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Kimi Ni Todoke live Action (Reaching You)

Guest LadyKash

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Guest LadyKash

Tabe Mikako and Miura Haruma
Reaching You



Trailer links: trailer 1

trailer 2

based on the popular manga Kimi Ni Todoke



Tabe Mikako as Kuronuma Sawako



Miura Haruma as Kazehaya Shouta


Tabe Mikako and Miura Haruma



I haven't even finished the first season of the manga but I really really loved the movie!!..the lead cast are sooo cute and the supporting cast are all good!..you can now watch it at viki with english subtitles..

..how about you guys, what do you think of Kimi Ni Todoke live action? :)






the actors who played the main leads are so adorable together!..this movie really made fall in love.. ^_^


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Guest BattleRoyale

I just finished watching this off youtube. It was very simple and sweet, enjoyable nonetheless, but of course I like the manga best. I love how their love is so innocent and pure. The actors did a great job! I wanted them to go into depth between Chizu and Ryu a bit more but oh wells *shrugs* Miura Haruma is such a great actor! blush.gif I hope they make a part 2 or something.

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Guest swtpurpletaro

watching the second season of the anime right now, wonder is the movie version any good, what ending did the movie had?

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Guest oneandonlysarang

The movie was okay, but honestly, it wasn't anything special.. Of course the manga is the best (:

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Guest kayana20

I wanted so much more from this series but I was left wanting more. I am ready to watch the anime because at least we can see all the characters get their storyline.It still was beautiful in the long run.

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