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[Drama 2011] You're So Pretty 당신 참 예쁘다

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[MBC] Yoon Se Ah, Kim Tae Hoon, Hyun Woo Sung, Park Tam Hee

You're Pretty / 당신 참 예쁘다


Title: 당신 참 예쁘다 / Dangshin cham yepeuda

Also known as: You're So Beautiful

Genre: Melodrama, romance

Episodes: 100+

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast period: 04 April - TBA

Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50

Preceding series: Miss Joo Hung Geul / The Scarlet Letter

Ratings: Here

Download Resources: AM-Addiction / AJA-AJA

Official Site: Here

Synopsis: This drama describes a routine of anticipating adore by adore and misuse between dual lovers. The story started with Jeju island’s lady named Go Yoo Rang who falls in adore with Seoul’s male named Park Chi Young when that male visits Jeju island for business. Then Go Yoo Rang leaves Jeju to Seoul to find Park Chi Young, a cold male who usually cares for his business yet afterwards being wavered by remarkable love.


* Yoon Se Ah as Go Yoo Rang

* Kim Tae Hoon as Park Chi Young

* Hyun Woo Sung as Byun Kang Soo

* Park Tam Hee as Jo Anna

Extended Cast:

* Park In Hwan as Go Man Suk

* Lee Hyo Choon as Kim Soon Yi

* Kim Hye Eun as Go Yoo Jung

* Kim Dong Gyoon as Kim Soo Chul

* Park Hee Jin as Go Man Hee

* Jung Ae Ri as Na Myung Ja

* Song Min Jung as Park Na Young

* Park Yoon Seo as Park Bo Reum

* Park Geun Hyung as Seo Jin Myung

* Jo Hee Bong Jang Dae Poong

* Chun Bo Geun as Jang Soo Ho

* Park Hyuk Kwon (cameo)

* Kim Sun Kyung (cameo)

Correlation Chart


Cast Stills






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Thank you Semi-fly for starting this thread. This looks good, so I hope we get episode summaries or maybe even subs on viki. 


FYI - The lead guy is definitely 예쁘다 and kawaii! biggrin.gif

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Oh, first ep was good :) Enjoyed watching it even w/out the subs :3

Really like the chemistry between the leads^^

Their first meeting was funny! lol xD

The male lead is soooo hawt *_____* mwahaha ;)

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Torrent Link E01 (

CEO & HANrel):

*quoted image*

Thank you so much. Semi fly !! i like the lead actor since he was in Three sisters. can't recall him first . now i knew who he was after ep 2. .I think he tries to loose weight to become as in this roll & also like the actress too. seen for so many dramas.Thanks again for interesting dramas shares for us.

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Getting very interesting and exciting. I'm not very good with Korean but do understand a few words, but summaries of each episode would really help. Mahalo!

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