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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Yui Ichikawa stars in drama "Muscle Girl!" with FTIsland vocalist Lee Hong Ki

Sun, February 13, 2011 (7:04pm EST)

Actress Yui Ichikawa (25) has been chosen to star in the TBS drama series "Muscle Girl!" this spring. Her co-star will be FTIsland vocalist Lee Hong Ki (20), making his first appearance in a Japanese drama.

Ichikawa plays the part of Azusa, the only child of the owner of a small female pro wrestling organization. After her father dies of illness, she has to take over the business, which is already losing money and is on the verge of shutting down. To make things worse, their referee suddenly disappears on the day of one of their shows, leaving behind only a resignation letter. The desperate Azusa then runs into a young Korean man (Lee). She persuades him to serve as a referee just for that day, though she doesn't realize he is actually a popular star in Korea.

While the show will be about Azusa's struggle to turn the organization around, it is said that there will also be an element of romance between the two leads.

The wrestling scenes will be done with the help of two female pro wrestling groups, JWP and Ice Ribbon.

FTIsland will be providing the show's theme song, though the title is currently unknown. The show will run for 10 episodes in a late-night time slot, starting in April.

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Guest hunterheart


I love hong ki =P especially in YAB. I wonder how his character is going to be like in this drama.

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

* Title: マッスルガール!

* Title (romaji): Muscle Girl

* Format: Renzoku

* Genre: Drama

* Episodes: TBA

* Viewership ratings: TBA

* Broadcast network: TBS

* Air Time: Tuesday 24:55

* Broadcast period: 2011-Apr-19 to ?


* Ichikawa Yui

* Lee Hong Ki

* Mikami Kensei

* Yamamoto Hikaru

* Akai Saki (赤井沙希)

* Aya Vanessa (亜耶バネッサ)

* Shida Hikaru

* Koike Keiko

* Kuwano Nobuyoshi

* Kuroda Fukumi

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If I got this right,it should be aired today,the 19th of april.So,after uploading it,fixing some subs,we,the english viewers should wait...say a week or something(hope less,but subbers and translators are not machines,their work is not paid,so,rushing them is quite...I think the term ''bad'' is just not enough XD)

Well,the plot didn't catch my eye that much,but I tend to like japanese dramas,whose reviews seem worse than the actual story.So,I'd give it a try.Plus,choosing Lee Hong Ki gets a certain fanbase,let's hope for fast upload for us,the non japanese audience XD

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Guest myyma

muscle girl ep 1 with eng sub:


muscle girl ep 2 with eng sub:


muscle girl ep 3 eng sub:


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Guest alicechen

^ Download it here: http://www.ampedasia.com/forums/j-series-muscle-girl-t-17809.html


How's this drama folks?

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