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[Drama 2011] Baby-faced Beauty / Youthful Beauty 동안미녀

Guest C51236

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Guest C51236

[KBS] Jang Nara, Choi Daniel, Ryu Jin, Kim Min Seo
credits to everyone who contributed to the thread!!

Baby-faced Beauty / Youthful Beauty




Director: Lee Jin Seo (이진서) & Lee So Yun (이소연)

Scriptwriter: Oh Sun Hyung (오선형) & Jung Do Yoon (정도윤)

Korean title: 동안미녀 / Dong-ahn Mi Nyeo

Also known as: Pretty Young Woman

Genre: Romance, comedy

Episodes: 18 20

Broadcast period: 2011-May-02 ~ 2011-Jul-05

Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Previous drama: Crime Squad

Official site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/babyface/






Other sites: KBS World | nate | daum | DramaWiki | HanCinema

Cast: Jang Nara (Wedding), Choi Daniel (High Kick Through the Roof), Ryu Jin (Call of the Country), Kim Min Seo (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Hyun Young, Yoon Hee Suk, Hong Rok Gi, Oh Yun Seo (Dong Yi), Yoo Yun Ji, Park Chul Min, Kim Hye Ok, Kim Mi Kyung, Na Young Hee, Kim Gyu Chul, Ahn Seo Hyun (Dream High), Jung Joo Eun, Kim Bo Yoon, Son Hwa Ryung


Jang Na Ra plays a 34 year old woman but looks like a woman who's still in her 20s. She gets fired from her job and has to lie about her age in order to get hired for another job. Choi Daniel plays a man who's rich and only dates girls younger than him. He meets and falls for Jang.

Alternative Synopsis

Thirty three year old spinster, So Young, has an unbelievably young looking face! Most girls who are 33, they are either married or very successful in their field. However, all So Young has is a troublesome family, morass of poverty, a poor academic background and a baby face inherited from her dad. When you are young, you dream big. She, wanted to be a world famous designer, applied for the nation’s top reputed design school and got accepted. However, because of some complicated family matters, she has to give up on her dream school. Instead, she goes to a textile institute and graduate there at the top of her class. Moreover, her dexterity allows her to make simple clothes for herself. When the economy worsened, she gets fired from a company she worked at for 13 years because of her age. So Young lies about her age to get a job at the top textile company! There, she meets Choi Jin Wook who finds older women unattractive. Jin Wook, not knowing that So Young is 6 years older than him, is becoming fond of her..

credits KBS World


(for more go here)

lsoeyoug.jpgJang Nara as Lee So Young

“Absolute baby face, old maid, Lee So Young (34 years old)”

Lee So Young has an extremely young appearance and joins a fashion company by pretending to be nine years younger than her actual age. She becomes successful both in her work and love in the drama.

Her heart is as golden as she’s pure-hearted and lovely. Belying her age of 32 years-old, she’s such baby-faced. But after being dismissed from a textile company due to her “old” age after having worked there for 12 years, she becomes unemployed in the midst of a recession. Although she can’t lie to save her life, she gets hired by a fashion company with her young sister So Jin’s resume, and her life makes a 180-degree turn. Now, two “formidable” men approach her with romantic interests. Not having been the main character in matters of love during her entire life, she’s about to become a Cinderella.

sjoengowok.jpgChoi Daniel as Choi Jin Wook

“Old-faced MD, Choi Jin Wook, has just met his worst enemy (27 years old)”

Choi Jin Wook joins a fashion company by abandoning his promising position as the heir to the famous restaurant selling pork hocks. He is a “cute” man in the drama; at the same time, he shows an obsession about his ex-girlfriend in the drama. In addition, he experiences difficulties every time he works within the company, so he will be fingered as someone to watch by his boss.

He’s been the Managing Director (MD) of fashion company “Clie.” Although he’s the only son to the family owning a restaurant chain with multi-million dollars in annual sales, he has left home to defy his overly-authoritative father, declaring himself independent. On a casual glance, he may look worldly and calculating like many men nowadays, he’s actually an innocent hunk who would give everything to the one and only woman he truly loves. Due to his natural-born charm and exceptional prowess in sales operations, he’s the subject of much affection from older colleagues, both women and men. He falls for So Young, unaware she’s actually five years older than he is. Upon finding out the truth, he falls into a shock…

jseisgil.jpgRyu Jin as Ji Seung Il

“Cold-hearted, chic CEO Seung Il (35 years old)”

Ji Seung Il is obsessed with fashion in the drama. He has a young daughter (Ahn Seo Hyun) from a previous relationship.

kyoonseu.jpgKim Min Seo as Kang Yoon Seo

“Single-minded designer Yoon Seo (26 years old)”

Supporting Cast

jsjoen.jpgHyun Young as Ji Joo Hee (Ji Seung Il's younger sister, 34)

yougnjon.jpgYoon Hee Suk as Noh Yong Joon

soouigje.jpgOh Yun Seo as Lee So Jin (Lee So Young's sister, 25)

kgsehbg.jpgHong Rok Gi as Jang Ki Hong (34)

jwodhe.jpgSon Hwa Ryung as Jang Mi Soon (29)

yoeusje.jpgYoo Yun Ji as Director Park Na Ra (27)

suname.jpgPark Chul Min as Sun Nam (cameo)

soyeung.jpgKim Hye Ok as Jung Ok (So Young's mother)

Kim Gyu Chul as So Young's father

kmeesbbs.jpgKim Mi Kyung as Director Baek

narhbfb.jpgNa Young Hee as Hyun Ji Sook (Yoon Seo's mother)

hyusni.jpgAhn Seo Hyun as Ji Hyun Yi (Ji Seung Il's 6 year old daughter)

Kim Bo Yoon as Kwon Hye Jung

Jung Joo Eun

character descriptions credits to KBS Global & KBS World


Posters: 1 | 2

Wallpapers: 1 | 2 (1024x768)


credits KBS

Official posters credits kaeru-chan


First Script Rehearsal: [X]

First Behind the Scene Stills: [X] | [X]

BTS #2 (Kim Min Seo)

BTS #3 (Choi Daniel)

BTS #4 (Jang Nara)

BTS #5 [X] | [X]


TEASER #1 | TEASER #2 credits ockoala & narashonara


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Guest C51236

Youthful Beauty Hold 1st Script Reading

The cast of 'Youthful Beauty' met on the 22nd 16th for the first script rehearsal. The four leads (Jang, Choi, Ryu, and Kim) were present along with Hyun Young and Hong Rok Gi.

