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[Drama 2011] City Hunter 시티헌터

Guest adikkeluangman

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Guest adikkeluangman



[sBS] Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young

City Hunter 시티헌터



Screenwriter : Hwang Eun Kyung

Producer : Jin Hyuk

Network: SBS


Air Date: 25 May 2011

Slot : Wednesday/Thursday

Site : Official


‘City Hunter’ is an original script based on the world-famous novel by Japan’s Tsukasa Hojo. Since it became public that Korea would be the first remake of this story into a drama, ‘City Hunter’ has been receiving worldwide attention.

‘City Hunter’ has switched the setting from Tokyo 1980 to Seoul 2011, and according to the original story structure, the protagonist becomes a city hunter and his character develops while resolving gratifying cases.


* Lee Min Ho as Lee Yoon Sung

* Park Min Young as Kim Na Na

* Lee Jun Hyuk as Kim Young Joo

* Kim Sang Joon

* Lee Kwang Soo

* Goo Ha Ra

* Hwang Sun Hee as Jin Soo Hee

* Kim Mi Sook


* Lee Joon Hyuk joins City Hunter to create triangular relationship with Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young

* Lee Min Ho will be shooting City Hunter in march with Park Min Young?

* Park Min Young casted as the female lead for City Hunter

* Lee Min Ho to star in the korean version of City Hunter

* Lee Jun Hyuk joins City Hunter with Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young

* Lee Jun Hyuk joins City Hunter

* Lee Min Ho aims to show off his swimming skills for City Hunter

* Lee Min Ho special swim training for City Hunter

* Kim Sang Joon joining City Hunter

* Actress Kim Mi Sook joins City Hunter

* Kwang Soo casts for computer engineer in City Hunter

* Lee Kwang Soo added to City Hunter

* KARA's Goo Ha Ra will be making her debut as an actress through City Hunter

* [Pics] First script reading

* PD Jin Hyeok compliments Goo Ha Ra during script reading

* Lee Min Ho starts shooting on the 24th in Thailand location

* City Hunter holds first script rehearsal/ City Hunter script reading by all the casts

* At the script reading for SBS's new drama City Hunter

* Lee Min Ho leaves for Thailand on the 24th for City Hunter

* [bTS] Lee Min Ho filming in Thailand 1 2 3 4

* Hundreds of Lee Min Ho fans wait overnight for him in Thailand

* Lee Min Ho's other romantic loveline in City Hunter

* Lee Min Ho, finishing shooting in Thailand...continue to shoot in S. Korea

* [bTS] Filming in S. Korea 1

* Park Min Young drops a teaser photo on the set of City Hunter

* [bTS] Filming in Gwanghwamun, April 13: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

* Gyuri has a solo song for City Hunter OST

* Lee Min Ho spotted in Seoul

* [VID] Park Min Young interview on Section TV

* Lee Kwang Soo shaves off his trademark mustache for City Hunter

* [bTS] Filming in Gwacheon, April 17: 1 2 3

* City Hunter Lee Min Ho reveals pictures from Thailand

* Lee Min Ho, assimilated with City Hunter, majestic on an elephant

* Lee Min Ho of City Hunter shows actions on top of a hundred year old tree

* Pictures of Goo Ha Ra on the set of City Hunter revealed

* City Hunter Lee Min Ho in his chic hunter-look charm

* Lee Min Ho is chic wild city guy

* [PIC] Kim Na Na 1

* [TITBITS] Lee Yoon Sung's parents 1

* [bTS] April 23: 1 2 3

* City Hunter adds a female cadet to its cast

* Park Min Young becoming part-timer on the street

* [bTS] Park Min Young as Kim Na Na

* Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young share a kiss 1 2 3

* [PIC] Lee Yoon Sung 1

* [PIC] Lee Jun Hyuk 1

* Lee Min Ho makes an impressive comeback after one year

* [PIC] Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Jun Hyuk on SBS Entertainment Tonight

* Goo Ha Ra goes clubbing in City Hunter

* Korean City Hunter on Hojo Tsukasa's website

* The supporting leads of City Hunter


1 2 3 4 5 6

c: webby

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Thanks for starting this thread.  I hope many fans find this site and post news about this new drama.  Need to hear more of the other casts.


Lee JoonHyuk joins City Hunter to create triangular relationship with Lee Minho and Park MinYoung

Lee JoonHyuk was chosen to act as Kim YoongSu in the drama. YoongSu is a prosecutor who works in the Seoul District Special Force Team. He dreams to become the chief of police, he has a very strong sense of responsibility and his self-management is very strong which leads him to become a workaholic.

