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[Official] HONEY COUPLE: Song Seung Hun & Kim Tae Hee

Guest cofioca

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Guest cmshrty

wahhhh..why am I so freakinnn obsessed with this couple?!?? I'm usually not like this :sweatingbullets: lol but they're so cute!!

lovinn the bts scenes and all that other stuff..I'm hoping for a special or something or maybe a SEQUEL!! :D lol..

oh and, just to tell you all, i posted something on the main MP forum awhile back saying how I found that KTH was actually rumored to have wed SSH!!

:wub: or was it dated?! hmm not sure :crazy: lol but I do remember searching it up on google..oh and mind you I found it when the drama just barely started..so maybe they did have a past :D lol hmm well I'll look for it again and post it on here.

I spoke too much -__- lmfao. byeeee all <3

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Guest pandaBOO

OMG!!! And here I was so sad that MP has ended so I've been replaying all the cute scenes over and over all day UNTIL I discovered this thread and boy am I happy :D

Love this couple!!!

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Hi MP Princess and Princesses...Count me in...I'm so in love with this two that I've been a stalker of all the sites that contains news and tidbits bout them....I do wish that they will not only date in real life but would eventually be MARRIED later..if this happen I will fly to Korea without hesitation....

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Wow~ finally I found out this thread :wub: so happy~~~~~~ l0l

thank you soju_chic and other Honey shippers for setting up this thread :wub:



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Oh we have new members here! Welcome hanfani, Polet911, rocel,

I've noticed that you are all new members, was is the love for our HeonHee couple that made you sing up :rolleyes:. I'm so happy to see new members !

Thank you ;).

I still cannot believe that MP is over! I really wish that there will be seasons 2!!!

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I am so bored now, at this time I used to looking for any MP update. I've just watched the last MP BTS. As usualy our honey couple has a LOT of fun. Can someone translate pls! I am dying to now what they are talking about!

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Guest yanouchi

Hi Honey Couple fans...i found this in KTH thread....maybe we should put at frontpage??? :D

30 reasons why SSH is interested in KTH

(written by a Chinese fan, credit to rise2above)


1. When SSH jokes, he will turn his head and look for KTH's reaction.

2. When SSH speaks to idol group, Beast, (I forgot the actor's name, it is Lee .... ) and asks him who he is, SSH will turn around and look at KTH's reaction.

3. When they are at a restaurant near the sea, KTH talks about age. SSH said I felt like I went back in time. He said we're in year 1995 right now. That means he is only 20 years old. (I think (referring to the fan who wrote this article) he is comforting KTH saying we're still young)

4. Not really sure if I am getting this one or not. KTH was asked how is SSH's porridge and she said it is great! SSH walked away smiling and and rejoiced.

5. KTH felt ticklish when SSH was putting his hand into her clothes. KTH said SSH looks like a "beast" when she saw him half naked in episode 1.

6.I am not sure if I am understanding this one or not. When KTH and fans were taking photos together, SSH signed autographs and he told her to pause.

7.When SSH was giving a piggy back ride for KTH, he was just required to put her back to her original spot but he put her on the bed.

8.At the parking lot, KTH looked at SSH's direction first then turned to look at the crew members. SSH secretly peeked at her. When the camera faced SSH, he quickly turned away because he was shy and startled

9.During the press conference, SSH and KTH constantly bumped into each other or have body contact. KTH gave away an avoidance feeling. To me it felt like she was electrified. Even though it was only a second, it felt intimate.

10. SSH said that he treats girls who are not his girlfriend very aloof and will maintain a distance. A lot of girls have confessed to SSH but SSH is a faithful type of guy, he will not accept the love of any girl.

KTH said she rarely eats with her past male co-stars and will often maintain a distance. Back then there were actors who asked her out on dinner but she rejected. This time, she happily eats with her male co-star, SSH. (Revealed by KTH).

11. KTH said she wants to find a man who is tall, gentle, handsome and has a sense of humor. These are descriptions of SSH's well built figure, and the man who has a sense of humor KTH is looking for.

