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[OFFICIAL] Park So Hyun ♥ Kim Won Joon Couple Thread

Guest bitzes

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Guest bitzes

WGM S3 - the Brave Couple Welcome to The Brave Couple Thread!

About the Couple


Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun, who have been friends for 18 long years, will be taking the viewers with them step-by-step as they transition from friendship to romance in a reality show format.

In the history of the show, the couple has been named the most brave couple with “absolutely zero fakeness involved.”
cr: My Daily via Nate, akp



Park So Hyun / 박소현

*Profession: Actress and MC
*Birthdate: 1971-Feb-11
*Height: 164cm
*Weight: 44kg
*Star sign: Aquarius
*Blood type: O
*Talent agency: SidusHQ

Website Link: Park So Hyun


Kim Won Joon / 김원준

* Born: February 16, 1973
* Birthplace: South Korea
* Height: 178cm.
* Blood Type: B
* Profession: Singer (member of group V.E.I.L)

Website Link: Kim Won Joon in maiandb

cr: dramawiki and kpopwiki

General Info

Rules do apply to this thread, so please follow accordingly.
Please read the rules before posting and adhere to the thread's rules as well as Soompi's rules.

* This thread is not for personal conversations. Questions and discussions regarding the couple are allowed but do please refrain from making unnecessary comments, if people continue to spam, this thread will be closed.
* Also do refrain from discussing the activities of the individuals, rather focus on the couple's own schedule.
* Do Not Quote Images. Instead remove the tag around the link.
* If you are taking any pictures/graphics do make sure to credit accordingly.
* File sharing is not allowed
* No one liner!
* And if the rules are broken do expect the thread to be closed.
* A full list of rules applying to this thread can be found here.


*We Got Married Soompi Thread

*MBC Official Website of WGM


March 31, 2011- Kim Won Joon & Park So Hyun confirmed as the third couple for “We Got Married”

April 2, 2011- Catch a preview of the new couples on “We Got Married”!

April 4, 2011- Kim Won-joon and Park So-hyun "We are also married!"

April 5, 2011- “We Got Married” to kick off season three with a new theme

April 11, 2011- Past photo of new “We Got Married” couple, Park So Hyun and Kim Won Joon, revealed

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Guest panda84

yup.. i will also give the new couple a try.. AC is irreplaceable but it doesn't stop me from watching other cp :D ...

But in one article it said "In the history of the show, the couple has been named the most brave couple with “absolutely zero fakeness involved.”" It's funny.. cuz their segment not even started. Sometimes, reporter can be .. haiz...

now let's hope that someone will sub their cut :-S

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Guest milesedi

Another AC fan here!! Of course ADAM are irreplaceable but I will give them a chance!! Let's wait and I hope they will be funny!! :lol:

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Guest cxxstar

Thank you for the new thread. :) I'm excited to watch these two, as they're older and are bound to have different experiences to the younger couples on WGM.

I just hope someone subs English for this! I know it's not going to happen as quickly, as they're not idols, and the Yongseo and Khuntoria segements are done by fansites. But I hope someone does! :P

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Guest sweethoney06

Finally we have a page for them. I am always looking forward to this couple because I hope they will give us something different from the younger couples since they have a lot more experience! Can't wait for Saturday.

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Guest bitzes

the Brave Couple? o.0

hmm interesting lol

i guess ill be looking forward to this couple

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! SNJEUNG!!! you're here! hehehe.... does that mean u'll give this a chance to sub them too? ...... hehehehehe... i know, you're busy and in the midst of subbing adam's sitcom...

to all kkapliners! of course, adam is irreplaceable.. i love them too much but im willing to give this couple a try.. i was looking for this couple's thread but there isn't so i made one..lol

@cxxstar , i do agree with you.. lol

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Guest enrique3mex

Excellent idea bitzes! I congratulate you! :)

In fact, I've read in some sites, requesting people that they want to subtitle this couple. I hope that soon we have news!

This page is very necessary for them, that way we'll have information concentrated in this place. This couple definitively will show new and interesting things!

It would be a real privilege to enjoy this couple, with the great subtitles of SNJEUNG!

I'll cross my fingers!

