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[Drama 2011] Miss Ripley 미스 리플리

Guest JPhylls

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Hahaha, Thank you laura for sharing the translation :wub:

And as you said laura LDH speaks, read and write Chinese very well. She has been studying Chinese language for 5 years now and she made a lot of interviews purely in Chinese.

Here is another poster made by Chinese fans, they are really great and professional:

By lidongxu


Another fan made trailer for the drama:


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From the character script, it sounds like Miri (LDH's role) is not a nice person at all. I hope that's not the case, LDH who'll probably portray that character so well that all the Yoochun fans would hate her. Besides, I don't like evil main characters and hate sad endings.

Apparently, the shooting has already started, I hope to see some pictures.

Thanks for all the latest news and the fanmade videos.

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Guest ngthuhien149

[110322] Yoochun's Twitter

@6002theMicky tweeted on Tues March 22nd 7:58 am (Korea),


[Trans] Everyone~ you have been well, right?? ^^

@6002theMicky tweeted on Tues March 22nd 8:22 am (Korean),

촬영 잘하고올께요^^유타카~송유현 응원해주세요!!ㅇ ㅏㅈ ㅏ~

I will do well on my shoot^^ Please cheer on Yutaka~[T/N: Yuchun's character in "Ripley"] Song YuHyun!! Ah~Ja~ [T/N: Korean word similar to "hwaiting," used to cheer on someone.]

@6002theMicky tweeted on Tues March 22nd 8:32 am (Korea),

JYJ월드 투어~많이보러오시구요!!ㅇ ㅏㅈ ㅏ~

[Trans] And please come see JYJ’s World Tour!! Ah Ja~

@6002theMicky tweeted on Tues March 22nd 8:37 am (Korea),

그리고 일본 진심으로 힘내요!!

[Trans] And Japan, from my heart... please be strong!!


Source. @6002theMicky’s Twitter Page

Trans by. withJYJ

He sure feel a lot of pressure but as he said: "Doing this job is like dealing with pressure". Look at how cheerful he is~

Yoochun shii, our heart is for Japan as well TT TT

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Guest miss_h

If people familiar with JYJ situation, it's no wonder why Yoochun being extra careful and didn't say anything until the first day of filming.

I don't know how LDH and KHJ will portray their role. This will be a battle of acting between LDH vs KHJ and YC vs KSW and I honestly can't wait to see the results. I am positive that they will give us the best result.

As someone says before, I don't mind a little makjang in here. But I don't mind a little laugh either.. Can't wait to see how the PD and the writer will play this out.

Ripley FIGHTING!!!

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chinese translation by 韩星 yujin

from tv report

yuchun will go to japan for ripley's shooting


cast pic


fr weibo

they say the one on the bottom left will play chun's pal and the one on the bottom right will be chun's dad in the drama

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Guest tubong

As a Lee Dae Hae's fan, I'm really excited to see her again in this drama. It has been a long time since I last followed a drama - Chuno was my last one. I hope it's going to be a good journey and to get to know other idols as well. It seems like this drama has a good casts, and their fans are super :)

I love "bad" woman with a sense of humor who make you love her and hate her at the same time. But since it's a melodrama, I expect LDH's character to be heavy :( Regardless, I can't wait to see this drama.

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"A new (kind of) product which has not been seen before will be born.”

With these words from the production company, I can't help but anticipate it! I've high expectations, not of a perfect drama, but a drama in which everyone has given their best =)

Unlike SKKS, this drama will be completely filmed BEFORE its broadcast? If so, I kind of feel like that takes a lot of the pressure off the team already~ It seems like it must be so stressful to have to film AS the drama is aired..so much to do in such little time.

For perfectionists like Chunnie, time is precious! haha~


jenknight18 I enjoyed reading everything you wrote! I admire your faith in Chunnie~ I too believe he has taken on this project with a much deeper faith in the character he is to portray~

Let's give him our greatest support!


Last but not least, I would like to share these two beautiful wallies the lovely Sayuri JaeJoong, a dear poster in the DBSK thread, created & shared with us there earlier today~

Hope you like!(&& don't forget to credit her if you take!!~)




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Guest hanabluefaith

[Trans] 110321 Park Yoochun, Lee Da Hae and Kim Seung Woo Begin “Love Triangle”


JYJ’s Park Yoochun, together with actors Lee Da Hae and Kim Seung Woo have started a “Love Triangle” in “Goodbye Miss Ripley.”

