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[Drama 2011] Can You Hear My Heart? 내 마음이 들리니

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[MBC] Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Jae Won, NamGung Min, Go JunHee, Lee GyuHan
Date of airing : Sat~Sun - 9:55 p.m korean time (2nd April'11 after Flame of desire ends)

Official MBC site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/myheart/index.html

Official MBC English site : http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/drama/11/1798439_39131.html

Eps: 30

Scriptwriter: 문희정 Moon Hee Jung

PD: 김상호 Kim Sang Ho

Main Leads : Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Jae Won, Nam Goong Min, Go Jun Hee, Lee Gyu Han

Supporting cast : Kim Yeo Jin, Lee Hye Young, Song Seung Hwan, Jung Bo Seok, Yoon Yeo Jung, Kang Moon Young,

Lee Sang Min, Hwang Young Hee, Lee Hyo Jae, Ha Deok Sung, Jun Soo Hwan, Woo Tae Woon (Co-ED)

Guest stars / Child artistes : Kim Sae Ron, Kang Chang Hee, Seo Young Joo


Story : Cha Dong Joo (Kim Jae Won), a Chaebol {Rich Man} who loses his hearing after falling from the rooftop after he made good on his promise to teach a nameless girl to play the piano after their chance meeting to witness an incident that will scar him for the rest of his life. He meets up with Bong Woo Ri (Hwang Jung Eum), the "candy girl" who's always 'cleaning' the mess and troubles caused by her "mentally retarded" father again years later through a twist of fate.

The drama will be also focusing on how people stand up and overcome their sad fates with determination, cheerfulness through the love they receive/given from the others around them.




Bong Woo Ri (Hwang Jung Eum)

She is raised by a dad whose mental age is only of a 7 year old whose made her special ability only nagging, turning the house upside-down after she cleaned it and have to habit of mumbling to herself. She lives with persistence even when it's hard as she is a flower-age 25 year old with a JQ of 180.

She had lived without a name nor a father until she was nine when her mom who is a deaf married Bong Young Gyu, an intellectually disabled man and was given the name "Bong Woo Ri" while she also became siblings with Ma Ru oppa who is her first love.

One day, an accident which happened at the factory causes her to lose her mom and her dad was going to be arrested after being wrongly blamed for it while Ma Ru oppa used this chance to leave our house. She doesn't date even once after she is left alone to take of her intellectually disabled father and old grandmother. She mistaken Dong Joo as her Ma Ru oppa when she was dragged into a cosmetics shop by her elementary classmate, Seung Chul.

How can you not be my Ma Ru oppa when the accent you speak with and habits are like his?

Don't you remember who I am? Tell me what I don't know? I'm Woo Ri, Bong Woo Ri.

Now I get it, you can't hear!! But the answer given by this man is perfectly fine. Why am I seeing sadness from this man who doesn't seems to be a stranger to me?


Cha Dong Joo (Kim Jae Won)

He is known as being a cold blooded straightforward man with eyes that shows ice-cold venom.

He encountered Bong Woo Ri when they were children when he sneaked from an official family event and promised to teach her how to play the piano for once.

But after Dong Joo woke up from a deep sleep one day, he finds himself unable to hear anything. As it's a fatal flaw for inheritors to be hearing impaired, Tae Hyun Suk sends Dong Joo overseas with the help of Jun Ha in a desperate effort to train Dong Joo for intensive lips reading which will enable him to understand and communicate with the other parties.

He is not allowed to take part in car racing and must to pretend to dance to the music, play the piano and is able to put on a good act pretending that he hears perfectly.

From now onwards, his goal is to take back the company that is stolen away by his step-father like his mom instructed.

And since his maternal grandfather's cherished dream was to start a cosmetics business, he makes it one of his planning projects as well.

One day, a woman appears in front of him and he isn't able to keep his emotions in control around her. Oh no, why is he able to hear the voice of Bong Woo Ri?


Jang Jun Ha / Bong Ma Ru (Nam Gung Min)

Ambitious. Men change their own destiny. To Dong Joo, he is his guardian and a hyung who is always taking care of him without a word of complaint but in actual fact, Jun Ha feels both sympathy and jealousy towards Dong Joo.

When he was still known as Ma Ru, he had believed that he was able to be successful if he had studied hard. But although he is always no.1 in the school, he was given the nickname of "fool" because of his intellectually disabled father "Young Gyu" and was forced on another name calling of being deaf son because of his deaf step-mother.

