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[Drama 2011] City Hunter 시티헌터

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Super Fun and Addictive Korean Action Drama, Don't Miss These 7 Titles!


City Hunter




City Hunter, is an action drama genre that stars Lee Min Ho. It tells the story of Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho), who works in the National Communication Network division team at the presidential palace who intends to avenge his father's death.

A complicated conflict over his father's past brings him together with a beautiful bodyguard named Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), who is a member of the state security team. A love story blossomed between them in line with the complexity of the problems that occurred, starting from Yoon Sung's revenge mission, to uncovering corrupt officials.



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Father’s Day Special: Meet Best Fathers From Kdramas


Father's Day is around the corners. Here we take you through a few best fathers from popular Kdramas.


In most parts of the world, Father’s Day is observed every year on the third Sunday of June. The day was coined to celebrate fatherhood and paternal bonds. This year it falls on June 20. Make sure you pamper your dad on this special. You can treat him with gifts, make him feel special, write a special letter for him or spend some quality time together. If your father likes to watch dramas, then watch a few popular Kdramas with him. Here we introduce you to a few best father’s from popular Kdramas, this might help you decide which drama to watch with your father!


City Hunter’s Lee Jin-pyo

Kim Sang Joong portrayed the role of Lee Min-ho’s onscreen father, Lee Jin-pyo. He is known as one of the most badass dad’s ever in the Kdramas. He is the son of one of the members of the Council of Five and he is always a rival of City Hunter, working towards the same goals under legal cover. In the end, he proves that a parent’s love for his child will always be one of the strongest forces out there and stands with his son.





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Exciting, 10 Popular KDramas Adapted from Webtoon Works (Part 2)


However, it is undeniable that technological advances have also changed human behavior. In the past, reading comics was a hobby, now it is replaced by reading webtoons using gadgets. The webtoon was chosen by millennials because it is more practical and presents many exciting series.

Not infrequently popular webtoons are appointed to the television screen in a KDrama. Usually, the KDrama storyline that is adapted based on a webtoon has a plot that is not much different from the comic version. For you, here are the ten most popular Korean dramas adapted from webtoon works.


City Hunter




City Hunter achieved a lot of success in South Korea because it starred Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young. And even though it's not based on a webtoon, you might be surprised to learn that this KDrama is based on a very successful Japanese manga series that was later developed into an anime series, Hong Kong movies, video games and eventually a Korean drama.

This KDrama premiered on May 25, 2011 and was very successful not only in Korea, but also in Europe.



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7 Tourist Destinations in Asia That Have Been Filming Locations for Korean Dramas


To support the storyline and present a professional drama, the production team of a drama is willing to fly to another country to find a suitable filming location. Here are seven destinations in Asia that have been shooting locations for Korean dramas. 


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Thailand 


Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young's old drama, City Hunter (2011), was filmed in Thailand too! Precisely at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

This floating market in Ratchaburi Province is not just a place for buying and selling local residents. Many tourists try out the thrill of going around the floating market by boat while shopping.





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10 K-Drama Couples That Ended Up Dating In Real Life


Some fans of K-dramas might be surprised to learn that some of their favorite on-screen couples actually dated or got married in real life.


The undeniable chemistry, steamy kisses, and romance that occurs in popular K-dramas might have fans wondering if it's all for the cameras. In truth, spending hours and hours with a co-star, filming kissing scenes, emotional moments and romance, can cause the heart to flutter in real life.


Fans of K-dramas and Korean culture, in general, are aware that two celebrities dating is usually kept under wraps and it's not often that their relationship is made public. So, some may be surprised that the leading couples in well-known dramas actually dated in real life. In some cases, these on-screen couples dated off-screen and are even now married.


Lee Min-Ho & Park Min-Young (City Hunter)




Actors Lee Min-Ho and Park Min-Youn are some of the industry's most well-known K-drama actors. Fans will recall Min-Young for her roles in a couple of "falling in love with the boss" K-dramas. Min-Ho is often recognized for his role in Heirs and The King: Eternal Monarch. 

Both actors were the stars of the 2011 action/romance drama, City Hunter. While working together on set, feelings started to blossom and the actors decided to explore a relationship after the show ended. But due to conflicting schedules, Soompi reported that the couple called it quits a year later.



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6 Pairs Of Korean Celebs Who Actually Dated


It's always big news in South Korea whenever a Korean celebrity couple is revealed to be dating. Their relationship is either confirmed by their respective agencies or sometimes, they announce it themselves. Fans would rejoice once a new pair is born but once their breakup is declared, it's a truly devastating moment for them


Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young

Thanks to the high-rating K-drama City Hunter, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young grew fond of each other! Their relationship was officially announced in August 2011 by Min Ho's former agency, StarHaus Entertainment. As written by Soompi, a person who's close to them stated that they didn't want to make their relationship public so they had to be *very* careful whenever they go on dates. At the same time, they would often bring a mutual friend with them. By 2012, the couple parted ways and were "back to just being friends."







