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[OFFICIAL] Park So Hyun ♥ Kim Won Joon Couple Thread

Guest bitzes

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Posted on April 8, 2011 by SNJEUNG

Can’t believe it has already been about three months since Adam Couple on WGM ended. I miss them SO much ~.~ but thank god the Adam couple soompi thread is still alive xD

I don’t know if anyone is still even checking this blog, but I’ll just do a quick update…

So apparently, there are 2 new couples on WGM now.

Lee Jang Woo & EunJung and Kim Won Joon & Park So Hyun.

We (just me & penguin gabi lol) will be subbing Episode 1 of the Brave Couple (KimWonJoon & ParkSoHyun named by bitzes@soompi?) tomorrow.

But in order to continue subbing episode 2 and onwards, we will need more Korean Translators.

※ To apply as translator, email snjeung.wpress@gmail.com OR apply on the forum: s4.zetaboards.com/SNJsubs

Episode 1 of the Brave Couple subbed will be posted on the forum instead of this blog, so make sure you register on the forum! http://s4.zetaboards.com/SNJsubs/index/


credit: snjeung.wordpress.com

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Guest bitzes

watched it live!

hahaha! they're funny esp. their wedding ceremony.. lool.. it was a mess! hahaha..but they're cute .. :D

they did fine for the 1 ep ..



@snjeung group .. thanks in advance for the subs!!!! much appreciated.. i really thought at first that it would be hard to find subbers since they're not like the other couples(idols and such) who have lots of fans...so thank u so much!!!!


went to dcmarried, err.. can someone clarify what this couple's nickname is? ..so i can edit the first page..thanks! brave couple or gold wish couple or vampire couples? .... weird .. lool ..

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Guest milesedi

Quite good... but I expected more!! :sweatingbullets:

I don't know why but listening a 38 old man saying NOONA, it's kind of strange for me!! I'm used to see young couples saying it, I know it's normal to say it everytime that the woman it's older but I don't know... :wacko:

Let's wait until next week to know if they indeed kiss!!! (I don't think so...)

EDIT: What is with the negative point?? I didn't say anything wrong, guys!! It's just an opinion... :tears: --> Thankyou who voted positive!! ^_^

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Guest bitzes

Actress Choi Jung Yoon wants T.O.P for “We Got Married”

She said, “I always think positively about marriage” and added, “I encourage people to get married.”

On Park So Hyun’s appearance on the program as the virtual wife of Kim Won Joon, she said, “Park So Hyun, I’ve already spoken to Shin Bong Sun on Twitter.” She then said, “I wanted to be on ‘We Got Married’ but it didn’t work out.”

She said, “He’s not a real husband, but having a virtual husband at my age is more sad”, and ”I am envious of Park So Hyun, but I didn’t think my heart would hurt.”

And if she were to be on ‘WGM’, who would she like to be her partner? She chose Big Bang’s T.O.P. ”In reality, I like Rain a lot, and I bought his music and went to his concerts. However, now that Rain is going to the military, I’ve switched to TOP,” she quipped, drawing laughs from the audience.

cr: TVdaily via daum, akp

i think So Hyun and Jung Woon are friends....

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Guest PHSsoultree

went to dcmarried, err.. can someone clarify what this couple's nickname is? ..so i can edit the first page..thanks! brave couple or gold wish couple or vampire couples? .... weird .. lool ..

Sorry to cut your post.

I think officially it's the brave couple.

Gold wish couple doesn't roll off the tongue easy and Vampire couple is just plain weird, it gives me images of them biting eachothers necks, in a non-sexy way... *shiver*

I missed this couple live but I'm definatly downloading it just to watch them. I'll make screen caps too.

WonJoon oppa~ It's adorable how he still calls SoHyun noona. She's lucky.

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I'm actually very excited for this couple, especially after finding out that they have been friends for 18 years. That just adds another level of fun to their relationship since they will already be pretty comfortable around each other. Plus, since they are actually of marriageable age, and non-idols, I hope to see a more realistic portrayal of married life. Don't get me wrong, I love all the couples that were on and that are on WGM, but the majority of them were idols couples (at least the bride or groom was an idol), even my favorite couple Joongbo, and I felt like a lot of the idol couples held back a lot because of their fans. Anyways, I can't wait for this weekend! :D

I've had those same feelings too. While i have loved many of the couples in the show, i have been craving an older couple with total lack of awareness to the cameras, or really how the fans would feel about their actions on the show. I have vaguely seen him as a singer, so i do not really know his personality. It will be nice to get to know him through the show. as for PSH, i have watched her in many variety shows so i'm glad to see her doing this show. I really like her personality in Gold Miss is Coming, and i find her forgetfulness quite endearing. I can't wait for subs hopefully for this couple.wub.gif

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Guest PHSsoultree

Will someone be subbing their cuts? I really hope so, i really would love to watch them ^^

SNJeung is subbing this couple.

Back with some HD screen caps.


Call me noona too. Even though your'e 18 years older than me =(





Waiting until they're 38 + 40 years old too get married !!!


Their impromtu wedding made me LOL so much.

WGM really is going in a new direction for this season.