What a poop life! This is the same world. Ma Ru wants to get out of this house.

His step-mother had lost her life in a factory accident while his father, Young Gyu was arrested after he was accused of setting fire. Ma Ru was given a chance by Choi Jin Chul to change his fate as long as he gives false testimony that Young Gyu is a schizophrenic patient. But he turned to Tae Hyun Suk for help instead.

After sharing the secret that Dong Joo is actually hearing impaired, Hyun Suk takes Ma Ru under her wings as Dong Joo's care-taker and gives him his new name "Jang Jun Ha".

From then, he grew up as someone who is like Dong Joo's elder brother and family doctor. But upon returning to Korea with Dong Joo, he finds out that the person that Dong Joo actually likes is Bong Woo Ri, the sister that he had abandoned.


Kang Min Soo (Go Jun Hee)

She works as a senior researcher and although she is known for being an Elite, she has a 4th dimensional character which sometimes seems erratic to others. She has a liking for both Dong Joo and Jun Ha whom she had been studying overseas along with and three of them are always hanging out together but she began to feel lonely when they came back to Korea. Could it be because of Bong Woo Ri?


Lee Seung Chul (Lee Gyu Han)

He has been best friends with Woo Ri for 16 years and he is also the only son of Young Gyu's best friend. Their family has been operating a fried chicken business and farm from as long as he can remember. No, he doesn't hate her although Woo Ri may be scary at times. His heart flutters when he caught sight of Bong Woo Ri sleeping as she looks so cute. He has always hoped to confess his crush to her one day and tell her to 'Let's get married'.


Tae Hyun Suk : Dong Joo's mom (Lee Hye Young)

She's a tough mother who is the only daughter of the CEO of a cosmetics group. She sends Jun Ha overseas with Dong Joo to 'train' Dong Joo to be a 'normal' person.


Choi Jin Chul : Dong Joo's Step-father(Song Seung Hwan)

He had an affair with Kim Shin Ae without Hyun Suk's knowing. While he works with his brains rather than his heart, he finds himself being frustrated of being the Puppet of President Tae.


Mi Suk : Bong Woo Ri's mom (Kim Yeo Jin)

Have a hearing disability but knows how to communicate in sign language.

The beautiful mother of Bong Woo Ri. Neighborhood barber shop assistant.


Bong Young Gyu : Bong Woo Ri's dad(Jung Bo Seok)

He has the IQ of 70 and the mentality of a 7 year old child.Although he managed to marry the beautiful girl in a barber shop, his wife is killed in an accident. And then after his son moved out of their family house, he now only has a daughter living with them instead. He has been praying everyday to his dead wife to help in his search for his son, Ma Ru.


Kim Shin Ae : Jang Jun Ha's real mom (Kang Moon Young)

She works as the secretary to Tae Hyuk Suk and is also the birth mother of Jang Jun Ha. She has a strong jealousy towards Hyun Suk.


Hwang Soon Geum : Kim Shin Ae's mother(Yoon Yeo Jung)

Being a kind hearted woman, she had adopted the mentally slow Young Gyu as her own son. The Bong family repays her kindness by adopting Jun Ha as well when he was abandoned by Shin Ae.

She often shakes her head in sadness with the realization that her adopted family treats her better than her blood related kins.


Seung Chul's father (Lee Sang Min)

He is the best friend and neighbor of Young Gu's family.


Seung Chul's mother (Hwang Young Hee)

She may look tough on the outside but she is actually very soft-hearted.


President Tae (Lee Hyo Jae)

Tae Hyuk Suk's father and Cha Dong Joo's grandfather.


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Twitter links of cast & Production company

