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[Drama 2011] Miss Ripley 미스 리플리

Guest JPhylls

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thanks all for your updates, recaps and post.

Still didn't see the whole episode but knowing the ending, I totally agree with you imogene and Dangermousie. This is more tragic for me and made me very sad more than if Miri, YH or any other lead has died at the end. Although I see it more logical and expected that YH and Miri didn't end up together but this is really heartbreaking that our 2 wounded and lonely souls are the only ones who don't have the happiness they wanted at the end. Specially YH who didn't make any thing wrong and the one with the least chances to feel happiness and Miri at least has HJ by her side tears: :tears:

May some of you don't agree it is enough punishment but in my opinion, Although she has now another chance to begin her life (which I believe she really deserves it) but she is now punished for her legal crimes (jail) and for her moral crimes (being away from the one she loves) in the end.Don't the parents need some punishment as well????? LH didn't even wait for her when she is out of prison, she should at least live her rest of life only for her???

Can't believe it is already ended :(. I will try to post again after watching the 2 final episodes fully.

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Guest babyfaceyoochun

[NEWS] (Spoiler Alert) “Miss Ripley” finishes with a happy ending

201107192314051001_1.jpg?w=468&h=1335On July 19th, the last episode of MBC’s drama ‘Miss Ripley‘ aired to a happy ending.

Jang Mi Ri‘ (played by Lee Da Hae) ultimately went to prison for forging her educational background and degrees. Then the story fast forwarded 1 year, in which ‘Jang Mi Ri’ was finally released from prison and began her new life with a happy outlook.

Her mother, ‘Lee Hwa‘ (played by Choi Myung Gil), wanted to go abroad together with ‘Jang Mi Ri’, but ‘Jang Mi Ri’ ended up staying back in Korea. She sent a letter to her mother with “I will live here to atone for my difficult, but shameful past. You really did return like you had promised when you gave me the necklace to keep and wait for you. I love you“, as she forgave her mother for abandoning her during her childhood.

Meanwhile, ‘Lee Hwa’ volunteered happily with her husband, ‘Song In Soo‘ (played by Jang Young). ‘Jang Myung Hoon‘ (played by Kim Seung Woo) opened a small hospital where he treated senior citizens. ‘Moon Hee Joo‘ (played by Kang Hye Jung) was shown to become a successful architect.

The romance line between ‘Song Yoo Hyun‘ (played by Park Yoochun) and ‘Jang Mi Ri’ ended peacefully with Yoo Hyun’s soliloquy: “I met her one day. I knew her at first glance. She was similar to my long departed mother. A woman who gave joy to the world. She is like my heart. I loved her. I really loved her“.

At a distance, a sign was seen labeled with “The greatest love is to love yourself“. As ‘Song Yoo Hyun’ remembered ‘Jang Mi Ri’ in his memory, ‘Jang Mi Ri’ was also thinking of ‘Song Yoo Hyun’ as they passed by each other without actually meeting. The drama ended with love’s aftertaste.

Source+Photo: Newsen via 


Translation creditAllkpop

Shared byJYJ3

[Ratings] AGB Nielson Ratings of "Miss Ripley" Ep16 :

 Nation 15.4 %, Seoul 16.6% it is NO 1

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OMG, episode 16 was another crying fest for me. 

I hated the fact that Lee Hwa and YH’s father were able to go on with life as if nothing happened.  That charity thingy they’re doing did not erase the fact they’re still monsters.  

Miri was finally able to redeem herself and returned to the sweet and gentle person that she once was.  Her facial expression the last time she faced YH, after she owned up to her crimes, showed a calmer, more radiant Miri finally at peace with herself.  

The scene where YH was sobbing his heart out was so gut wrenching and painful to watch (Park Yoochun was riveting in this scene).

I wasn't surprised by the ending when YH and Miri parted ways.  I felt very sad for them because they were cheated out of their right to love each other freely.  I believed they both love one another very much.  They tried to move on but it was obvious that it would be very difficult for them especially when they're now thrown together as a family.  

It's poignant to see them looking at a sign without being aware of each other and then walking away in the opposite direction.   I’d like to think that after both of them realized they’ve had enough of their parents who’ve s*crewed up their lives, after they’ve recognized they can’t live without each other, they’ll throw caution to the wind, leave the country and live happily ever after with their two and a half kids.  That’s the ending I envision for them. 