Choi Daniel and Jang Nara




Jang Nara


Choi Daniel


Ryu Jin


Kim Min Seo


Hyun Young


??? Hong Rok Gi




credits nate

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Guest C51236

Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi Act Together in ‘Youthful Beauty’



Actress Jang Na Ra, who is making a comeback to Korean dramas after a six-year break, and actor Daniel Choi, who is the most promising rising star in 2011, will have a romance together in the drama. Cast members of the KBS drama “Youthful Beauty (working title, written by Oh Sun Hyung and Jeong Do Yoon, directed by Lee Jin Seo and Lee So Yeon)” gathered for the first time for practicing reading the script on March 16 at 3pm. The main actors Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi and other supporting actors such as Ryu Jin, Hyun Young, Hong Rok Ki, and Yoon Hee Seok have reportedly been praised highly for their enthusiastic acting practice as if it were the real film set. Look at the stills taken at the venue where the script reading was held for the highly anticipated drama “Youthful Beauty.”

To see the full article go here: http://english.kbs.co.kr/Entertain/EntertainmentGallery/view.html?No=897


Actress Oh Yeon Seo joins the cast of 'Baby-faced Beauty'




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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Min Seo joins cast for upcoming KBS drama, “Baby-faced Beauty”

Actress Kim Min Seo has officially been casted for an upcoming KBS drama title, “Baby-faced Beauty“.

Working alongside Daniel Choi and Jang Nara, Kim Min Seo will play the role of a fashion designer who gets fired from her job at the age of 34; she then decides to lie about her age in order to receive a better chance at getting hired elsewhere. The drama has been described as being more of a romantic comedy, which surprised many netizens as they were expecting something more serious.

Shortly after she joined the cast, Kim Min Seo stated, “I was found as all-around attractive, so I’m expected to play my character real well. Hopefully, I am the right person; I’ll work my hardest.”

The drama will broadcasting its first episode on May 2nd.


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Guest C51236

Actor Choi Daniel begins shooting for new KBS drama





images credits to nate


Jang Nara to celebrate ten years in entertainment industry




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Guest C51236

'Baby Faced Beauty' First Filming Stills







First look at the cast of 'Baby Faced Beauty'

Jang Nara



Choi Daniel


Hyun Young


credits nate

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Guest C51236

More BTS (ft. Kim Min Seo)

Kim Min Seo cuts her hair for new drama



Jang Nara with child actress Ahn Seo Hyun (Go Hye Sung from Dream High)


Source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Guest stoolker

oooo I look forward to this drama!!! Jang Nara looks soo young!! amazing! Choi Daniel and her looks like they will make a good match for this drama!

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Guest adikkeluangman

Hyun Young is nervous about acting again in KBS’s “Dong-ahn Mi-Nyuh”

The talent with the unique nasal voice, Hyun Young, is once again becoming an actress after five years away from the scene. She will play the role of Jang Nara’s high school friend, as well as a clothing design professor in the new KBS drama “Dong-ahn Mi-Nyuh” (“Baby-faced Beauty”).

Hyun Young’s filming started on March 27th at a college campus, and the first scene filmed was of her meeting Jang Nara, her high school acquaintance, coincidentally.

This is her first acting role since her appearance in the SBS drama “Bad Family“, and for the role, she changed her hairstyle and wore shorts and a chiffon blouse to portray a college clothing design professor.

After her first filming was over, Hyun Young modestly commented, “I’m nervous because I haven’t filmed in a while, but I’m happy.”

Her hardworking attitude and drive for perfection inspired staff members. She also had very good chemistry with the other actors and the staff despite her long hiatus from acting.

“Dong-ahn Mi-Nyuh” will air its first episode on May 2nd.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Jang Nara’s face is even smaller than an iron

Singer-actress Jang Nara’s extremely small face has generated buzz across the internet.

On March 30th, a picture of Jang Nara during the filming of KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Babyface Beauty” spread across online community bulletins.

Matching the title of the drama, she is sporting a cute ‘apple’ hairstyle while holding an iron. However, netizens were more interested in the iron than her cuteness. Jang Nara, who has always been known for being petite, shocked fans because her face was even smaller than the iron.

Netizens posted, “Her face must really be small. It’s even smaller than an iron”, “She’s like a cartoon”, “From the title of the drama, everything about this project is made for Jang Nara.”

Meanwhile, “Babyface Beauty”, starring Jang Nara, Choi Daniel, and Ryu Jin Ee, will air its first episode on May 2nd.


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OMG! did Jang Nara stop aging?

I'd watched her acting since i'm 13 n yet she just looked the same?

n I've been aging more than i should be right now!

so jealous of her!

n it seems this story is really write for her?

since she never aged..

n i totally fell for the story line right away!

can't wait!

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Guest DashRabbit

Fighting! Fansubs listed this drama on our possible future list. :)

So recruiting is open for this drama.

We need Korean and Chinese Translators, Timers and Editors.

If you are interested. Contact Us! http://ffsubs.com/join-us-2/

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