Park Yoochun, Lee Da Hae and Kim Seung Woo are the three main characters for MBC’s new drama “Goodbye Miss Ripley.” “Goodbye Miss Ripley” is about a woman who faces a crisis from telling too many lies, and the two men who love her deeply, creating a story of the struggle and resolution among love and destruction.

Lee Da Hae plays the role of the woman who faces a crisis due to her own lies, Jang Miri, and exudes an unaffected charm. Jang Miri is a woman who is willing to put herself in a dangerous relationship to gain success.

Kim Seung Woo plays a character who was born into a poor family, but is focused on being No. 1, the unyielding Jang Myeong Hun. He is calm and sensible, and became a hotel manager. After Jang Myeong Hun falls in love with Jang Miri, he faces the danger of losing everything that he has worked so hard to gain so far.

Park Yoochun is part of the love triangle together with Kim Seung Woo and Lee Da Hae, and plays the role of Yutaka, the son of a famous Japanese resorts company CEO. Because of Jang Miri, Yutaka learns the meaning of true love, but also faces the tragic fate of ending up in a critical situation.

Also, Kang Hye Jeong plays the role of Jang Miri’s sister at the orphanage, Na Hye Ju. Na Hye Ju finds out about her sister Jang Miri’s plot and tries to expose her, and puts herself in a dangerous position.

“Goodbye Miss Ripley” will be aired in May after “The Duo.”

Source: [TV Report] + [baiduTVXQ]

Translation credits: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net

Shared by: tohosomnia.net

[NEWS] 110322 Yuchun on plane to Japan for filming of “Ripley”


Group JYJ’s member Park Yuchun is on a plane to Japan for filming of MBC TV drama “Miss Ripley.”

Recently, Park Yuchun tweeted, “I will do a good job shooting. Please support Yukata, Song YuHyung! Ahja! Everyone please come see JYJ’s World Tour! And Japan, truly have strength!”

Yukata, Song Yuhyun is Yuchun’s character name in “Miss Ripley.” Yukata is his Japanese name, and Song Yuhyun is used as his Korean name. Yukata is the son of a president of a famous Japanese resort, and falls into a triangle-love with Jang Miri (Lee DaHae) and the hotel manager Jang Myunghoon (Kim Seungwoo)

Yukata learns true love through Jang Miri, but is a tragic character who falls in danger of ruin because of her. Lee DaHae, who is making her comeback after 1 year and 3 months after KBS 2TV drama “Chu-No,” has been cast as Jang Miri.

“Miss Ripley” is based off of Shin JungAh, who made news by forging her education history, and is about a woman (Jang Miri) with greedy desires who falls into a pit of lies, and the conflict and resolution that occurs between the two men (Yukata, Jang Myunghoon) who fall in love with her.

“Miss Ripley” starring Kim Seungwoo, Lee Dahae, Park Yuchun, and Kang Haejung, will air at the end of May after the drama “Jjak Pae.”

Source: Daum 

Trans by: withJYJ

Shared by: JYJ3

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Guest JPhylls

The news I was talking about 124.gif 101.gif 74.gif

[NEWS] 110322 JYJ Park YuChun’s fans’ fan-made trailers and posters for drama ‘Miss Ripley’


Drama “Ripley’ has received a lot of heated attention even before the broadcast of the drama.

There are hypothetical poster and trailers for the drama even though filming for the new MBC Mon,Tue drama ‘Ripley’ has yet to start.

Fans of Park YuChun had made their own fan-made trailers and posters and uploaded and shared them onto websites and social media sites to show their interest about the drama.

Fans had attracted attention from Netizens with the teasers made through edition of  the 4 leads, Kim SeungWoo, Lee DaHae, Park YuChun,and  Kang HyeJung images and created several kinds of trailers with such quality  that looks so real it could be used as real trailers.

Drama ‘Ripley’ that’s to be aired this coming May is a story about a woman who tell lies and created more lies to cover up the lies that have been told and eventually because of the numerous lies that have been told, she falls into a crisis of losing everything. And, a melodrama that consist of love and destruction of two men who fall in love with this lady who has a greedy desire .

‘Ripley’ production company CurtainCall Media has expessed, “The best casting and perfect drama has been gaining a lot of anticipation.” and “‘Ripley’ has a well-rounded and good-structured script, and with refined and delicated acting skills, it will be a drama that viewers have yet to be able to see up till now.”

Source: Newsen

Translated by: inhye87 of withjyj

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The cast of “Goodbye Miss Ripley” hold their first script-reading session

by chloejn on March 23, 2011 at 3:22 am


On March 21st, the cast of MBC’s new drama, “Goodbye Miss Ripley“, met up to hold their first script-reading.