12. During the press conference, when SSH talked about KTH, KTH always blushed. Every time he accepts an interview, he will talk about her more than himself and always mentions how she is better than him in many ways. He also says he needs to learn some of KTH's strengths.

13. SSH mentioned before that he admired Lee Byung Hun for having a candy kiss scene in IRIS with KTH. He hopes to work with KTH and do a greater kiss scene with her. KTH also mentions that she wants to work with SSH before and how she felt nervous prior to filming.

14. When SSH knew that KTH will be taking part in this series, he knew that he had to accept this drama immediately. Last July, KTH mentioned how she wants to be passionately in love. SSH said he hopes to find his lover in this year's Christmas (2010?) He knew he will be working with KTH during Christmas. He even put up the photos he took with KTH on his me2day blog. The crew members who saw it praised them as an angelic couple, fans who saw it say they look like husband and wife.

15. When they were taking poster photos, SSH had to carry KTH up. When he placed her down, he pretended that his legs were weak from carrying her up. Before the scene when SSH took off his clothes, he commented that KTH is heavy. KTH said what is there to be disliked about.

16. KTH said she hopes to find a guy who loves her inner private self. SSH said what kind of bias do people have against her. He revealed a lot of her embarassing things. It appears on the surface he is making fun of her but he actually finds her adorable. Does that mean SSH wants to be that guy who understands KTH's inner, private self?

17. Unlike working with former male co-stars, KTH seems to be acting more freely and loosely in front of SSH, allowing him to act naturally and in turn, letting her acting talents to erupt which earned her a lot of praise.

18, The MC asked SSH what is your secret receipe to achieving a rating that is over 20%. SSH is always mentioning KTH. SSH is giving all the credit to KTH and not claiming any.

19. KTH's white iphone was handed over to SSH. SSH held it with a warm smile and took a picture for KTH. KTH's cell phone contains so much private information, how can she just give it to a guy to use so easily?

20. SSh said he believes in love at first sight. He said if he finds his true love, he will do anything to go after it unconditionally. That is my perspective on love. I (referring to SSH) will not tell the woman I love to give up what she has, I will rather give up whatever I have, that is called "love." KTH said it only takes her 4.5 seconds to determine whether a guy can be a friend or a lover to her. Both person believe in love at first sight. Their perspective on love is so similar, both are the type of romantic people who will pursue fairy tale love. It is rare KTH will call a man oppa. She would refer most of her former male costars who are older than her as sunbae (senior), like Lee Byung Hun.

21. When looking at the trailer, KTH is touching the wheel of a carriage. SSH is also using one hand touching the wheel, the other hand touching the seat KTH will be sitting at. According to psychology, this action that SSH performed is a sign of intimacy.

22. About the part related to the prince's body figure, the MC asked if KTH had frequently reminisced about it or not. KTH at first denied it. At night, KTH did dream about it. Yet she still did not want to admit it. She was covering her face and laughing. At the end, the MC replayed the NG where KTH acted shy and all, KTH finally said in a relaxed way, " Because SSH body figure is too good."

23. SSH said KTH eats more than him. When they were having hot pot together, KTH would eat the meat even if it is not cooked. After she was done, she would say to SSH: oppa, "How come you are not eating?" SSH responded: "The meat is not ready but you already devoured everything."

24. Last time, SSH said he read some of KTH's news and one of the messages that got left behind said" KTH does not need to go to bathroom." He was laughing hysterically upon reading the news. Why does SSH pay so much attention to KTH's news and trivias?

25. KTH said she is currently 31 but she still does not have plans for marriage. She will wait till 35 before she starts to think about this topic. Her 4 criterias of a man: Looks, wisdom, sense of humor and gentleness. (That must be SSH! Haha)

SSH said if by 40 years old, he meets a woman he loves at first sight, he will marry her the next day. 2 or 4 years apart is totally fine, alluding to someone's age isn't that far apart from his.

26. KTH said: He (SSH) has a very moderate and interesting personality. He is someone who I can play around with and teases. To be honest, he is very good at cracking jokes. This morning when I was in the changing or fitting room, (KTH was already laughing nonstop as she said this, covering her mouth to suppress her laughter), on the side of the room's window, suddenly a stranger opened the window and greeted everyone.

