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Double Eyelid Surgery Thread

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On 8/21/2010 at 5:27 AM, Guest heartclover said:

Does anyone know how long it takes to heal after removing DST sutures?


I did not like my high crease, so I had my DST sutures taken out, and re-did DST method for a lower crease. But I'm worried that the higher crease might not go away? Has anyone tried to reverse their DST crease before and was able to get rid of that crease upon removal of the DST sutures?



Hi, I just had my stitch removed too. Did your crease go away?

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Hi everyone! UPDATE As you all know, I decided to go with Dr. Andrew Choi from VIPSURGERY in Koreatown, CA. I put down my initial deposit in September to secure my surgery date for December

Hello everyone! After years of contemplating surgery, reading through this thread, and doing a lot of research, I've finally decided to take the plunge and get double eyelid surgery. Today I had my fi

I am from Hong Kong and always had weak double eyelid. I had a visible line but it was not even on each eye and didn't look like double eyelid from far away only very close you can see the small line.

Hi Everyone!


Been stalking this thread for a while. Everyone got such beautiful results! I just had mine done in DC on 3/12/19 (worst timing ever since the COVID-19 outbreak turned my follow up into a virtual/video chat followup). I got full incision double eyelid surgery and was fully awake during the surgery. The surgery itself didn't hurt at all after the local anesthesia but towards the end, my left eyelid anesthesia started wearing off and it was super painful so I got more local anesthesia shots in my eyelid. I'm exactly 7 days postop and quite paranoid that I will have uneven eyelids because my left eye is super swollen and the crease is a lot higher than my right eye. 


Here are some progress pics: 





Here is day 7:



Please excuse my scrubbiness! lol.


I also saw that most people got sutures that need to be removed but my surgeon used dis solvable stitches so you can kind of see the tails where the sutures didn't dissolve yet. Did anyone else experience uneven eyelid healing? My ps assured me that it will even out once my left eye swelling decreases. I'm super worried rn and hoping I don't regret it b/c I used to "fix" my eyelids with false eyelashes which gave me a more open eye. Thanks!

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I am wondering if any one here has multiple eyelids. I have multiple eyelids but they are really light and not obvious at all. From afar they look like single eyelid.




I have tried using single sided eyelid tapes. But, I feel that they are stretching my eyelids even more. Plus, they are really obvious and they don't stay in place unless I try really hard to widen my eyes to create the fold. I am not considering surgery right now. I feel like I have excess stretched skin on my eyelids which might make the eyelid tape counter-intuitive cos I think they are supposed to stretch your eyelids. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

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March 29, 2020

[24F] Please share your RECENT experience with Asian double eyelid surgery! I am overwhelmed by location/clinic/procedure/cost options and desperately need your advice.

Hi, 24 year old Asian American female with heavy thick monolids, no visible crease). I’ve wanted (permanent incisional) Asian double eyelid surgery for years and I’m finally ready to do it, but I am extremely overwhelmed by all the information online. There are so many options and I’m paralyzed with uncertainty, lol! :( Please, if you have any experience, will you offer me some of your invaluable insight? It would be incredibly helpful because I am very frustrated and overwhelmed by all the information available online.

Some of my main questions are:

Overwhelmed by clinic/location/surgery/cost options! 

1) What is the ideal budget cost? Is it RISKY to spend $2000 on surgery, or can you still get good results this way? Or is that foolish thinking and since this is a permanent procedure, should I have a larger budget ($4000, twice as much)? How much did you spend and what were your results?

2) Where did you get your surgery done, and why? Do you live in the United States, Korea, or other? Did you travel? Is it better to pay for the medical tourism package that many clinics offer? There are a couple diced that offer to arrange your entire surgery for you, from the clinic to the doctor to the translation to the plane tickets and hotel bookings and even the aftercare. This appeals to me a lot (no idea what the cost projections look like though), but I’ve read some say that it is a super expensive waste of money and you’re better off doing your own research/travel accommodations... I only speak English, but I am willing to travel to Korea if this can get me better results for a lower price. 