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31 Best Law Korean Drama Series To Watch


There are thousands of genres out there, but the legal ones remain the best. Law Korean Drama Series are one of a kind. Dramas featuring crime, thriller, law, and justice as genres are undoubtedly one of the superior ones on the list. There is a different kind of thrill in them, and every one of us absolutely loves the suspense inside. Legal dramas are not only popular due to their thrilling storyline but also for their authenticity, as most of them are inspired by real events happening in society.


Asian dramas have always been the best out there, no matter what genre they are portraying. And, they have held their position in the genre of crime and thriller too. South Korean creators have provided us with some of the finest works in the field of law and justice. The storyline of the dramas is so powerful that they leave a strong impact on your brain and the suspense makes our skin crawl.


Therefore, here we have handpicked and discussed the 31 best law Korean drama series that you must add to your watchlist. Let’s have a look.


City Hunter:

Based on a Japanese manga series with the same name written by Tsukasa Hojo, the South Korean drama series features the genres of action, thriller, and romance. We meet Lee Yoon Sung, who is a very bright MIT graduate working in the Blue House as a part of the international communications team. He seeks to avenge his father’s death by seething with revenge on five politicians.




Starring: Lee Min Ho as Lee Yoon Sung, Park Min Young as Kim Na Na, Lee Joon Hyuk as Kim Young Joo, Kim Sang Joong as Lee Jin Pyo, Hwang Sun Hee as Jin Se Hee, and Kim Mi Sook as Lee Kyung Hee.

Director: Jin Hyeok.

Premiere Period: May 25 to July 28, 2011.

Watch on: Viki and Apple TV.

Total Number of Episodes: 20 with a running period of 1 hour 10 minutes.




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31 Best Political Korean Dramas To Watch


Here are some of the best political Korean dramas for beginners and every political enthusiast to watch. South Korean entertainment industry is known for producing excellent series with mind-boggling plots. The political genre is not different. The South Korean entertainment industry has delivered various excellent political dramas over time, such as 5th Republic, The President, Chief of Staff, Six Flying Dragons, etc. Besides the regular modern-day political Korean series, viewers are more intrigued with historical political and political thrillers since this combination of genres produces brilliant kdramas to watch. 


Whether it be modern-day or period dramas, each political series brings a thrilling ride that covers every nook and cranny of politics. It shows deep-rooted corruption and righteous powers that consume every politician. Indeed, there are numerous good political Korean dramas, and from the basket, we have picked up some for you. The following list of the best political Korean dramas does not contain all political shows. The list includes Korean political series combined with various genres such as thriller, historical, romance, action, and even fantasy. Some of the dramas are even adapted from webtoons and novels. Take a look at the 31 best political Korean dramas list and add as many as on your watchlist. 


City Hunter (2011) 

City Hunter is a political action thriller kdrama based on the Japanese manga series of the same name by Tsukasa Hojo. The drama revolves around Lee Yoon Sung. He has been trained since childhood to take revenge for his foster father, Lee Jin Pyo. It is the war between Lee Yoon Sung against the Council of Five. The Council of Five consists of a group of significant wealthy and political influencers since 1983 as they are involved in various corruption activities. However, conflicts arise when Lee Jin Pyo wishes to murder each official while Lee Yoon Sung wishes to teach them, exposing their corruption without killing them off.




The Korean drama City Hunter shows the power battle between Lee Yoon Sung and the political influencers. Justice will be served as Lee Yoon Sung fights against the corrupters. City Hunter is an action-packed political Korean series with a well-structured plotline.


Starring- Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Joon Hyuk, Kim Sang Joong, Goo Ha Ra & Chun Ho Jin

Episodes- 20

Duration- 70min

Watch On- Viki, Wavve & Apple TV




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Recommendations for 8 Dramatic Dramas That Have Many Romantic Scenes to Make You Flutter


For K-drama lovers who need romance in the story, but also like intense action.

Here are eight K-dramas that are the perfect mix of action and romance!




In “City Hunter,” Lee Min Ho plays a character named Lee Yoon Sung who goes undercover at the Blue House as an IT expert so he can follow through on his father's plans for revenge.

There he meets Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), who works as a bodyguard.

The two form an alliance when they realize that their revenge plans are similar.

In the process, they engage in a passionate romance.

This classic series is based on the once popular Japanese manga, and is gaining a lot of popularity both in Korea and internationally.



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