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Kim Hee Sun 김희선

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Hi y'all! I have a confession. I'm in love with Kim Hee Sun! :love: LOL

I was looking for a K-Drama to watch during my leisure time around February, so i searched for stories that contains drama, family & comedic elements, because that's what my mood's craving at that time... I'm glad that I've stumbled upon "Angry Mom" which is labeled as a "hot drama" in those categories and never regret watching it. i'm even thinking of re-watching it when i have some free time again :blush:

It's not because of her acting that makes her attractive in my eyes (not saying her acting is bad, it's superb though), but her motherly vibe appeals to me more :heart:. Really love the fact that she always wear appropriate outfits that doesn't shows too much of her skin which makes her fits to be a respectable mom in dramas.

I've already watched her recent dramas (Angry Mom, Faith , Ice Fantasy, and currently Woman of Dignity)... and later on i've figured out that she's been taking up motherly roles that doesn't include kiss scenes (except for Faith), which makes me respect her more and more.

..and by the way, Woman of Dignity has been rising in rating! I'm really proud of her to be one of the main cast. poor woori Ah-jin getting hurt :bawling:. Can't wait to watch the next episodes. Ah-Jin ah... Hwaiting!

p/s: how i wish there're english subs for Island Trio tho. i've been watching episode 3 onwards w/out subtitle and it's tormenting, yet it's still hilarious just by watching her actions on the show.   


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Kim Hee-seon comes in first on TV category, Choi Min-yong on the rise




Actresses Kim Hee-seon came in first in TV category.  

According to Good Day Cooperation, Kim Hee Sun  JTBC drama " Woman of Dignity" came in first as issue maker in drama. she came in  4 consecutive weeks ( 3 end of July and first week of August)

The rankings are based on TV analysis foundation Good Data Cooperation 


Cre: Soompi


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