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[Drama 2011] Thorn Tree Bird / The Thorn Birds 가시나무새


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[KBS] Han Hye Jin, Joo Sang Wook, Kim Min Jung, Seo Do Young
credits to everyone who helped contribute to the thread!!

The Thorn Birds 가시나무새



Production Company: GnG Productions

Director: Kim Jong Chang 김종창 (My Rosy Life)

Scriptwriter: Lee Sun Hee 이선희 (Father's House, Several Questions That Make Us Happy)

Also known as: The Thorn Bush Bird / Thorn Tree Bird

Episodes: 20

Broadcast station: KBS2

Broadcast period: 2011-Mar-02 ~ 2011-May-05

Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)

Official site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/gasi/

Other sites: KBS World | twitter | nate | daum | DramaWiki


This drama is the success story of a woman who began as a minor part actress to become a superstar.

It is also the story of two women who made opposing choices regarding their families.

The story will touch on the themes of human weakness, strength, love, ambition, betrayal, forgiveness and morals.

Thorn Birds is also the story of motherhood.    

Mothers attach no conditions to their love and there's no limit to their love.

They unconditionally trust, wait and endure when it comes to their children.

What we need now may be the power of such limitless love.

But does such love exist?

Think of stars in the sky. They are invisible among the flashy city lights but we discover them in our darkest hours.

The love one has is what makes that person shine.

This drama will hopefully portray this kind of infinite love of a twinkling star.
credits KBS World SYNOPSIS Jung Eun has been searching for her biological mother who had abandoned her since birth. Jung Eun and Young Jo become close friends because they share the pain of growing up without a mother. Jung Eun's friend Yoo Kyung, however, is jealous of their relationship. At the age of 25, Jung Eun works as a part-time actress while waiting for her mother to find her. On the other hand, Yoo Kyung struggles for her debut as a film director and meets producer Young Jo. Yoo Kyung seduces Young Jo after discovering that he is an heir to a conglomerate and then gets pregnant. But when Young Jo gives up his family inheritance, she coldly cuts him off from her life. When Yoo Kyung goes into labor and is carried to the hospital due to premature birth, she registers herself as "Jung Eun". And when Yoo Kyung finally finds her biological mother, who is old, sick, and poor, she abandons both her mother and baby. Jung Eun, who is desperate to have a family, takes Yoo Kyung's baby in and visits Yoo Kyung's mother Myung-Ja. And by doing so, Jung Eun changes her fate by pretending to be Myung-Ja's daughter. credits KBS World Alternative Synopsis "The Thorn Tree Bird" is about two women who go to extreme measures to fulfill their desires. Seo Jung Eun (Han Hye Jin) has sacrificed many things in her life. She is a woman full of passion who lives her life to the fullest although she grew up in an orphanage. Even though she doesn't know who her parents are, she believes she will find her birth mother when she becomes a star. credits hancinema RELATIONSHIP (note: The chart is only to be used as a guide, and not to be taken as being accurate) sub13relation.jpg = thornbirdsrelationshipc.jpgcredits KBS, translations Felicia Soh, Elin Cho CAST Han Hye Jin as Seo Jung Eun 189010023s.jpg
99'er* Kim So Hyun
as young Jung Eun
Joo Sang Wook as Lee Young Jo 189001007s.jpg
93'er* Lee Min Ho
as young Young Jo
Kim Min Jung as Han Yoo Kyung 189008015s.jpg
99'er* Yoon Jung Eun
as young Yoo Kyung
Cha Hwa Yun as Yoon Myung Ja Seo Do Young as Choi Kang Woo Supporting Cast 06'er* Kim Soo Hyun as Han Byul Kim Ha Eun as Yang Mi Ryun Song Ok Sook as Kim Kye Soon Choi Jae Won as Park Han Soo sastz.jpg
Kim Dong Young
as young Han Soo
Jung Ui Kap as Lee Young Duk Jung Eun Byul as Seo Jin Oh Hyun Kyung as Young Jo's paternal grandfather Kim Young Bae as Haeju Pictures' VP Jung Ho Geun Yoon Dong Won (Seo Hoo) as PD Soo Jo Geun Lee Byung Hoon as PD Sohn Su Chang Park Ji Il as Choi Jung Dal Ahn Seung Hoon as Yoon Myung Gu Lee Won Jae as Yoon Hak Gu Lee Mi Young as Soon Geum Jang Yong as Jung Eun's mother's ex-husband Jang Min Ho as Lee Su Young translation credits dramaok, Felicia Soh *these are the birth year's of the young actor/actress so we do not confuse them with another actor/actress OST
Part 1 (released 3-9-11)