My research suggests it will cost overall the same, whether you travel or not, because it costs $2000 on average in Korea (but your hotel and travel expenses will end up costing another $2000), and $4000 on average in the United States. You are supposedly guaranteed better results in Korea because they are the masters of this surgery technique, and they understand Asian plastic surgery unlike most Americans (who lack experience)... is this true?


3) Is it worth it to travel? Are the costs great? How much did it cost and did you use a medical tourism agency? These services offer translators and prepare your hotel and clinic for you! It sounds lovely, and some online say it was worth it, especially because they don’t speak Korean and they traveled. But others have said that these services are a scam, they’re overpriced, they take advantage of you because you’re a foreigner. So you can see why I’m confused! Please tell me if you traveled, how did that come relate to your total costs? Did you pay for a hotel? How long did you stay in the location for?


4) What agency, clinic, and doctor did you use?


5) What type of procedures did you get? Did you follow your doctor’s recommendations, or not? Was the price as expected? How were the results?


6) Will I need to undergo multiple surgeries to achieve big bright eyes if my eyelids are severely droopy due to eyelid ptosis (weakened leviator muscle), sagging brows, and the skin is damaged from use of eyelid glue/tapes? My eyelashes are inverted downward and I can’t open my eyes without using my forehead leviator muscles, a common issue in many eastern Asians as documented by an Asian double eyelid surgery science journal I found. I am really intimidated by all the different procedures, as they are of course vast additional costs... I fear, to correct my eyes, I will need epicanthoplasty, blepharoplasty, ptsosis repair surgery, and the total is over $12,000. From the “before & after” I see in clinic doctor photo galleries, the pictures that most resemble my current (before) eyes and desired (after) eyes is unfortunately the incredibly expensive multi-procedural surgeries.


I’m sure I have more questions, but I can’t think of them right now, so please just offer me as many answers as you can! SO THANKFUL FOR YOUR ADVICE. PICTURES WOULD BE USEFUL TOO. Please help me find the right path for me, as I am so overwhelmed but I really cannot put this off any longer.

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Hi everyone, been lurking this thread for a while! I am considering getting double eyelid surgery with Dr. Andrew Choi in LA, I heard some good feedback about him here. I would love to know if anyone has more experiences to share about DES with Dr. Choi before I go through with it, I'm just really nervous about getting a bad result and regretting it :( 

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Sharing my experience with consultations for double eyelid surgery + ptosis correction in LA (Los Angeles, California).


I consulted with three doctors in LA over 1 week. I picked them based on their positive reviews and before & after photos. All consultations were free, and I’ll mention any COVID-19 measures and precautions.

  • Dr. Andrew Choi - VIP Plastic Surgery in Koreatown
  • Dr. Steve Kim - SK Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills
  • Dr. Kyoung Charles Kim - CK Plastic Surgery in Koreatown


I considered Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva at LEA Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach/OC, but decided to look into scheduling there only if I didn’t like the clinics in LA.


Consultations (in the order I went):


Dr. Andrew Choi - VIP Plastic Surgery
I did a video consultation. I believe in-person consultations at VIP have a small fee. The office emailed me a link to their video consultation site to click at my scheduled time. Over video, it was a little hard for me to communicate my goals and for the doctor to get an idea of my features. Nevertheless, Dr. Choi was extremely patient and happy to answer any of my questions.


I was hoping for non-incisional surgery because I have thin eyelid skin, but Dr. Choi pointed out I have ptosis and extra skin that would make the crease likely to come undone or hidden due to the skin sagging over it. He recommended the incisional method + epicanthoplasty for a better ratio of the distance between my eyes. If I wanted, he was willing to instead do a partial incision method- which is the non-incisional method but with 1 slightly larger incision to remove fat, but voiced that he didn’t think the result would last as long or look quite as good. 


The consultation was about 30-40 minutes. I left feeling that Dr. Choi was very experienced and familiar with my type of eyes and could do good work- but due to the difficulties of it being a virtual consultation, wasn’t ready to commit.