YoongSu does not believe in love, he wish to have a relationship with a successful woman so that she will helps him in his career. However, his father intervened and he failed to maintain the relationship. Soon, he is attracted to Kim Nana (Park MinYoung) and develop a triangular relationship in between himself, Kim Nana and Lee YoonSung (Lee Minho).

The production team revealed that, "The reason for Lee JoonHyuk was chosen to take up the role is because we determined it based on the similarities to the character and the actor's acting skills. He participated in a variety of dramas before and his acting skills were recognized by the viewers. He has a clean and dandy image and he can be very infectious through his eyes. Thus, we chose Lee JoonHyuk as Kim YoongSu. "

Lee JoonHyuk has a gentle image and he formerly acted in The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008) as Lee JoonGi, Three Brothers (KB2, 2009) as Kim YiSang and I am Legend (SBS, 2010) as Jang TaeHyun.

Translation credit: first_snow @ soompi

Source: SPN via Nate

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Guest sharon89

Ronnie,I can't see all images of you,in MVN 4rum and at here are same.I don't know why?

what happened sis, i still view it clearly on my laptop.

why didn't you see it? also in our 4rum?? :wacko:



Cre: DC

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Guest littlefrog_89

what happened sis, i still view it clearly on my laptop.

why didn't you see it? also in our 4rum?? :wacko:

I don't know,but i really can't see it :((

I only see Imag  like as this


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Guest adikkeluangman

Lee Minho will begin shooting “City Hunter” in March with Park Min Young?

The scheduled SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama, “City Hunter“, will soon finish casting the characters and begin filming.

allkpop has reported in the past that a dream team has been put together with actor Lee Minho in the leading role, Hwang Eun Kyung as the screenwriter, and the “Brilliant Legacy” and “Prosecuter Princess” producer, Jin Hyuk, in the mix as well.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that actress Park Min Young is likely to be cast as the female lead. According to a drama representative on Ferbruary 17th, City Hunter will finalize Park Min Young as a cast member within a day or two and begin filming this March.

An official stated on February 16th, “There will be a filming rehearsal at the beginning of March, and we are expecting to go into official productions around the middle of March.”

“City Hunter” is scheduled to broadcast its first episode on May 25th.


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Guest littlefrog_89

what happened sis, i still view it clearly on my laptop.

why didn't you see it? also in our 4rum?? :wacko:

@Ron:honey :-*

I can see it now when I try to register my  account at http://my.imageshack.us

all pic very nice

Thanks so much!

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Guest sharon89



Actress Park Min Young was chosen as the female lead for the upcoming drama “City Hunter.”

Park Min Young will appear in the upcoming SBS Wednesdays & Thursdays Drama “City Hunter” which will first air on May 25th. She will be playing a character named Kim Nana who once was a judo athlete and will become one of the bodyguards for the Blue House (Korea’s term for their own “White House”). She will be working alongside with Lee Min Ho who will be playing the male lead, Lee Yun Sung.

Kim Nana lost her parents from a sudden car accident, and lived her life by taking many part time jobs earning only 880,000 won. She finally got accepted as one of the bodyguards for Blue House, and meets Lee Yun Sung, one of the members of the National Network Map Team who also has a Ph.D degree from MIT. They will be sharing some bickering moments and then later fall for each other.

Park Min Young will be playing a character who was once a judo athlete, so she will be showing an athletic image by wearing the blue judo uniform, and a black suit to show off a bodyguard image.

The publisher of “City Hunter” stated, “It took us a long time to decide on who the female lead should be. We’ve decided on Park Min Young to play the female lead, Kim Nana, because we saw her bright and healthy image through her various dramas as well as acknowledged her acting skills.”

On the other hand, Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho both appeared in the 2007 drama “I Am Sam,” so it will be 4 years since they’ve worked in another drama together.

Original Source: stoo.com

Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World

Cre: leeminhoworld

thanks adikkeluangman for your update^^

@littlefrog_89: oh i see, so nice to hear that you can view it clearly^0^

i love those pics too ^^

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Guest pallycute

Thanks adikkeluangman for starting this thread :)

I will post old news :D

Lee Minho to star in the Korean version of ‘City Hunter’!

Date 2010.09.13 23:27

Korean actor Lee Min-ho has been cast in an upcoming Korean small screen adaptation of the Japanese comic "City Hunter," according to the show's PR firm 3HW COM on Monday.

"City Hunter," originally a Japanese manga series by Tsukasa Hojo, is about a private detective named Ryo Saeba who works to get rid of crime in the city of Tokyo during the latter half of the 1980s.

3HW announced that Lee will be playing the role of Ryo Saeba in the Korean drama version which will be based in present time Seoul, making it the first time the comic will be turned into a drama.

