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[Drama 2011] City Hunter 시티헌터

Guest adikkeluangman

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Guest pallycute

pallycute, There haven't been any news about it, but I have just received this news from her manager. She will start filming it in early April because she also has another SBS drama in March. ^^* i think this news will be published soon and I'll post it to confirm. :)

Oh I see. you really have great connection. Thank you :)

So it will be reunion for PD Jin Hyuk and Kim Mi Sook.

Will he also bring another casts from Brilliant Legacy?? kekeke.. *just kidding*

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Oh I see. you really have great connection. Thank you :)

So it will be reunion for PD Jin Hyuk and Kim Mi Sook.

Will he also bring another casts from Brilliant Legacy?? kekeke.. *just kidding*

I don't know for sure but this role will be very different from other roles of her before. Hehe. Hope it will be impressive like Beak Seung Hee in BL. :D

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Guest bubby

Lee Kwang-soo added to City Hunter

More casting news for City Hunter comes with the announcement of Lee Kwang-soo, the Dong Yi and High Kick Through the Roof actor whom you may also know from the variety program Running Man. (He’s known there as “angry Kwang-soo” and “incriminating Kwang-soo,” the latter nickname being attributed to his habit of embarrassing his fellow castmates with stories.)

In City Hunter, the drama that no longer bears much resemblance to its source material (going from the gritty urban underground to the posh presidential house), Lee’s character has a methodical, rigid personality and has a genius (sigh! Another one) for computers.

He’ll join Lee Min-ho, Park Min-young, and Lee Jun-hyuk. The first two are co-workers at the Blue House, with Lee Min-ho as a part of the international communications team and Park playing a presidential bodyguard. Lee Jun-hyuk is a workaholic prosecutor who’ll vie for Park’s affections (naturally).

I have no idea how this project went from the PI partnership premise of City Hunter to a bickering workplace dealio, and am wondering if there’s any way to preserve the original property (in story, tone, relationship dynamic) with this new setup. I’m all for updated scenarios and reimagined characters, but it’s just hard to understand how a supposed remake can be so unlike the franchise from which it takes its name.

City Hunter is set to premiere on May 25.



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Guest pallycute

KARA’s Goo Hara will be making her debut as an actress through SBS’s “City Hunter“!

Goo Hara built up her acting skills through KARA’s on-going Japanese drama series, “URAKARA“; ”City Hunter” will mark her debut Korean drama role. Goo Hara was cast for the role of the president’s daughter, a spunky young woman who failed to get into college the first time and is studying to make up for it.

Goo Hara will join the rest of the cast at the end of the month. She’ll continue to juggle her busy Japanese schedules in conjunction with her new drama role.

Representatives of DSP Media commented, “Whenever we received casting offers for dramas, we were highly concerned with the unresolved controversy surrounding KARA and weren’t able to make a decision. However, acting has been another important course for idol singers lately, so we felt that this would be a great opportunity and decided to cast her for the role after much discussion.”

They continued, “Because of the group’s Japanese promotions, we know that a lot of their Korean fans are disappointed with the lack of Korean activities, which was pressuring to us as well. We’ll be starting by reviving the members’ individual activities in order to further work hard and make sure that KARA can greet their fans as whole once again.”

Source: Newsen via Nate + allkpop

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Goo Hara Joins The Cast Of “City Hunter”

Will she capture Lee Min-ho‘s heart?

With actor Lee Min-ho‘s upcoming new drama City Hunter ready for its May premiere, KARA‘s Goo Hara will make her Korean acting debut in the drama.

Her label DSP Entertainment stated that with KARA‘s busy schedule in Japan, Goo Hara‘s acting will be a way to make up for their lack of activities in Kora.

Though it may not be the female lead role, Goo Hara has been cast for the role of the president’s daughter in “City Hunter” and will begin filming later this month.

Are you excited for Goo Hara‘s acting debut?

Source: Newsen

credit: popseoul!

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Guest pallycute

Acting challenge Goo Ha-ra "City Hunter" script reading, Jin Hyeok PD compliments

Lee Min-ho, Park Min-yeong, Lee Joon-hyeok and Goo Ha-ra were at one place.

Following the drama "49 Days", new SBS drama "City Hunter" (written by Hwang Eun-kyeong, produced by Jin Hyeok) actors and actresses Lee Min-ho, Park Min-yeong, Lee Joon-hyeok, and Kara's Goo Ha-ra had their first script reading on the 14th at SBS center in Ilsan.

They had about 3 hours of reading practice with senior actors Cheon Ho-jin, Kim Sang-joong, Lee Hyo-jeong and more. Lee Min-ho, Park Min-yeong and Lee Joon-hyeok stayed back after the reading and practiced more.