Best wishes! B)

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I'm actually very excited for this couple, especially after finding out that they have been friends for 18 years. That just adds another level of fun to their relationship since they will already be pretty comfortable around each other. Plus, since they are actually of marriageable age, and non-idols, I hope to see a more realistic portrayal of married life. Don't get me wrong, I love all the couples that were on and that are on WGM, but the majority of them were idols couples (at least the bride or groom was an idol), even my favorite couple Joongbo, and I felt like a lot of the idol couples held back a lot because of their fans. Anyways, I can't wait for this weekend! :D

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Guest ena123

Âdam fan here ^^ I will give this couple a chance and I hop all of u do so 2...I love adam couple very much and I still hoping adam couple 2 come back one day .. but I would love 2 watch something fun on tv and this couple looks good and fun for me so I give a try  .. I want 2 welcome this couple and their soon fans into our dear wgm family and I wish them good luck

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Guest panda84

it's the first time since 110115 that i'm looking fwd to a Saturday...

I wanna know what they feel when they discover their spouse kkk.

Best wishes to the new Brave Couple ^^

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Guest PHSsoultree

I'm really looking forward to this couple.

In my opinion the best WGM couples are always of an older age. Or maybe I'm just a WGM Season 1 fangirl, when it wasn't all young kids.  Nothing against the idols (as I'm a massive goguma stan) but I feel more at home and able to connect to the older couples. Just something about their interactions seem more friendly and non-chaste, they have more freedom to express themselves.

I'm not gonna lie I've never really watched a Park SoHyun drama/movie(?) but I've seen her around on my TV screen and from what I remember she seems a really nice woman. Then there's WonJoon. Now, I've always had my eyes on WonJoon Oppa (lol?) because lets face it, he's been around for centurys! And he often crops up in-between all my stalking of my real-singer bias. I went for years without him in my Kpop, so it's amazing to have him on my TV screen as a regualr ocourance once a week. His handsome face, husky voice. Urg, I've missed him.

Any other old-school kpoppers remember him from back in the 90's???? I see you fellow females having heart-attacks all over again.

He's still as good looking. (yeah I realize I'm going completely OT and into fan-girl mode, TBH IDGAF he's hot.)

So yeah, Looking forward to this couple, I'm totally jealous of PSH but, what's a girl to do? Hopefully she can play out my dreams with him. and I'll live vicariously through her WGM cuts.

But why are they called the 'Brave Couple'?

P.s Sorry for the long post. If you've read all of this, lol, I bet you wish you hadn't.

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Guest angieecherry

[spoiler: We Got Married] The new couples are taken by surprise


The newest couple for season three of MBC’s “We Got Married“, Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun, finally revealed a wedding photo that officially closed their 18 years of friendship for a new beginning as husband and wife.

The first time the two met, they were reportedly taken by a wedding car to an unknown destination. Lo and behold, they were taken to their very own wedding, complete with their celebrity friends in attendance! Although the two showed signs of shock at first, they quickly got into the game and completed their impromptu wedding to the best of their ability.


i want see this couple, wgm is my favorite program, and i am very sad for yongseo, but this is a nice couple.

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I love the fact that right off the bat they are having a real ceremony. And I especially love that the producers invited some of their celebrity friends! How genius is that?! :w00t: I can't wait for Saturday and to see the new couple's interactions. Now I'm even more excited for this weekend!

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Any Korean translators interested in translating for the new WGM couple, Kim Won Joon & Park So Hyun?

Email snjeung.wpress@gmail.com

credit: SNJsubs(facebook page)

i really hope someone will help snjeung to translate cuts for this couple

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Guest Indies

This couple piqued my inerest.

First, So Hyun is 40 and not yet married... in Korea to boot !

Second: If they have been friends for 18 years, treated each other like such, then all of a sudden you are married, mmmm I am curious about that. I know it is good to be friends with your spouses but this is abit different since they are real friends and did not know that their "spouse" is each other.

Third: Since they know each other's secrets and also if the other is faking it, I am curious if they will cover or out each other. I have a feeling that So Hyun will be doing the "outing", she'll reveal bits of details since that's what she already did in the preview. She is mischivous and I think I like that and I want to know how he will handle that.

I hope these two will entertain us and we'll want to see more.

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Guest mime_niya

i like the vibe they give off in the preview.the impression they give off is more than woojung to this point. so, lets see their 1st episode~~~

a Strong WGM fans here. i watch all and every couple since episode 1 season 1 of WGM...


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Guest PHSsoultree

Nothing interesting but - SoHyun WonJoon couple just appeared on MBC early morning news.

I have no idea what they were saying because I only had it playing as BG noise until I heard "우리 결혼했어요..." then I scrambled to open the brower in time to make a screen cap. LOL


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