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Crazy Little Thing Called Love aka First Love (สิ่งเล็กๆที่เรียกà¸

Guest SweetieNinja

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Guest SweetieNinja

Starring Mario Maurer, Baifern Pimchanok



First Love aka Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Country: Thailand

English Tilte: First Love

Thai Title: สิ่งเล็กๆที่เรียกว่ารัก (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Duration: 1hr 30mins

Rating: PG

Release Date: August 12, 2010

Director: Puttipong Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn

Production Company: Sahamongkol Film


Mario Maurer as Chone

Pimchanok Leuwisetpaibul (Baifern) as Nam

Sudarat Butrprom (Tukkie) as Teacher Inn

Akkaranat Ariyaritthiwikul as Top

Paweena Rojjindangram as Cheer

Nisa Boonsantia as Ki

Sasiprapa Thanuchawiwat as Nim

Peerawat Herabat as Teacher Pol

Pijittra Siriwetchapan as Teacher Orn

Trailer with English Subtitle


First Love OST.

Wan Thanakrit - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (สิ่งเล็กๆที่เรียกว่ารัก)


Marisa Sukosol - Someday (สักวันหนึ่ง)

๋ำJeab Wattana - Because OF My Heart (เพราะใจ)

Jeab Wattana - D.M.Y. (วัน เดือน ปี)

Bodyslam - Someday I'll Be Good Enough (สักวันฉันจะดีพอ)


A young and ordinary highschool girl has a big crush on a heartthrob senior at school.

To make him see that she exists in his world, the girl tries to improve her physical look and attempts to become the star at school.

However, her crush seems not to pay any attention to her yet.

Credited: http://www.movieseer.com/th/movies/17545--Little_Thing_Called_Love_%282010%29











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Guest tiffanydawn


Aside from the fact that Mario is an eye-candy, the story's really cute. I bet a lot of girls can relate to Nam. :) I miss my high school days. :) Puppy loveee :wub::lol::P

Mario and Baifern must make another movie. They have a strong chemistry. :wub:

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Guest grenae07

I honestly loved the trailer. =) The part where "89% of people watching this now have done this before.." and I find myself nodding and smiling. For the movie. Hmm. It's good if you can relate or you've done things like that in your life. I've done that in high school and I love how the movie brought back memories. At first, I admit it kinda bored me, but it was really worth the watch. On top of that, you've got Beautiful BaiFern and Handsome Mario as leads.. what more could you ask for? =)

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^ yeah I felt a little 'interrupted' by the credits at the end as well.

I think they probably can't do a kiss scene(lips) because Baifern is quite young, but aww it was only happy tears for a few seconds. =\

Though I got to say, I sat down watching this movie without expecting something much (and it was a really simple movie) but the pool confession scene made me teared and then bam, the whole scrapbook. Such a fangirl thing to say . . . but I melted. :wub:

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Guest Ana_lih

great movie with a terrible ending

it made me remember of my high schools crushes lol

mario is so handsome, and his character is so adorable in this

and the main girl is good too

Are there more Thai movies similar to this?

'Bangkok Traffic Love Story' is a must watch, for other movies with Mario i recommend 'Friendship'

and 'the Love of Siam' of course

'The Best of Times' is less known, but I really liked and the mais actor Pae Arak is very cute

this last year i have become very found of thai movies, they have great teen movies, but too bad its difficult to find with subs

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Guest crosshealchild

Best romance movie i seen thus far this year. Just to top it off....a little eye candy mario was in there as well! Who wouldn't have a crush on him!

i LOVED this movie! I think almost everyone can relate to it! It will make you laugh and cry. The acting was superb by the girls!

i actually like the ending....Left you at the highest hype.

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Watched this the other day, and I really liked it^^

It was sweet, made me reminisce my High School days, haha!~

Plus, Mario is such a cutieee! dannggggg *___________*

I wanna keep him in my pocket! roflmao :X

Ana_lih. thanks for the recommendations^^ am downloading both movies now, haha!~

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Due to recommendations of this thread, I became interested & watched this movie. :)

Thank you guys! I had fun watching this. Such a cute movie. ;) It also helped that the actors were eye-candies!

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