1. 너란 사람 - SG 워너비: http://www.multiupload.com/2C7KK0QV63

2. 너란 사람 (inst) - SG 워너비: http://www.multiupload.com/1GX032QPLF
Part 2 (released 3-23-11)

이소라 - 그 사람이 떠나갑니다: http://www.multiupload.com/13P0I97PTL

이소라 - 그 사람이 떠나갑니다 MV: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CSYB8NZ1


01. 이소라 - 그 사람이 떠나갑니다

02. 이소라 - 그 사람이 떠나갑니다 (inst.)

Part 3 (released 4-6-11)


1. 아는 여자 - Narsha (나르샤)

2. My everything - phone/4hone (폰)

3. 아는 여자 (Orchestra ver.) - Narsha

4. 아는 여자 (inst)

5. My everything (inst)

6. 아는 여자 (Orchestra ver) (inst)

Full OST (released 4-22-11)


01 우리 여기까지 하자 - SG Wannabe

02 너란 사람 - SG Wannabe

03 그 사람이 떠나갑니다 (New Ver.) - 이소라

04 아는 여자 - Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)

05 My Everything - 폰

06 그 사람이 떠나갑니다 - 이소라

07 아는 여자 (Orchestra Ver.) - Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)

08 Memory Of Ala

09 라임나무

10 가시나무 새

11 If I See You Again

12 Black

13 흉터

14 절망

15 May

16 의심

17 Regret

DL link credits to lucky_moon, dramaok, cococrust

OST Part 1 lyrics | OST Part 2 lyrics | OST Part 3 - Narsha's "The Woman You Know" lyrics

Lee Sook Hoon's & Beige's "Let's End Here" lyrics

(credits to dramaok)


POSTER: 1 | 2 | 3

WALLPAPER: 1 | 2 | 3

credits KBS


Script Rehearsal: [X], [X]

First Stills credits creidesca

Kim Min Jung: [X] credits creidesca

Couple Shoots: [X] credits creidesca

Teaser stills: [X], [X], [X]

TEASER/TRAILER/Main Title Opening/MV

Teaser |

Main Title/Opening DL |



(unsubbed) | 5min Full version (subbed) [viki.com] | EP 1 | EP 2 | EP 3 | EP 4 |EP 5 | EP 6

EP 7 | EP 8 | EP 9 | EP 10 | EP 11 | EP 12 | EP 13 | EP 14 | EP 15 | EP 16 | EP 17 | EP 18 | EP 19 | EP 20

translation (note: These preview translations are meant to be used as a guide, and not an accurate account)

EP 2 | EP 3 | EP 4 | EP 5 | EP 6 | EP 7 | EP 8 | EP 9 | EP 10 | EP 11 | EP 12 | EP 13 | EP 14 | EP 15 | EP 16 | EP 17 | EP 18 | EP 19 | EP 20 END

(credits dramaok, Q_Park, DarcyCollie)



Young Jo gives Jung Eun surprise kiss

Jung Eun warns Yoo Kyung

(credits shirley & KBS)


Episode | Nationwide (%)

01 6.3 (TNS) / 5.9 (AGB)

02 6.6 (TNS) / 6.9 (AGB)

03 7.0 (TNS) / 6.8 (AGB)

04 6.3 (TNS) / 6.5 (AGB)