Official Drama Twitter


Hwang Jung Eum

Jung Bo Seok

Kim Yeo Jin

Kim Sae Ron


Can you hear me? - Zia (Korean Lyrics) - credit naver



사랑한단 말 좋아한단 말

내게는 어색한걸요

상처투성이 멍든 내 가슴엔

조금 어려운걸요


멀어지는 것 잠시 헤어지는 것

무엇도 힘드네요

아픔이 지나서 잔잔해진 내맘을

어떡하라고 어떡하라고 자꾸 두드려요


그댈사랑하는 마음이 가슴에 느껴지나요

주저했던 나의 모습이 그대는 느껴지나요

나만을 지켜주던 나없이 못산다던

나를 사랑하게했던 그댈 미친듯이 보고싶어요


가슴 깊이 숨겨서 어색해진 고백이

그대는 들리나요 Um Um~~

이런 날 보고서 웃어주던 한 사람

그대 아니면 그대 아니면 나는 어떡해요



사랑에 또 아플까봐

다시 생각해보고 두눈을 감아봐도

나는 안되나봐요 정말 안되나봐요

그대 아니면 안되는 난 어떡해


이제 내가 더 많이 그대를 사랑할께요

그대 내게 주던 그 사랑 모두다 갚아줄께요

아파도 사랑하고 울어도 사랑해요

내가 사랑할 한 사람 영원히 함께할 그대뿐인걸

Eng translation - credit me

Words like "I love you"

Words like "I like you"

I'm at a loss over them

Wounds that rained bruises on my heart

That's a little hard

Should we maintain a distance?

Should we separate temporarily?

Everything seems so hard

The murmurings of the past becomes a pain in my heart

What am I to do? What am I to do? I keep on knocking

Are you able to feel the love in my heart which is shaking inside?

Do you feel my reluctance?

You had watched over me

I am unable to live without you

Who will be loving me?

And my heart really miss you like crazy

I'm forced to keep my confession deep in my heart

Can you hear me? Um Um ~ ~

Are you the person I see smiling at me?

If it's not you

If it's not you

What am I to do?

Are you able to feel the love in my heart which is shaking inside?

Do you feel my reluctance?

You had watched over me

I am unable to live without you

Who will be loving me?

And my heart really miss you like crazy

I want to hurt to be in love again

I'll close my eyes when I want to see you again

It cannot work for me

It really cannot work for me

What am I to do if it's a no or not you?

I'll be loving you more from now

I'll be giving back for all the love that you gave

I'll love you even if it hurt

I love you even if I cry

I just want to be with the only person that I love forever

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Kim Jae-won’s drama comeback

by girlfriday | February 9, 2011 |

Kim Jae-won (My Love Patzzi, Hwang Jini) is just barely two weeks out of the military, but he’s already got a leading role lined up in a drama. Looks like someone’s eager to get back in the game. And I’m sure it’s not a moment too soon for fans who have waited two years. He’s been cast as the lead in MBC’s Do You Hear My Heart, opposite Hwang Jung-eum (Giant, High Kick Through the Roof), reportedly a much-coveted role.

PD Kim Sang-ho (Fantasy Couple) was looking for a clean-cut, refined type for the lead, someone who genuinely seems like a good guy. PD Kim said that he went to Tony Ahn‘s father’s funeral, and there he saw Kim Jae-won, staying up all night by his friend’s side, and was struck by his genuine concern. (Kim Jae-won and Tony Ahn served their military duty at roughly the same time.) Aw, there’s something so awesome about brothers in arms showing up to be supportive in times of tragedy, even in their civilian lives.

And no one could argue that Kim Jae-won doesn’t seem like the nicest guy ever. I picture him as the kid who always did what his mother told him, flossed after every meal, and never ever broke a girl’s heart. The statistical probability of that last one is slim to none, I’m sure, but that’s just the kind of guy he appears to be. Hopefully that means his character will be warm and good-hearted, if PD Kim is casting to type.

Do You Hear My Heart will replace Flames of Desire and premieres in April.



Since it's replacing the 50 episodes drama "Flames of Desire," it may also be a 50 episode drama as well? The last drama that writer Moon Hee Jung wrote was the 45 episode SBS drama "Smile, You" starring Lee Min Jung and Jung Kyung Ho. I'm definitely looking forward to this.

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Guest yeohweping



Kim Sae Ron, the child actress who is famous for her role in the movie "Ahjusshi" has joined the cast of MBC "Can you hear my heart?" as the child role of Bong Woo Ri (Hwang Jung Eum)'s character.

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Guest applexu114

I read this news in Dramabean few days ago and have been waiting for this thread to be open. So happy that KJW comes back to small screen this fast :wub:. The only that bugs me a bit about this drama is the length. If it's gonna be that long like Smile, You (I gave up half way) and Flame of Desire (gave up after 4 eps), I will find it very tough to follow for like 5-6 months sth :sweatingbullets:. Less than 30 sth is ideal for any K modern dramas to me. But I will wait to see how the story is going. A good story desevered to be waited.

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I am so glad to know KJW is taking a project right after military service. I think i need to see NGM in a lead role, hes always taking the second lead and he has the potential for a lead role now! ): But i love KJW so its a good choice.

