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Korean Name x]


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Guest tvfxq

mine is 이슬 and that's my full name. (: i heard it's like moutain dew or something pretty stupid but i just like how i have the same name as a soju haha (참이슬)

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Guest SE7ENsyuhja

Mines 성숙/SungSook

It's ok I guess. I like my nickname better though. Sungie :)

I don't know why I was named SungSook out of all the names in the world though. :mellow:

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Guest w00tah

English: Chris

Korean: Chris

:blink: this is what happens when youre born half korean half caucasian, in korea, but in a usa hospital in korea...

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Guest C4Y --Crazy 4 YeongSaeng--

My korea name is:

SuJin 수진

lol. my mom told me it means "precious one" or something like that x]

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Guest ginger

Lim Ah Reum, but I obviously don't go by it since I was adopted. That's what's on my birth certificate, though. I was told it had something to do with beauty, which I found interesting. My biological mother abandoned me, but wanted to make sure I was beautiful? Hmmm...


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Guest The Moose

조성진 (趙成振) Jo Sung-Jin

한양 조 (趙) 이룰 성 (成) 떨칠 진 (振)

If you guys know someone with the last name of Cho/Jo followed with middle name Sung, we are very likely to share same ancestry. As in my family clan, elders long ago decided to share same middle name for each generation so we know that we're well related.

I'm the 26th generation from my family clan.

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