"Many famous directors and actors requested to remake 'City Hunters' but the original author had various demands which halted any productions to be created," an official from the show explained. "However, the author was satisfied with Lee taking on the lead role for the Korean adaptation due to his appeal and energy."

The new drama is schedule to air in the first half of next year.

Lee, 23, first appeared in various TV and short dramas in 2006. He rose to stardom in Korea and throughout other Asian countries playing the role of Goo Jun-pyo in the Korean adaptation of "Boys Over Flowers" (KBS, 2009) alongside actress Ku Hye-sun and actor Kim Hyun-joong.

His last small screen role was in March in the hit MBC series "Personal Taste," in which he pretends to be a homosexual man, opposite Korean actress Son Ye-jin.

credit: Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong@, Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@, <ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

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I was really disappointed when I heard Park Min Young would be lead.

I might give it a try but still :(

i second that. not a fan of lee min ho and park min young. will watch for lee jun hyuk's sake. but even then...

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Hi all Minoz:)

I want to share this news on LMH’s world:)

Have joy:x

Lee Jun Hyung Joins City Hunter with Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young

Actor Lee Jun Hyuk will be joining with Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young in the upcoming SBS Drama “City Hunter.”

The upcoming drama will be adapted from a famous Japanese manga with the same name, and it’s receiving a lot of attention. Lee Jun Hyuk will be playing a character named Kim Young Joo who’s dream is to become an attorney for the Seoul District Prosecutors Office. His character will be a workaholic who has a strong sense of duty and responsibility, and knows how to self-manage as well.

Although Young Joo doesn’t believe in love, he decides to find someone and get married. Suddenly, his father gets into an accident and coincidentally meets one of the presidential bodyguards, Kim Nana, and starts to fall in love with her which causes a love triangle between him, Kim Nana, and Lee Yoon Sung (played by Lee Min Ho).

The publisher of “City Hunter” stated, “We’ve carefully synchronized in choosing the cast members by focusing on their acting abilities,” and, “We were attracted by Lee Jun Hyuk’s dandy and clean cut image from watching his previous dramas, so we thought he was the perfect candidate to play Kim Young Joo.”

Jin Hyuk PD (produced “Great Inheritance” and “Prosecutor Princess”) and scriptwriter Hwang Eun Kyung (wrote “Dae Mul”) will be a part of the production team for “City Hunter.” The drama’s first episode is planning to air on May 25th.

Original Source: tvreport.co.kr

Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World

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Lee Jun-hyuk joins City Hunter

Lee Jun-hyuk is joining the cast of City Hunter, the franchise formerly set in the seedy underbelly of metropolitan life which has now been transferred to the much less gritty Blue House. I guess it really IS the season for presidential dramas.

Lee will play a prosecutor with the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office, a workaholic characterized by a strong sense of duty with dreams of becoming attorney general. He doesn’t believe in love and intends to marry a woman with a sterling background…but things never go the way we intend, do they? Instead, an accident involving his father leads him to an encounter with a Blue House bodyguard (Park Min-young), and he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her. Thus begins the love triangle between him, the bodyguard, and her other love interest (our hero), Lee Min-ho, who’s part of the international communications team at the Blue House.

I found Lee Jun-hyuk pretty charming in Three Brothers as he cheerfully (and persistently!) pursued his honey, but he was less interesting in I Am Legend as the not-quite-love-interest. (Methinks the plans for a big romance fizzled when they realized he had zero chemistry with Kim Jung-eun.) He also had a recurring cameo on Secret Garden, where he was the underhanded star who tried to steal Seul away from Oska with lies, oh such stupid lies.

I’m neither excited nor disappointed in his casting here, though that may be because I’m no longer that excited about City Hunter in general. Oh, I’ll still be watching — Lee Min-ho fascinates me — and I hope it proves itself to be much more compelling than its setup suggests. But let’s just say I’m not gonna be holding any breaths.

City Hunter is planned for a May 25 premiere on SBS, which makes it a Wednesday-Thursday drama.

Via Segye

credit: dramabeans

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LEE MIN HOO looks so young in the posters.  Not credible enough as a detective or whatever (I'm now confused on what his role is really gonna be).  He doesn't look tough and strong, too.  I hope the producers made him appear more matured like in "Boys Over Flowers". 

So many changes in the storyline have been made in this drama and it doesn't sound like a remake of the original "City Hunter" anymore.  I wonder what the Japanese author is going to say about this.  If the production team wanted a different plot, they should have not bought the story rights from the original writer, in the first place.  They had waited so long for this project to push through, waiting for the right casts, only to end up in an almost different project.  I think they should change the title now so as not to mislead the viewers. 

Haay, but I like Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young.  Although I'm a bit disappointed of not seeing him as a playboy detective, I will still be watching this drama. 

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