05 8.3 (TNS) / 9.1 (AGB)

06 8.3 (TNS) / 9 (AGB)

07 8.7 (TNS) / 9.2 (AGB)

08 8.5 (TNS) / 10.2 (AGB)

09 9.4 (TNS) / 10.5 (AGB)

10 9.8 (TNS) / 9.6 (AGB)

11 9.2 (TNS) / 9.9 (AGB)

12 9.4 (TNS) / 10.2 (AGB)

13 9.7 (TNS) / 10.3 (AGB)

14 10.7 (TNS) / 10.6 (AGB)

15 10.8 (TNS) / 11.3 (AGB)

16 9.5 (TNS) / 10.4 (AGB)

17 10.9 (TNS) / 11.9 (AGB)

18 9.6 (TNS) / 11.0 (AGB)

19 11.1 (TNS) / 13.2 (AGB)

20 11.5 (TNS) / 14.2 (AGB)


[RAW] Joonmedia

[RAW] Dramastyle




[AM-ADDICTION] (requires register/login)

ae zone (requires register/login)

[Holden's Page]: 720p HANrel (no register/login required)

medium quality: MU, MF, DL (no register/login required)

Fileserve folder (HanRel Xvid/450p/720p) (credits meebo)


[cococrust repository]


VIKI soft subs (Team The Thorn Birds @ viki.com): Folders - MU | MF

WITHS2 Subbing Squad

Darksmurf CTS


[2011-Jan-13] Joo Sang Wook Cast as Lead in "Thorn Birds" credits hancinema

[2011-Jan-19] KBS’s Thorn Birds begins rehearsals credits javabeans

[2011-Feb-01] Han Hye Jin and Joo Sang Wook take couple proof shots credits allkpop

[2011-Feb-08] Han Hye Jin: ‘I Challenged Myself Desperately’ credits KBS Global

[2011-Feb-11] Stills Released for Upcoming Show ‘The Thorn Birds’ credits KBS Global

[2011-Feb-23] Han Hye-jin says "working like hell" on new drama credits 10Asia

[2011-Feb-24] "The Thorn Bush Bird" Kim Min-jeong seduces Joo Sang-wook, deep kiss credits hancinema

[2011-Feb-25] KBS Drama ‘The Thorn Birds’ to Present Growing Pain and Maternal Love credits KBS Global

[2011-Feb-27] Love, lies & family secrets: Han Hye-jin returns to small screen with melodrama credits The Korea Times

[2011-Mar-02] New Show ‘The Thorn Birds’ Opens with Impressive Kiss Scene credits KBS Global

[2011-Mar-04] Two Female Protagonists Draw Attention to ‘The Thorn Birds’ credits KBS Global

[2011-Mar-07] Han Hye Jin Presents Cute Appearances credits KBS Global

[2011-Mar-11] Woman Takes Revenge on Biological Mother in ‘The Thorn Birds’ credits KBS Global

[2011-Mar-18] Two Heroines Cry Their Hearts Out in ‘The Thorn Birds’ credits KBS Global

[2011-Mar-21] Two Women in Ill-Fated Relationship in 'The Thorn Birds' credits KBS Global

[2011-Mar-25] Woman Takes in Baby Given Up By Friend credits KBS Global

[2011-Mar-28] Man Confesses Unchanged Love for Ex-Girlfriend in ‘The Thorn Birds’ credits KBS Global

[2011-Apr-04] Joo Sang Wook Spends Happy Moment with His Daughter in Drama credits KBS Global

[2011-Apr-04] Mother Encounters Her Abandoned Daughter in 'The Thorn Birds' credits KBS Global

[2011-Apr-15] credits KBS Global

[2011-Apr-18] Woman Determined to Keep Her Family Intact in ‘The Thorn Birds’ credits KBS Global

[2011-Apr-22] Woman Shocked to Find Out Truth About Her Being Abandoned in ‘The Thorn Birds’ credits KBS Global

[2001-May-09] credits KBS Global

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Han Hye-jin to return after 1 year as lead in "A Thorn Bush Bird"


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Actress Han Hye-jin is to return after a year of absence and SBS drama "Jejoongwon".

