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[Variety] Kitchen Road 이승연, 이수근의 키친로드

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[ArirangTV/TrendE] Lee Su Geun, Lee Seung Yeon


The first Korean camping variety show! Seungyeon Lee & Soogeun Lee’s Kitchen Road!

A day trip to the nature escaping the stuffy city.  The things that we can’t do in our everyday lives and our memories that piled up.

With the camper, we can go anywhere.  Leave the worries behind and enjoy the trip on Kitchen Road!

Tasty food and juicy talk are there for you.  Welcome to Kitchen Road with unforgettable memories!

Official TrendE Webpage (Korean)

ArirangTV Webpage (English)

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Contents are subject to Weekly Updates

Credits : Images & MQ Videos [ArirangTV] & MegaUpload Links [tiki_sg]


Episode 01

ArirangTV Air-Date : 2011-01-02

Guests : No Min Woo 노민우 (The TRAX) & Hong Seok Cheon 홍석천

[ MegaUpload ]


Seungyeon Lee & Soogeun Lee's delicious variety show, Kitchen Road!

An outing with special guests to Yeungheung island on a warm spring day.

Soogeun's crossing of Mokdo island, Cooking contest for 50 chickens on Janggyengri beach.

It's unpredictable and beyond the imagination. Their funny and touching story starts now.


Episode 02

ArirangTV Air-Date : 2011-01-09

Guests : Woo Jong Wan 우종완 & Seong Dae Hyeon 성대현

[ MegaUpload ]


Seungyeon Lee & Soogeun Lee's Kitchen Road with a spring breeze.

Riotous travels with two wordy men.

Why did the two hosts abandon Daehyeon and Jongwan on a mountain?

Their struggle for spicy chicken stew on Yumyeong mountain!

With these two funny guys, Kitchen Road's second trip begins


Episode 03

ArirangTV Air-Date : 2011-01-16

Guests : No Yu Min 노유민 (NRG) & Kim Hyeon Sook 김현숙

[ MegaUpload ]


A trip with good people down memory lane, Kitchen Road.

This time is for Namisum island.

And another guests visit Seungyeon and Soogeun.

A spring picnic enjoying the gentle river breeze.

The game is not just for fun, but for lunch!

The extreme cooking match on the last destination, Jarasum Camp.


Episode 04

ArirangTV Air-Date : 2011-01-23

Guests : Hwang Bo 황보 & Lee U 이유 (Fcuz)

[ MegaUpload ]


Today we head to Seoul! Three special guest are here to find unusual attractions worth seeing in Seoul.

Sightseeing to Seoul follows eating! If you're ignorant, you'll starve!

The first Kitchen Road examination for Chaltteok and Sikhye!

Seungyeon Lee & Soogeun Lee's Kitchen Road! A special trip to Seoul, it starts now.


Episode 05

ArirangTV Air-Date : 2011-01-30

Guests : Seol Un Do (Seol Woon Do) 설운도 & son Lee U 이유 (Fcuz), Hwang Bo 황보 & Kim Ji-seon 김지선

[ MegaUpload ]



An extraordinary cook-off between father and son!

Guest Kim Ji-seon!

A funny game for ingredients~

A cooking fight at Nanji Camp!


Episode 06

ArirangTV Air-Date : 2011-02-06

Guests : Han Min Kwan 한민관, Ryu Dam 류담, Lee Sang Min 이상민 & Lee Sang Ho 이상호 (GagCon Twins) [Part 1]

[ MegaUpload ]


It's a fun comedy party on "Kitchen Road"!

The game to beat all games

A game of memories - "On the way home"

It's a special episode about Soo-geun's hometown on "Kitchen Road."


Episode 07

ArirangTV Air-Date : 2011-02-13

Guests : Han Min Kwan 한민관, Ryu Dam 류담, Lee Sang Min 이상민 & Lee Sang Ho 이상호 (GagCon Twins) [Part 2]

[ MegaUpload ]

Time for the ultimate cocktail.

What could be in the healthy concoction to scare away contestants?

The ATV team takes on the Kitchen Road team for a relay race!

The best ingredients are used to make the best dish.

Who will win he hanwoo cook-off?


Episode 08

ArirangTV Air-Date : 2011-02-20

Guests : Oh Na-mi 오나미, Jeong Gyeng-mi 정경미, Kwon Min 권민 & Han Min Kwan 한민관 [Part 1]

[ MegaUpload ]

Hot celebrity guests!

They turn on their charms and strut their stuff.

Time for a brutal round of Chen! Chen! Chen!

Tough games played in order to find

one's match at Yuil Leisure Town!


Episode 09

ArirangTV Air-Date : 2011-02-27

Guests : Oh Na-mi 오나미, Jeong Gyeng-mi 정경미, Kwon Min 권민 & Han Min Kwan 한민관 [Part 2]

[ MegaUpload ]


Ride like the wind!

A horse riding relay to try and win the heart of your potential partner!

After some delectable snacks, our would-be couples can't seem to keep their eyes off of each other!

Watch their amazing race!

It's time to send one contestant home!

The result is shocking!


Episode 10

ArirangTV Air-Date : 2011-03-06

Han Min Kwan joins as the permanent 3rd MC of the show

Guests : Oh Jong-hyeok, Kim Sang-hyeok and Evan

[ MegaUpload ]

The beautiful boys of Click-B are back together again!

Oh Jong-hyeok, Kim Sang-hyeok and Evan!

First up, they show off their dance moves.

Time to Mix It Up!

Who will enjoy the cool and spicy treat?

In the refreshing valley a quiz show with baeksuk on the line!

Who will get to sink their teeth into this amazing dish?


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