Lee Min-ho is Lee Yoon-seong in the Blue House national communications team, Park Min-yeong is previous Judo player and current Blue House bodyguard Kim Na-na and Lee Joon-hyeok is the best elite prosecutor Kim Young-joo.

Lee Min-ho was wearing a clean black suit with wavy hair. This is his first come back after "Personal Tastes" a year ago.

Park Min-yeong looked like she was possessed by Kim Na-na already looking sweet with her long straight hair. Lee Joon-hyeok was wearing a khaki baseball jumper and baseball cap looking tough and manly.

Having first attended a script reading, Goo Ha-ra was complimented by producer Jin Hyeok for her smooth reading. As much as this is her first time in acting, she is looking passionate.

The productions said, "It was a scene where the freshness of young actors and veteran senior actors got together and created a perfect harmony".

Coming in May.

"City Hunter" Lee Min-ho starts shooting on the 24th in Thailand location

New SBS drama "City Hunter" starts shooting around this 24th.

The "City Hunter" group will leave for location shots on the 20th and Lee Min-ho will join them on the 24th. It seems to be in a Thailand jungle area.

A spokesperson revealed, "In Thailand we will shoot Lee Min-ho's past in the drama and other things related to his birth".

"City Hunter" has Lee Min-ho in the lead and is working together with writer Hwang Eun-kyeong, and producer Jin Hyeok. The female lead is Park Min-yeong and girl group Kara member Goo Ha-ra is also making her debut in acting in this drama.

Source: hancinema

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Guest bubby

City Hunter holds its first script rehearsal

City Hunter is finally under way with its first rehearsals, as we see in the new photos from the drama’s March 14 script reading, featuring the leads Lee Min-ho (Personal Taste), Park Min-young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Lee Jun-hyuk (Three Brothers), and idol starlet Gu Hara in her drama debut.

The reading was held at SBS’s Ilsan Production Center rehearsal hall and went on for three hours, though the three main leads reportedly stuck around afterwards to continue amongst themselves. Lee Min-ho plays an MIT-educated international-communications team member at the Blue House (so, sharp and smart), while Park Min-young is a former judo player turned bodyguard (uhhh…). Lee Jun-hyuk is an elite prosecutor (ho-hum), while Gu Hara plays the president’s daughter (question mark?).

Mostly, what I get from this assemblage is that this cast is skewing really… young. Young isn’t bad; it’s just… young. (Their ages are, in the above order: 23, 25, 27, and 20.) I wonder how believable they’ll be as professionals working in the Blue House. Second of all, and perhaps more bothersome, is that this setup seems an awful lot like KBS’s Rivals, which (1) had a similar bodyguards-protecting-the-president’s-spawn storyline, (2) had better actors (Lee Jong-hyuk! Chae Rim!), but (3) was still utterly boring. Eep.

Directing City Hunter is PD Jin Hyuk, who brought success to trendy dramas Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess, and writing is Hwang Eun-kyung, who had a successful drama in the medical series New Heart and a more contentious run as the first writer for Daemul before being replaced.

City Hunter premieres May 25 on SBS. Lee Min-ho’s about to get very busy, and heads for Thailand on the 20th for location shoots.

Source: dramabean

City Hunter Script Reading by All of The Casts

Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Joon Hyeok, and Goo Ha Ra was gathered in one place to have a first script reading together. They gathered in a drama studio. Jeon Ho Jin, Kim Sang Jun, and Lee Hyo Jung were focused to the script while once breath their smoke in their hands. Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, and Lee Joon Hyeok until the end of script reading moved to another place (in that drama studio) to have more concentration to feel their role.

The drama is based off the original Japanese comic series, “City Hunter“, although minor tweaks have been added to make it work with a Korean background.

The drama is currently scheduled to air its pilot episode on March 25th, and has already been earning much anticipation, thanks to its all-star cast. That hype got bumped up another notch after it was revealed that PD Jin Hyuk (who’s known for “Shining Inheritance” and “Prosecutor Princess“) and writer Hwang Eun Kyung(who’s known for “Daemul“) had teamed up for the production.

Producers of “City Hunter” stated, “The scene from the script-reading was a scene of perfect cooperation between young, passionate actors, and the older, more experienced seniors. We could all feel their determination in hoping to make this the best drama possible.”

source : Newsen + allkpop

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Guest fallmoon

I like Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young . I believe they will be a hot couple when City Hunter related. I remember how cute they are in I’m Sam , but in this drama LMH was dumped by PMY. They will be in love in City Hunter. Waiting for CH

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At the Script Reading for SBS’s New Drama “City Hunter”

“City Hunter’s” dream cast includes Lee Min Ho of KBS2’s “Boys Before Flowers” (2009), Park Min Young of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” (2010), Goo Hara of KARA, and Lee Joon Hyuk. On the 14th, the cast got together for three hours for a script reading.