She notified her comeback with the new Wednesday Thursday KBS 2TV drama "The Thorn Bush Bird", first broadcasting on the 23rd of February.

"The Thorn Bush Bird" is about two women who go to extreme measures to fulfill their desires and Han Hye-jin will be playing Suh Jeong-eun who has to suffer all the sacrifices in her life. She is the same kind of woman as The Thorn Bush Bird, which is known to throw its body into the sharpest thorn to make the most beautiful sound in the world.

Han Hye-jin in the drama is a woman of passion who lives her life to the fullest although she grew up in an orphanage, not knowing who her parents were and believes she will find her birth mother when she becomes a star.

To Han Hye-jin, the role of Suh Jeong-eun in "The Thorn Bush Bird" is like the filmography that contains all of her past. She will show the same strong woman image as she did in the 2005 drama "Be Strong, Geum-Soon!" that put her in stardom, and 2007 drama "Jumong".

Procuction company GNG Productions revealed, "I am sure Han Hye-jin will be able to play out this role as she is very healthy and elegant. She is going to mesmerize the viewers with her more mature acting and her ability to be honest".

Meanwhile, "The Thorn Bush Bird" is looked forward to as it is going to be project done by script writer Lee Seon-hee and 'viewer rating' machine producer Kim Jong-chang.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110112n03948?mid=e0101


Joo Sang-wook first lead role in KBS "The Thorn Bush Bird"


Actor Joo Sang-wook has been cast for the new KBS 2TV Wed.Thu drama "The Thorn Bush Bird".

He will be playing the role of Lee Young-jo. He's a young man who leaves his position as a conglomerate and starts his own business. Joo Sang-wook will create love with Han Hye-jin.

GnG Productions revealed, "Joo Sang-wook's deep eyes and his manly aura is the perfect match for the Lee Young-jo character".

"The Thorn Bush Bird" is about two women who choose extreme measures for their desires.

Kim Min-jeong will join the cast too.

The first episode will air on February 23rd.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110114n03337?mid=e0101

credits HanCinema for translations

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thanks C51236 for starting this thread. :) i will add an article.

Han Hye Jin & Joo Sang Wook Cast in KBS’s New Drama ‘The Thorn Birds’


Korean actress Han Hye Jin (Jumong, Jejoongwon) and actor Joo Sang Wook (Giant) have been cast to play the leading roles in upcoming drama tentatively titled ‘The Thorn Birds’ directed by Kim Jong Chang (My Rosy Life) and penned by scenarist Lee Sun Hee (Air City, Father’s House).

In the drama, Han will play the role of Seo Jung Eun who grew up at an orphanage and doesn’t know who her parents are. She dreams of becoming a big star in order to be able to meet her birth mother. Meanwhile, Joo will take the role of Lee Young Jo, a young man who leaves his wealthy life as a conglomerate and starts his own business. The two then meet and fall in love to each other.

‘The Thorn Birds’ will start airing on February 23 through KBS.

Source: Newsen

Credit : dongdrama

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Han Hye Jin-Joo Sang Wook 'Thorn Bird' First Script Reading



The first script reading for the drama 'Thorn Bird' was held on the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 19th, 2011. The leads were present.

This is actor Joo Sang Wook's first role as a lead and this drama marks the return of actress Kim Min Jung after a 20 month absence. Her last drama was 2009 Alien Baseball Team with Yoon Tae Young.

Source: asiae.co.kr


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another photo from the 1st script reading, of Seo Do Young (credits to KBS):


You might want to check this section of the KBS website out should any news pertaining to the drama come out (the articles on this page are what gets released to the press, and the press basically use the info and photos included to write their articles, for example the much larger photos of the one in the above post):


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KBS’s Thorn Birds begins rehearsals

by javabeans | January 19, 2011

There’s a new drama in the works for KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday timeslot, Thorn Birds, which hasn’t been much on my radar because it seems like a muddly mess in the making.

