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[pics] Shinhwa at Press conference in Shanghai (July 7th) *LOTS*

Guest n!kk!

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Guest T_TCry_babi3

Awww they are so cuteeee ^-^ I like junjin hair, but he need to cut the back a lil bit and than he'll be perfect ^-^

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Guest msmilkt

omg omg omg .. hee hee ..

they`re in China now!!!! awWww~~ i wish i was there ><

oh gaHhhh~~

how do they do it? they keep maturing, and just keep getting hotter .. jeebers ..

Nikki, you trying to kill me? loLz!!!

thanks for sharing!!!!

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Guest squallie

Damn, Junjin is looking FINNNNEEEE!! He looks really good there. I like that fox fat plushie they have. So cute. Thank you for sharing!

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Guest luvjunjin/andy

thanks for the PICS!!!

arggh... the watermark is blockin my oppas' handsome faCE!

luv their hairstyles..... NICE NICE!! maintain as tat pls.......

Junjin so cute wif that tongue :P n andy smilin!!! :wub:


luvjunjin/andy (irin)

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