Lee Min Ho showed up decked out in a sleek black suit with a new wavy hairstyle. He returns as Lee Yoon Sung, a mastermind government official who works at the Blue House. He’s shown great passion for acting and has the entire production staff expecting great results.

Park Min Young sported a long straight hairstyle with a fresh and bright smile. She plays a former judo athlete who now works as a bodyguard at the Blue House. Appearance-wise, it seemed that she got the physical characteristics down at the reading.

Lee Joon Hyuk, who’s known for a dandy image, dumped his former image and showed off his masculinity with a khaki-colored jumper and baseball cap. He plays the prosecutor who firmly believes that justice will prevail.

While “City Hunter” is Goo Hara’s debut into the acting field, she received praise from Director Jin Hyuk for her acting skills. She showed off her natural beauty by showing up to the reading without makeup. Goo Hara also displayed great dedication as she stayed behind after the reading to practice her lines.

A representative of the production company behind “City Hunter” said, “There is a great chemistry between the passion of the younger actors and the experiences of the older, veteran actors. The entire cast is focused on making “City Hunter” into a great drama.”

“City Hunter” is based on a manga by Tsukasa Hojo, and its characters grow and mature as they go through a series of problems. Director Jin Hyuk, who catapulted the careers of Lee SeungGi and Han Hyo Joo in “Shining Inheritance” (2009) and Kim So Hyun and Park Shi Woo in “Prosecutor Princess” (2010), and screen writer Hwang Eun Kyung, who wrote “New Heart” (2007) and Daemul (2010) are working together for “City Hunter.”

Written by girlalice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi


Twitter update!


^^ It's mentioning City Hunter! And did Minho say that he's still handsome just like the way he is? :D

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Guest bubby

Lee Min-ho leaves to Thailand on the 24th for "City Hunter"

Actor Lee Min-ho will get the plane to Thailand.

He will be in Thailand from the 24th to shoot the new SBS drama "City Hunter".

His management told Star News on the 22nd, "Lee Min-ho will be going to Thailand for the drama on the 24th and will be there until the end of March to complete all drama schedules".

The shoot in Thailand will deal with the behind story of the City Hunter. The management also said "The shoot in Thailand will show how Lee Min-ho became a City Hunter. It is also going to focus on his relationship between Lee Yoon-seong and his father.

Last 14th, Lee Min-ho had his first script reading in Ilsan with Park Min-yeong, Lee Joon-hyeok, Goo Ha-ra, Cheon Ho-jin and more.

"City Hunter" is based on a original hit by Japanese writer Tsukashi Hozo and has been an issue ever since the news of it becoming a drama.

The background is based in 2011 unlike the original in 1980 and portrays the main character solving cases. It will be first broadcast this coming May 25th.

Credit: Hancinema

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I love his hair why they have to ruin it that way... his hair looks like it is dry, LMH has to repeat this to himself "no more perms" a lot of times till it sinks in... but who cares about his hair, he is so hot, I love him.

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Guest aprillyn


Hundreds of Lee Min Ho fans wait overnight for him in Thailand« on: Yesterday at 06:06:13 PM » Hundreds of Lee Min Ho’s fans waited all night to get a glimpse of the star’s arrival in Thailand.

According to a March 28th statement from Lee Min Ho’s agency Starhaus, Lee Min Ho recently visited Thailand on the 25th to film his upcoming SBS drama ‘City Hunter.’

The visit wasn’t announced officially, yet hundreds of savvy Thai fans lined up at the Bangkok airport to greet Lee Min Ho starting from 6 am. Hundreds of fans from neighboring Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam also waited all night at the airport to greet Lee Min Ho. They waited even when Lee Min Ho’s flight was delayed for about 4 hours due to inclement weather and fog.

Staff members in Thailand said, “hundreds of fans began waiting for Lee Min Ho on the morning of 24th to see Lee Min Ho, who was going to arrive in the early morning of 25th. We were concerned about the nearby Myanmar earthquake but all of the fans waited for Lee Min Ho in an organized fashion.”

When he arrived at the airport, Lee Min Ho thanked the fans with a smile.

He also said, “I heard there was an earthquake but I hope there’s no damage. It’s relieving to see their smiling faces. I pray that all of them get back home safely.”

Lee Min Ho will be filming in Thailand until early April. ‘City Hunter’ premieres on May 25th. source:http://www.minozthai...hp?topic=4014.0 

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