The next morning, the office followed up with quotes: 
Upper blepharoplasty: $2,500 for non-incisional or incisional. Incisional could include ptosis correction without an additional charge. 
Medial epicanthoplasty: $1,500 


Dr. Steve Kim - SK Plastic Surgery
SK Plastic Surgery is a small office in Beverly Hills, with free public parking about 1 block away. I checked in for my in-person consultation at SK and waited in the hallway for ~10 minutes as they don’t allow patients in the waiting room. Once a room was ready, I waited inside another 20-30 minutes for the doctor. It sounded noisy/busy through the walls. The ladies at the front desk seemed busy and didn’t talk much aside from guiding me in. Masks were required and stayed on, aside from me lowering mine for a second for the doctor to see my lower face.


Dr. Kim was also friendly & knowledgeable. He told me a bit more about my ptosis and how the non-incisional method would add a crease, but wouldn’t otherwise affect the eye shape much, and it wouldn’t fix ptosis- so it would still be hard to open my eyes fully. He demonstrated using a soft toothpick and it made sense that the non-incisional method wouldn’t do much for me. He went over ptosis correction, epicanthoplasty, and the 2 blepharoplasty methods.


I then met with a staff member for billing and was quoted for regular and discounted prices- if more than one procedure is done at once: 
Suture-only blepharoplasty: $3,500, $2,700 discounted
Incisional blepharoplasty: $4,000, $3,200 discounted
Ptosis correction: $2,500, $1,700 discounted
Medial epicanthoplasty: $3,000, $2,200 discounted. 


Dr. Kim recommended incisional DES + ptosis correction which was $4,900 ($3,200 +  $1,700) total. I likedse his B&A photos, but this cost more than I was comfortable with after a just-okay consultation/overall service experience.


Dr. Kyoung Charles Kim - CK Plastic Surgery
CK Plastic Surgery is in Ktown and has a free private parking garage and attached laser clinic for other aesthetic treatments. The staff speaks English and Korean. Before entering, I was required to take a $25 COVID-19 test and antibody test, which they told me in advance. A nurse pricked my finger and the results came back clear in a few minutes. When scheduling, they staggered appointments by 10 minutes to help distance patients. Masks were required and stayed on, aside from me lowering mine for a second for the doctor to see my lower face.


I first met with a senior consultant before the surgeon. She was super kind and knowledgeable on the procedures I was interested in. She confirmed that non-incisional double eyelid surgery was unlikely to last long on me because of ptosis and extra skin. Dr. Kim came in the middle of the consultation and recommended incisional double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction. When I brought up epicanthoplasty, they didn't think it was needed and a crease might balance out the distance between my eyes anyway. They demonstrated possible creases on my eyes using a plastic pick.


They were the first to point out a natural asymmetry in my eyes and other specifics of my facial structure that contribute to what results were realistic or not. Although initially meeting with Dr. Kim himself wasn't very long, I felt very confident from it. After Dr. Kim stepped out, the consultant walked me through a photo book full of before-and-after DES photos, showing me results with eyes similar to mine. 


I received pricing quotes during the consultation:
Incisional upper blepharoplasty: $2,500
Ptosis correction: $800

Total: $3,300


The consultant was great at talking me through any questions and made me comfortable enough to commit to CK. I think all three are good options, but picked CK Plastic Surgery / Dr. Kyoung Charles Kim because I felt they provided the most detailed and personalized consultation. They didn’t push me into any unnecessary procedures and did their best to ease any concerns I had. I ended up getting incisional upper blepharoplasty and ptosis correction and will not be posting photos, but I had a very smooth surgery experience at CK Plastic Surgery and feel great post-surgery.


My advice for consultations:

  • Look for doctors who specialize in Asian double eyelid surgery and have examples of their work with the aesthetic you’re looking for. Research across multiple platforms and watch out for doctors who remove negative reviews.
  • Consult with multiple clinics before choosing, and do not feel rushed to make a decision. 
  • Research the possible procedures to understand them going in, but don’t go in set on getting a certain procedure/outcome. Your surgeon can identify if you’re a better candidate for certain procedures.


I also did a lot of prep to have everything ready at home such as healthy meals, supplies, time off work, etc. Feel free to reply with questions!

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