Actors Kang Hye Jung, Kim Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, and JYJ’s Yoochun practised their interactions with one other intensively, but it’s said that there was a friendly atmosphere all throughout the rehearsal.

In particular, Kim Seung Woo took ownership as the oldest male and read each of his lines meticulously; it allowed for the other actors to other act seriously as well, as if they were already on set.

According to “Goodbye Miss Ripley”’s production company,

“Kim Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, Park Yoochun, and Kang Hye Jung’s overflowing passion for acting is sizeable. You were able to feel the actors’ determination in making this work, even though it was just the script-reading. Please anticipate the [drama] that they will make, ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’.“

“Goodbye Miss Ripley” is about a girl (Lee Da Hae) who said a thoughtless lie which eventually led to an endless stream of lies in which she eventually has to face losing everything. It will air its pilot episode sometime in May.

Source: TV Report via Nate

Credit to allkpop

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Guest Murshmellow

I can't wait for this drama.

The plot is definitely intriguing. I really want to see a morally ambiguous heroine (there aren't many of those) and I hope they don't make it like she had no choice and had to go along with the mess she made. I want to see her consciously make those decisions that will bring her downfall, makes it all the more interesting.

And the love triangle sounds great to me, like a cherry on a perfect cake. :D

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Guest 6228Micky

Micky Yoochun gives out the aura of Prince Charming even in his casual clothes doing the script-reading. Oh i love him :wub:and cannot wait for this drama!


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Guest jenknight18

Micky Yoochun gives out the aura of Prince Charming even in his casual clothes doing the script-reading. Oh i love him :wub:and cannot wait for this drama!

*quoted image*

love his chubby cheeks.. at least I know he gets to eat well...

Lee Da Hae ... I love the pink nails, am happy to see that she's enjoying her chemistry with the other casts.. can't wait to see her deliver all the angsty lines..

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Wow, like a few here, I too missed the Soompi fun when SKKS was airing. So quite happy to be here now with u all.

 I too am glad Yoochun chose such a role instead of going for the typical rom-com hero character. Like many commented previously, I too think he has a wise head on his shoulders especially when it comes to choosing his roles. Choosing a sageuk as his launch itself shows he is different from the rest. It is quite clear that he wants to be taken seriously as an actor. This is a great opportunity for him to act with senior actors and polish his craft.

 It is good if they can finish off a chunk of the shooting beforehand so that he won't be burnt out by the end of it.

Lee Da Hee's character seems very complex. Hope it is somewhat like Matt Damon's Ripley. A character who is not evil intentionally, but circumstances force them to do stuff they wouldn't otherwise do. I am curious about Kim Seung Woo's character. Maybe I have seen all the wrong dramas, but I hope it is not a cold main lead- soft second lead scenario again. Since this is not a typical rom-com, I have my hopes up.

Anyway, very excited!

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fr weibo

Holy pink nails of da hae's & pink hello kitty highlighter of yuchun's!!!!! w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif

and they said da hae took yuchun's starbuck's & had some indirect kisses!!!!! w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif

by the way, they noticed that on the script it only printed "ripley" as the title


more pics by 猪猪






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Guest hanabluefaith

[News] Yuchun is “studying hard.” Script reading for “Ripley” is revealed


Park Yuchun is studying hard!

The actors practicing reading the script of MBC’s new Mon-Tues drama “Ripley,” starring Kim Seungwoo, Lee Dahae, Park Yuchun, and Kang Haejung, has been revealed.

The four leads, Kim Seungwoo, Lee Dahae, Park Yuchun, and Kang Haejung, and Jang Young and Kim Nawoon first met each other and practiced acting together during the first script reading on the 21st at MBC’s Dream Center in Ilsan

[Throughout the reading], a friendly atmosphere continued as the young and older actors’ acting perfectly mingled together.

Kim Seungwoo especially took a lead in making a comfortable practice setting by reading his lines carefully as the oldest brother, and because of it created a happy atmosphere full of laughter throughout the entire reading.

Furthermore, there are reports that the practice atmosphere became heated with the younger actors such as Lee Dahae, Park Yuchun, and Kang Haejung read their scripts seriously as if they were really filming along with the happy atmosphere-maker Kim Seungwoo.

[Omitted - summary of "Ripley." Refer to previous articles translated about the drama if you would like to find out :)]




Trans by. withJYJ

Yoochun Fanart


Credit : As tagged

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