I really like how they cast Kim Sae Ron as the child actor. She has done an amazing job for the man from nowhere so im sure she'll be able to do a good job here.

The storyline seems a bit interesting if KJW character was to lose his hearing ability due to a car accident. (And semi-fly makes a good point) What degree will his hearing be.I guess we'll have to wait and find out (:. I can't wait. (:

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So nice to hear Kim Jae Won back with new drama..

Because of him i started to love Korean drama..First time i saw him in 'My Love Pattzi' and 'Romance' in 2002..

And it's been so long since his last drama "The Great Inheritance"..

He's been known for his nice image all this time..

Now, he's trying to change his popular image by taking a challenging role..That's great!

Hopefully his comeback drama project will be a HIT..KJW FIGHTING!

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Hello yeohweping,

                              Just dropping by to let you know the

Viki link  is up.However knowing it's an MBC drama it's probably going to be license pending.Sigh.However since we've got a softsubs editor it should be posted here.Ahoxan usually provides both MU and FS folders.The page design is not fully up yet.They don't start filming till March right?

50 episodes.I am looking forward to it but gotta pray for subbers with perseverance :D  :D

semi-fly...you and me both.I am in for the project because of Kim Jae Won.However KJW playing a deaf lead.I am more worried whether it's going to turn out into a 50 ep makjang style drama.

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Guest yeohweping



Kim Yeo Jin will plays 2 roles, Bong Woo Ri's mom & the person who looks like her in Can you hear my heart?


Both Kim Yeo Jin and Kim Sae Ron have already started learning Sign language for their respective drama roles.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Child actress Kim Sae Ron casted for drama, ‘Can You Hear My Heart’

Child actress Kim Sae Ron (known for her lead role in Won Bin’s movie ‘Man from Nowhere’) will be tackling her first attempt at a drama.

Recently, Kim Sae Ron confirmed her appearance for the MBC drama, ‘Can You Hear My Heart?’

She’ll portray a smart and shrewd girl by the name of ‘Bong Uri’, the daughter of an idiot father and deceased deaf mother. The adult ‘Bong Uri’ role has been claimed by talent Hwang Jung Eum.

A production staff member revealed, “We went to great lengths to cast a talented child actor who would drive the early phase of the drama. In the final audition, Kim Sae Ron acted the part of Bong Uri the most realistically, and had caught the eye of the staff at once.”

Kim Sae Ron debuted in the 2009 movie ‘Traveler’, but it was her role in “Man From Nowhere” that allowed her to take home numerous ‘Young Rookie Actor’ awards.

The staff passed on their hopes for Kim Sae Ron’s TV appearance, as they said, “Please anticipate child actor Kim Sae Ron’s bright and sly acting which has not been seen from her movies.”

Kim Sae Ron will be attending film shoots starting in the beginning of March. ‘Can You Hear My Heart’ will begin airing in April after “Flames of Ambition” concludes.


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Guest yeohweping



Lee Hye Young cast in "Can you hear my heart?" as Cha Dong Joo's mom who overprotects and smothers him with her parental love after he loses his hearing in an accident

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OMG, what a cliche summary, if I ever heard one. Next thing you know, Kim Jaewon would be having amnesia on top of his hearing issues.

But I do like the actors. Hwang Jungeum is talented, I like her a lot. Also, after seeing Ahjussi, I can't wait to see Kim Saeron acting in a drama. And Kim Yeojin!!!!!! She looks so pretty here.

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Guest lucky_moon

I do anticipate the drama, thats what I was waiting for so long, with finally JW return to the screen, to see the chemistry between JW & JE, to see how will he will portray this hard character that of course will need to use the sign language. what make it more exciting is that Lee Hye Young joining the cast.

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Guest yeohweping



Song Seung Hwan reveals that he'll be joining the cast of MBC "Can you hear my heart?" during his interview.



Go Jun Hee is casted as the 2nd female lead of MBC "Can you hear my heart?"



Lee Gyu Han is added to the cast of "Can you hear my heart?" as Woo Ri's friend for 16 years.

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Guest yeohweping

First cast reading








Larger pics






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Guest yeohweping


http://news.nate.com/view/20110309n09461 Kang Moon Young makes her drama comeback after 4 years with MBC "Can you hear my heart?" as Kim Shin Ae, the birth mother of Jang Jun Ha (Nam Goong Min)

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