward vacation confirmed 2017.8.17
JTBC's friday~saturday 'Woman of Dignity' leading ladies Kim Sun A and Kim Hee Sun along with the cast and crew is leaving for a reward vacation.
As per the officials the 'Woman of Dignity' team willl go on a reward vacation to Danang, Vietnam at the end of August or early September, Kim Sun A and Kim Hee Sun will be attenting the said vacation.

The paid vacation was finalized last August 15 and JTBC is expected to pay 100% of the cost.

JTBC drama has been revived successfully with Writer Baek Mi-kyung, "Do Bong Soon" has written a new history of JTBC drama with the highest audience rating of 9.688% (Nielsen Korea nationwide). The 16th episode of 'Woman of Dignity' on August 5th recorded 9.986% of JTBC 's highest audience rating, and it is focused on whether it will exceed the 10% audience rating on the 19th episode on August 18, 2017.
김희선X김선아 '품위있는 그녀' 베트남 포상휴가 확정
[한국스포츠경제 최지윤] “포상휴가도 품위있게!”
배우 김희선, 김선아 주연의 JTBC 금토극 ‘품위있는 그녀’ 팀이 포상휴가를 떠난다.
다수의 관계자들에 따르면 ‘품위있는 그녀’ 배우 및 제작진은 8월 말 혹은 9월 초에 베트남 다낭으로 포상휴가를 갈 예정이다. 한 관계자는 “지난 15일 포상휴가를 최종 확정했다. 비용은 JTBC가 100% 부담하는 것으로 안다. 당연히 김희선, 김선아 등 주연 배우들도 참석한다. 배우들의 일정에 맞춰 포상휴가 날짜를 조율 중”이라고 17일 밝혔다.
‘품위있는 그녀’는 김희선, 김선아의 열연에 힘입어 시청률 10% 돌파를 앞두고 있다. 강남 재벌가 며느리 우아진(김희선)의 삶을 동경한 박복자(김선아)가 시아버지 안태동(김용건) 간병인으로 들어오면서 벌어지는 이야기다. 상류층의 삶을 시니컬하게 풍자해 호평이 쏟아지고 있다.
JTBC 드라마 중 포상휴가를 다녀온 작품은 손에 꼽을 정도다. 지난해까지 ‘무자식 상팔자’(2013)와 ‘욱씨남정기’(2015) 두 작품 뿐이었다. 백미경 작가는 ‘힘쎈여자 도봉순’(도봉순)에 이어 ‘품위있는 그녀’까지 흥행에 성공하며 2연속 포상휴가를 누리게 됐다. 지난 4월 종영한 ‘도봉순’ 팀은 인도네시아 발리로 포상휴가를 다녀왔다. 국내에서 수많은 드라마가 흥행에 성공했지만, 발리로 포상휴가를 떠난 건 전례 없는 일이었다. 그만큼 JTBC의 백 작가를 향한 애정을 엿볼 수 있는 대목이었다. JTBC는 최근 백 작가에게 감사패와 함께 고마운 마음을 전하기도 했다.
백 작가와 함께 JTBC 드라마는 성공적으로 부활했다. ‘도봉순’은 최고 시청률 9.688%(닐슨코리아 전국기준)로 JTBC 드라마의 새 역사를 썼다. ‘품위있는 그녀’는 ‘도봉순’을 이미 뛰어 넘었다. 지난 5일 방송된 16회는 9.986%로 JTBC 역대 최고 시청률을 기록했다. 오는 19일 종영과 함께 시청률 10%를 돌파할지 관심이 집중되고 있다.

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Kim Hee Sun update IG


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Kim Hee Sun Shares Why She Thinks Park Bo Gum Is Unrealistically Kind


Actress Kim Hee Sun recently wrapped up the JTBC drama “Woman of Dignity” and partook in an interview where she had endless praise for Park Bo Gum.

The young actor’s kind reputation and impeccable manners are as famous as his handsome appearance and talented acting. In the interview, Kim Hee Sun added another story to the growing list of thoughtful gestures made by Park Bo Gum.

The actress shared, “Park Bo Gum often writes me long handwritten letters to ask about my well-being.” The two actors met while filming the KBS drama “Wonderful Days” in 2014. “Ever since then, he contacts me via long handwritten letters every year on New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year, Thanksgiving, and Christmas,” Kim Hee Sun said.

Kim Hee Sun also added that he attaches screenshots of her recent projects and promotions to every letter in order to show that he regularly keeps up with her activities. She said, “He is so kind—unrealistically kind.”

Watch the two actors on “Wonderful Days!”


Kim Hee Sun Talks About Song Hye Kyo in Recent Interview

Actress Kim Hee Sun congratulated Song Hye Kyo on her marriage and gave an advice to her.

On the 19th, the weekend drama titled ‘Woman of Dignity’ has come to an end. Kim Hee Sun plays as Woo Ah Jin. Speaking about the life of chaebol, ‘Woman of Dignity’ earned a 10% rating and is listed as JTBC’s highest drama record. That day Kim Hee Sun talked about her close friend Song Hye Kyo in an interview.



Kim Hee Sun revealed, “Before the wedding of Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki, I asked about the dowry. Then Hye Kyo says she does not need anything. It is now a trend to simplify it. Because Hye Kyo is my best friend, I give her advice. It is important to show kindness and be kept away from material things. Then I said later that love (from in-laws) will come”.


“It’s important to call your mother-in-law occasionally. Every other day and every day, just like that”, Kim Hee Sun shared the story. Meanwhile the ‘Woman of Dignity’ is a drama that tells about the lives of two people who have different desires. The drama has ended on the 19th.


More Engtrans for Interview



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