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Guest relly

Hi Everyone,

Miss Ripley Episode 15 English Soft-Sub Subtitle is out.


Miss Ripley 1-15 English Subtitle can be found Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project:-

URL: http://www.darksmurfsub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1614-miss-ripley-2011/

Please visit the link for more information about the Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project. CTS Project is about FANS helping FANS for FAST SUBTITLE RELEASE! Enjoy!

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Guest babyfaceyoochun

"Miss. Ripley" ends in first place with 15.4%


MBC drama "Miss. Ripley" ended in first place.

The final episode of "Miss. Ripley" on the 19th ended with 15.4%. This is 0.4% more than the previous episode and this days episode drew Jang Mi-ri paying the price for the fake life she had lead.

Meanwhile, at the same time, SBS drama "Warrior Baek Dong-soo" rated 15.0% and KBS2 drama "Spy MyeongWol" rated 5.9%.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

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Guest reijaye

  is it me or there just too many things left unsaid?

i don't understand korean just watch it raw just want to ask...

 did YH's father apologized to MIRI?

if not then i would TOTALLY PISSED OFF!! he should at least apologize..

i wish there will be a  MOVIE VERSION for this.. anyone with me? hahahaha

i really like the scene where LH was begging for forgiveness to MIRI ?... when they were in the hospital

i just cry even though i don't totally understand what are they saying but i can see both of their pain as a mother and daughter..

i have mixed reactions on the ending... i like it that i don't.. haha

 i wish that LH and YH father divorced and then MIRI and YH together... oh well it ended there's nothing we can do..

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Watching that crying scene by the river make me feel like Yoochun is crying or letting out what he keep inside more for himself as yoochun then his character as Yuhyun.....


same thinking here..c him cried made me cried too..but i think he let go all the pains..;(

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I've not actually watched the series but have been following, via episodic recaps here and on dramabeans, but I have to ask how similar, at least in a tragic sense is this show to Autumn In My Heart?

Both series, as far as I can tell, seem to share a similar fate of two lovers being drawn together only to be torn apart by family secrets and or death (Autumn In My Heart). Chances of anyone actually seeing the older series (Sept. 2000) is kind of slim but I'm sure one or two of you have a general knowledge of that series to give some insight into this one and that one.

Entirely different from Autumn in My Heart because there really was only one true pair of lovers in Autumn in My Heart.   And, the events that occurred were not done out of greed or evilness, in AIMH.  It was just the most unfortunate of circumstances that kept the lovers apart.  And, the ending used the k-drama cliche of a fatal illness.  :phew:

There is commonality in the parental stupidity and selfishness.  In both dramas, a parent or parents made decisions for their own preservation, at the expense of the child.  And, in both cases, the parent(s) had the financial means to ensure that the child would not suffer.  But, in both dramas, the parents were simply catatonic enough to do nothing and just allowed events to take its course, until it was too late.  ^_^

BTW, I thought it was interesting that the electronic message that stopped both Miri and Yoo Hyun on the street was Michael Masser's lyrics to "The Greatest Love of All".   It does make one wonder what Miri's life might have been like if she had 'learned to love herself because that's the greatest love of all'.  :mellow:

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Guest ethan_1

Goodbye Miss Ripley...it's so sad that it has come to an end...I will miss this thread. tears.giftears.gif Thank you everyone for all the discussions,news,updates,etc. It is a bittersweet ending.It will be hard for me to forget "YuRi"...this is why I dont like watching a melodrama. I started watching it because of Lee Da Hae but I ended up liking Park Yoochun too.Miss Ripley may not be perfect but it will be one of my favorite drama.All the actors/actresses were able to deliver their characters well.Hope Dahae will have an award for this...I couldn't think of any actress who is fitting to act as Miri.She was able to make Miri's character alive. Once again,thank you everyone. I enjoyed this roller-coaster ride.

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Guest freeminded1430278377

I truly miss this drama. It is one of my favorite ones of this year. I like Lee Da Hae in her prior roles and I am amazed to see how she shines in this drama. The drama ended and so I guess it is Goodbye miss ripley

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