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Clubs in SF

Booger Face

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I'm planning to go clubbing in SF with some friends for a birthday and I was wondering what were some nice clubs to go to and if they are usually strict with the dress code. Any fees to get in?

And also some nice areas to explore around the clubs because we're going to stay in SF for a night.

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Guest taeyeonluv

Try out Sutra! or if you want more of the Asian scene, Impala on Broadway. In terms of dress code, dress shoes for guys and girls can pretty much get in wearing anything.

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Guest flyaway

Infusion is pretty consistently fun. Cover is $10 w/guestlist, fairly strict dress code

I've only been to Roe once but it was pretty packed & fun

Parlor is another one that's not bad

Impala is sort of in a shadier area (street w/strip clubs, etc)--Broadway. I went there once and the crowd was very...ghetto

Ruby Skye is amazing if you like electronic. They always get big name DJs to spin so check out their website to see who will be there. Sometimes it can get costly though, like when Benny Benassi spun it was $35 at 1AM...The crowd can be kind of iffy (mix of old men, tourists, etc)

Right next to Ruby Skye is Slide which is ALWAYS free and the crowd isn't too bad. You need even female to male ratio or else you won't be able to get in. It's sort of a hole-in-the-wall (market themselves as speakeasy so go figure) so it's easy to miss but it's a cheap and safe bet. There's also an actual slide to go down. It's pretty fun but also really steep haha. Wear pants if you want to go slide down it--no skirts/dresses allowed to go down the slide)

Temple is alright. It's consistently very Asian and it's pretty spacey. Though a UCSF med school student died here a few weekends ago when a fight broke out...

Bubble Lounge is a more chill/upscale feel if that's the type of crowd you're going for. There's usually no cover and a very small dancefloor in the basement

There are no good 18+s in SF. I would advise to just avoid them altogether

Edit//wow this is old...haha didn't notice earlier

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