And WonJoon Oppa is as handsome/young looking as a I remember him.

How I've missed his laugh. The "nyahahahah" *eye creases*

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Guest gauri92

im super xcited for them in WGM!!! an older couple is like a dream come true...and they seem hilarious!!! im eagerly waiting for their subbed cuts...thanx a lot to whoever is subbing!!

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After watching their first episode, am super excited for more of them. I think they will turn out to be the most realistic married couple in the history of the show. I was quite surprised because i knew being friends for so many years they will get along, but they act so naturally it's kind of easy to forget their relationship is fictitious and not a reality show. I'm eagerly awaiting a lot of skinship with this couple! They already started a bit when they were going inside the wedding hall; he was guiding her with his hands behind her back. I couldn't help but cheer!

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Guest angieecherry

[spoiler: We Got Married] Kim Won Joon & Park So Hyun become husband and wife


On April 9th, Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun – the newest couple on MBC’s “We Got Married” –  were hilariously rushed to their wedding the moment upon meeting!

Since they’ve been friends for 18 years, the producers felt that a speedy run of events was in order. Despite finding difficulties adjusting to their sudden couple status, the two were quickly changed into the appropriate attire and presented at their own surprise wedding, complete with their celebrity friends.

Kim Jin Pyo hosted the event with Bae Gi Sung as the officiant and Choi Jae Hoon as the guest.  A special performance was put on by K. Will, who jokingly ordered the couple to kiss on the cheeks every time he sang ‘present’ in the lyrics.

Park So Hyun shyly stated, “I wanted to ask if me being a nuna was okay.. But we’re so close anyway.  I tried to look as pretty as possible for him, and normally he’d ask me what was up with my clothes, but he didn’t that day.. which made me realize that he really regarded me as his wife.  He really felt like a man to me because even though we knew each other for 18 years, it was the first time we met under such circumstances.  We felt like a couple in that moment.”

Kim Won Joon romantically commented, “There was something different about her today, she wasn’t the same nuna that I had known for so long.  She looked amazing in the wedding dress.” With a shy laugh, he added, “She has such a pretty body line.”


this is a cute couple, i want seee more...... both are very nice and funny

rating 11/04/09: agb : national 9.5 and seul 10.6

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Guest syraleo

it appears snjeung is subbing episode 1 only.

and judging from how this couple only got 2 pages , their popularity is definately low.... which means who is going to sub ep2 onwards?

even the chinese subbers already pushed out the eunjung subs... but im pretty sure the chinese subbers will sub the whole wgm episode but i prefer english though...

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Guest meochun

Its a shame, just because they aren't idols, not many people will give them a chance. I'm totally looking forward to this couple over the other one.

I preferred season 1 WGM over season 2 anytime, hopefully this couple will remind how good WGM can be.

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Guest HelloDreamer

Idol or not, I think giving this couple a chance is a good thing. Since they're older, they're more experience so I thought keke. She got shy sometimes too! Hahah I guess it's true. No matter what age you are, your still shy when it comes to love and romance. It's fun to watch! The impromp wedding made me el-oh-el. Their face was like o_O. Can't wait to see the next episode.

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It's a breath of fresh air to see a different type of couple, mature and hopefully more relaxed and their being friends for 18 years will be fun... M4 being present at the "wedding" just made it more fun and having KWill there shows how diverse this Brave Couple's friends are. Their fans may be low now but I think it will pick up as their episodes continue. Their first episode was fun to watch, I had a huge smile on my face (even if I didn't understand a single thing they said..), these two know how to have fun and so does M4--each member is as goofy as any silly teenager and Park So Hyun enjoyed it... Kim Won Joon--he's a cutie, seemed to be caught off guard the whole situation and his first seing his "bride" seem to really make a big impression--is he smitten? I'm really excited for our Brave Couple.... Fighting and please everyone, continue to share your thoughts, pictures and gifs... This couple should be a adorable as any of the previous couples on this show...

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Guest cacaupop

i am like u guys too.. i hope someone can subs this couple.. cuz i think this couple will like all couples in WGM 1..

i miss all couples in WGM 1, they really look so real.. for WGM 2 its entertaining to watch..

WGM fans

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Hello it took awhile to find this thread.

Thanks penguin and bitzes for even starting to sub.I have no idea who this couple is.I've never heard of his song.I read the allkpop article and thought I'll have a look.

Interesting.I will try to follow them.I am feeling a bit weird watching them.I mean I have nothing against their age per say.It's the all noona thing that he's got going.He doesn't behave very assertively.This is not a criticism just an observation.Like I said I would see.What's all the female heart attacks is PSHsoulstree talking about?

I can't even find their cuts on the Internet.Are there any cuts of them on the Net at all?I tried looking on YT.Anyway I am cutting my own and posting it for to see who is kind enough to tell me what they are talking about.

The only thing that sucks about their age is that I can't even get any subbers interested in them.I will try my luck with the older Ko-En subbers.I know all the high school/college subbers I know are all idol mad.Maybe someone would have watched her dramas or his songs or something.

Argh...it's going to be difficult following them.So thanks in advance penguin/bitzes for starting the subbing process.

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