But first, the details: It stars Han Hye-jin (back to TV a year after 2010′s Jejoongwon), Joo Sang-wook (who revitalized his career with Giant), Seo Do-young (who took an edgier turn with his dark cable drama Yacha), and Kim Min-jung (in her first drama since being forced to drop Hero due to injury).

I have nothing against those actors; it’s the creative team that has me on alert. This drama is described as the story of two women who make radically different choices in pursuing their ambitions. It also centers around “a beautiful and fierce love” between the heroine and the two men (Han, Joo, Seo).

Han Hye-jin plays a tough woman who faces off against a difficult fate, while Kim Min-jung’s villaness character harbors a birth secret that leads her on a path of revenge against the world. Joo Sang-wook plays the heir to a powerful chaebol, while Seo Do-young plays a romanticist and film director whose affection for the heroine is described as a “shadow love.” Oh great, more romantic stalking.

This kind of plot seems in keeping with the director-writer pair behind it. PD Kim Jong-chang did 2005′s weepfest A Rosy Life, and then 2009′s mess of jerky writing (so I hear), Again My Love.

Writer Lee Sun-hee has more tears on her resumé with the 2009 short drama Father’s House, which was a wonderful showcase for its cast (Choi Min-soo, Kim Soo-hyun, Moon Jung-hee) but plot-wise seemed like a mere vehicle for angsty crying. She also did 2007′s airport-action drama Air City, which was so bad I felt bad for Choi Ji-woo and Lee Jung-jae for marring their A-list resumés with it.

Anyway. Thorn Birds recently held its first script reading, shown in these photos, and will premiere on February 23, following the currently airing President.

If it turns out to be good I’ll be happy to congratulate it, but so far? Blegggh.

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Guest Yunho_Jaejoong

Joo Sang Wook looks familiar? Is he from Giant and Paradise Meadow? I'm interested if he were to cast with Han Hye Jin in the drama as a couple.

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Joo Sang Wook looks familiar? Is he from Giant and Paradise Meadow? I'm interested if he were to cast with Han Hye Jin in the drama as a couple.

hi.yes its JSW from Giant and Paradise Meadow.and also yes Joo sang wook and han hye jin will be a couple in this drama.cant wait for it. :)

HHJ tweeted this photos.It seems that they have start filming.that's good.hope to see more photos. :D



credit to Baidu

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credits to KBS for the following photos:





source (article released by KBS)

the following article (to accompany the above photos), from hancinema taken from this source:

"Thorn Bush Bird" Han Hye-jin and Joo Sang-wook, First step 'Slap hazing'

Han Hye-jin and Joo Sang-wook couple from "Thorn Bush Bird" had a fierce first meet.

The first take of the KBS 2TV drama "Thorn Bush Bird" took place in Seoul on the 22nd with actress and actor Han Hye-jin and Joo Sang-wook as the lead characters.

This take was for the first scene where the two meet each other. Jeong-eun misunderstands Young-jo for a fraud and slaps him, and Young-jo also can't keep his anger down. This scene predicts the love they will go through as they have both left such strong impressions on each other.

The two were to spill out explosive emotion in the first meet, but instead they tried dealing with the 'pain' in a lively atmosphere. Joo Sang-wook joked he would cry if she hit him too hard and she said to receive it well.

The atmosphere around the set was more encouraged as the two actor and actress showed fantastic play. A person in the GnG Productions said, "Usually it isn't easy for two actors to carry out emotion scenes well before they actually get close but these two make it hard to believe it's their first time together".

He continued, "Seeing how they were able to carry out a fierce and emotional scene so well, it looks like they're going to make this a great drama".

Meanwhile, "Thorn Bush Bird" is about minor role actress Jeong-eun who chooses her way to succeed in the movie business and movie producer Yoo-kyeong, and will be first broadcasted this coming February 23rd.

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