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[movie 2006] 3 Colors Love Story 3인3색 러브 스토리 : &#49

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Karl Yune, So Yu Jin, Lee Cheon Hee, Son Tae Young

3 Colors Love Story (2006)

3인3색 러브 스토리 : 사랑 즐감


Starring: Karl Yune (Memoirs Of A Geisha), So Yu-Jin (Seoul 1945,The Rainy Day), Lee Cheon-Hee (The Aggressives, Only You)

Director: Kim Tae-Gyun, Gwak Jae-Yong, Jeong Yun-Cheol

Genre: Shorts, Omnibus, Drama, Martial, Fantasy, Romance

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Release Date: February 14, 2006

I'll put more info's if I can find any....Everyone please feel free to add more info ok?! :rolleyes: Thankz :phew:

SOURCE : 3인3색 러브 스토리 : 사랑 즐감

3인3색 러브 스토리 : 사랑 즐감

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