27. KTH said before she wants to work with SSH. Before their collaboration, she remembered how she felt her heart pounded and how tense she was knowing she will be filming with him soon.

28. SSH expressed: "To be honest, I am the type of person who likes to act whiny in front of my girlfriend. On the surface, I am almost someone who does not want to talk much, that is because besides my girlfriend, I treat all the girls around me aloof. In one of the NGs, SSH said to KTH, " Am I worrying about you?" Afterwards he patted KTH on the shoulder several times, a form of whining to her.

29. When they were interviewing, SSH said: To Korean men, KTH is a woman they dream of dating, so happy that there isn't any word to describe it. (SSH was laughing so hard he could barely cover his mouth up)

30. SSH said he knew KTH likes eating meat. He personally prepared 200 pieces of meat.

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@ meocon97: Thanks for welcoming me..I'm so inlove with them that when the day comes that both of them will acknowledge that they are a "PAIR" then...then..then...OH I don't want to do...hehhehehe...just thinking of the possibility makes me giddy...hehheheheh....

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Guest hyunjae_veyveh

here's another bts and it had quite a lot of HeonHee... KTH was laughing a lot in here with SSH haha, so cute! it makes it even harder to let go of this couple. 

My Princess BTS 1 - MBC Good Day [25-2-2011]

thanks for this BTS~!

this one caught my whole attention! during the rehearsal for the breathe in breathe out scene, from what i understood, KTH said, when i close my eyes, what do i do?

SSH suddenly said, it's kinda boring shall we do one more kiss(bbo bbo)? i was like :w00t: ! did he really say that? and this is SSH talking, not PHY! :lol: lol at KTH's reaction!

they're really so cute! i hope they make even CF's together really SOON!

hello again everyone! let's keep this thread alive! *hugs* to everyone who still have MP hangover~~!


someone (maybe PD) said, it looked like lamaze (?) the practice breathing before giving birth. lol ~~ is this a premonition?? hahahaha....

SSH keeps cracking jokes and KTH keeps laughing at them. the people around them were really serious when SSH cracks jokes.

and then the captions always point out how comfortable the two are together.

CF please!!

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Hello everyone!  'Am hopping over from the MP thread where I made two long posts, one yesterday and another early this morning  (please read my report re SSH's movie Ghost which I saw last night)

I will say it again, I  believe that soju_chic is one of the best administrator/moderator in soompi. She is pleasant and with no rough edges. I feel it so and I like it.  Kudos to you soju_chic for organizing this thread and kudos to all MP couple followers for bringing the love for SSH & KTH to here. May our love,  bear much fruit as this thread progress.   And may the producers heed the clamor for another pairing of the two.  MP is the most enjoyable rom-com drama I have watched, very refreshing to see two new pairings with such oozing chemistry between them.

I am blessed to be an LA Koreatown resident and blessed to have the opportunity to watch k movies in good cinemas near where I  live. 

@berrymonster - I was glad to see your name here in this thread.  I am happy meet old and new friends in this thread.

soju_chic - if this is a ship that has newly sailed, I would like to let you know I just hopped on board and I hope I will be welcomed.

Have a great and blessed weekend everyone!

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Guest freeminded1430278377

anyone knows SSH or KTH's new project/drama?   If i'm not mistaken SSH's new movie is Ghost.right? How about KTH?

SSH's latest movie is Ghost, it is a Japanese Korean cross collaboration if I am correct and his other movie is A better tomorrow. I am not sure if the Eng sub is out or not. KTH's latest movie is Grand Prix, and Eng subs is out and you'll be able to find the Eng subs at KTH home of the angel forum. SSH invited KTH to both of his movie events but KTH was only spotted at his "Ghost" movie. SSH showed up at KTHs Grand Prix movie event.


Fans urge season 2 of My Princess

How can I almost forget to almost post this?

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Guest freeminded1430278377

The last kiss scene in slow high definition mode


There are some Chinese fans spazzing on baidu saying when you look at the last BTS, SSH feels a little down. He is smiling saying the drama is finished but then some fans detect some sorrow in his tone. Filming is over means no more seeing KTH.

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