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Hong Eun Hee 홍은희

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pretty actress :)
I'm watching her in My Love Patzzi right now...I think she's really pretty (watch her smile) even though she's horrible to Jang Nara :D


Name: 홍은희 Hong Eun Hee

Birthday: February 17, 1980

Height & Weight: 167cm/47kg

Education: Seoul Cultural College

Talent(s): playing the piano

Family: she is married to Yoo Joon Sang (2003) & has 1 son


KBS TV Novel: Windflower (?)

KBS: Rose Fence (2003)

SBS: Shoot for the Stars (2002)

MBC: My Love Patzzi (2002)

MBC: Way of Commerce (2001)

MBC: Sangdo (2001)

MBC: Love is Done by Anyone (2000)


Project X (2003)

Oolala Sisters (2002)


"I can't wait to see sweet Yeong Sil's revenge"

Hong Eun-hee Favorite Actress of Middle-Aged Women















DramaWiki - link to hong eun hee

HanCinema - link to hong eun hee

KoreanWiz - link to hong eun hee

please correct me on any misinformation!!! this is my first time actually providing a profile to an actress :)

also feel free to pm me any more information about hong eun hee!!! i'll update here :D

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she currently hosts a morning talk show on KBS 2 "Yoo Yoo Man Man" with Lee Hong-ryul and she was also in last year's SBS Friday Night drama Tears of Diamond with Kim Sung-min

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i'm watching shoot for the stars right now and she's also in that...she's really pretty :) the latest i heard about her was the wildflower....but i can't find any real solid information on that

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Hey, I was just wondering if the girl in this advertisement is Hong Eun Hee. My mother seems to think so and I think it's definitely not her... We made a bet of $50 so any help will be appreciated. lol.


LOL your right, that is not Hong Eun Hee in the AD..

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source : http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel...p;newssetid=746

홍은희·유준상 부부 둘째 아이 임신

[스포츠월드] 2008년 09월 21일(일) 오후 09:33 가 가| 이메일| 프린트

배우 홍은희·유준상 부부가 최근 둘째 아이를 가졌다.

홍은희(사진)는 지난 9일 자신이 진행하고 있는 MBC 드라마넷 ‘삼색녀 토크쇼’를 통해 “둘째 아이를 임신했다”고 깜짝 발표했다.

홍은희의 임신 사실 발표에 현영과 조혜련 및 이날 게스트였던 ‘무한걸스’팀은 급히 케이크를 준비, 즉석에서 축하 노래를 부르며 깜짝 파티를 열어줘 홍은희를 감동시켰다.

또한 이들은 홍은희에게 덕담도 했다. 조혜련과 현영은 “첫째 아이 동우만큼 예쁘고 건강한 아이를 낳아라”라고 말했고, 신봉선은 “나 닮은 아이 낳아라”라는 덕담(?)을 해 홍은희를 당황하게 만들었다.

Married couple Hong Eunhee and Yoo Jungsang will soon have their second child.

On the 9th, through the MBC dramanet talk show ‘Three Women’s Talk,’ Hong Eunhee revealed that she is pregnant with a second child.

The guests of the show that day, who were members of ‘Unlimited Girls,’ prepared a cake for her to celebrate. They also sang a song for her, impressing Hong Eunhee.

They also gave their best wishes to her. Cho Haeryun and Hyunyoung said, “We hope you get a child as cute as your first child Dongwoo”, and Shin Bongsun made a joke saying, “I hope you get a child who looks like me.”

*have a child : 아이를 갖다

*reveal : 드러내다, 공개하다

*pregnant : 임신한

*celebrate : 축하하다

*impress : 감동시키다

*give one’s best wishes : 덕담을 하다, 모든일이 잘 되기를 기원하다

*make a joke : 농담하다

*look like somebody : ∼를 닮다

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I really like HEH in Love My Pratzzi and haven't seen her in a while but would like to see her in more dramas in the near future as well...

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I'm back and can't wait to see HEH in another drama soon and will continue to come more here for updates as well.

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2AM's Jo Kwon and Hong Eunhee to join JTBC's "I'm Going to School"
2AM’s Jo Kwon and Hong Eunhee have joined JTBC’s new entertainment reality program, “I’m Going to School” from the 14th of July.

According to representatives of the show, Jo Kwon and Hong Eunhee will be attending 1st grade of high school from the 14th to the 18th of July, in which they will be taking classes and participating in school activities like the other students.
Currently, C-Clown’s Kang Jun, 4minute’s Gayoon, Sung Dongil, Yoon Dohyun, Kim Jongmin, Fly to the Sky’s Brian, Hye Park and Nam Joohyuk are attending a high school in Seoul, in which the first episode aired last week on the 12th of July.
Many fans are already anticipating their appearance on the show as it has been a long time since they both graduated high school.
Do you think they will adjust to high school life easily?

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