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[movie 2004] Marrying High School Girl 여고생 시집가기

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest coookie1004

can someone pleaze upload a non clubbox link for me? :D i really really really want to watch this movie but the megaupload links on the front page doesnt work for me :tears:

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Guest asianromance

the whole premise sounds cute and had some potential. but the script was horrible. felt like someone just wrote it in their spare time while sitting on the toilet-so it ended up to be the worst kmovie i've ever seen. i'm guessing the whole movie was hoping to promote eun ji won (who by the way CANNOT act) as an actor or something.

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Ok, I finally saw this movie and I was utterly disappointed.

It had the potential of being incredibly funny and well-scripted, but it was just the opposite. There are way too many holes in this script, too many things that were left untouched. While this movie had a potentially good story concept, it was poorly developed, and I was bored the entire time because there really was no evident climax, thus no storyline to anticipate on.

This movie also uses a lot of slapstick humor, but it's not even the good kind. It was just flat out immature bull. I felt like I was in a fifth grade sex-ed class. I don't think I laughed once, other than at Eun Ji Won's dorky acting.

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Guest ellstars

my favorite korean movie

it had a very unique "cuteness" that many movies lack

lim eunkyung was awesome (and so underrated) whil eun ji won was pretty bad :/

overall its a fun movie to watch

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Guest john_anderton

just seen this last sat.. this movie was actually nice.. not that great but still worth watching imho..

i think they only concentrated so much on pyongang's character, i think they should've also shown some of the misfortunes ondal experienced..

and also was ondal secretly in love with pyongang, it was really confusing since he had a dream being intimate with his teacher?? why tell pyongang he's going to USA, if he also wanted to find pyongang to survive?? is it just because he's playing hard to get?? (that's what i think)..

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